Pregnancy after loss

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    EM- With my first he had bumpers on his crib, my second slept in a pack and play and both of them preferred their bellies. I guess I am just being crazy because i am getting to the end and dont want anything to happen.



    I am sooo tired today. I can;t drag my ass fast enough to get out of my own way! I just want a nap, but I hate napping! i always wake up feeling worse than I did before the nap. Ugghh. On a less whining note, going shopping for more baby clothes when DH gets home from work 🙂



    Thank you liandre. I hope you get your perfect little one that you will get to hold in your arms for Many years!! Stay strong and take it day by day. The iap ladies are here to help every step of the way!!


    MEGS – Beautiful picture!



    This may sound like an absolute stupid question but anyway …how long before I can hear babes heart beating? I am just curious because I have an appointment today and am dying to ask teh DR about it………seriously stressed barely slept lastnight….today will be a long day I htink!



    Thanks Megs83… I look forward to chatting with all you lovely ladies! I’m already on disability bc of my IC so I’m on here waaaay too much! I’ll try not to drive you ladies nuts on here! hahaha Hearing how all of you are doing well with your pregnancies gives me such a sense of relief!! Have a great day ladies!! =)



    Does it disturb anyone else that there is an ad for Pregnancy Terminations on a Pregnant After Loss Forum? It’s probably not the right place to advertise killing babies when we are struggling to have them. Grr!



    i am so so so so so BORD!!! re arranged all my appointments from this morning and none can make this afternoon…so nothing to do wish id brought my knitting lol…..roll on 5 oclock


    Dani~ Nope, she hasn’t said anything about it because I haven’t even talked to her. They gave me an appt for June 8th to meet with the nurse and give her my history and make an appt for 12 WEEKS..yes, 12 weeks. It’s unbelievable that they want me to wait that long. I know I may not be high risk, but given I’ve had 4 first trimester miscarriages, you think I’d qualify to have a little extra observation in first trimester…especially with one of those m/c’s being where my body carried the baby after it had passed for a month and didn’t show any signs of passing itself. IDK what to do about that right now. I’d really like to atleast talk to her.


    Autumn~ YAY for girl!!!! SO excited for you!



    ugh…i just went potty and there was more spotting… i havent spotted since Monday… hoping its nothing



    Thanks for the suggestions ladies, but I am craving carbs, not sweets. So here is what I had—they are called ‘Soft Stix’ They are soft pretzel nuggets with cheese inside. They are frozen and you nuke them for about 30 seconds. SO FREAKING GOOD. Yeah, and did I mention that a serving is 2 and I had eight? Oh yes I did. I don’t even care. Feeling better now!!!!!!



    MG, have it and LOVE it! Found the heartbeat for the first time at 10 weeks and 3 days.



    YIKES, talk about a post whore, sorry for the length, must edit myself next time. 🙂



    ady-and-maylies-momma – Wow, that’s a great deal! Is it a 3 mhz? Sometimes they trick you and it is really a 2 mhz. Just double check before you buy! Where did you find that bargain?

Viewing 15 posts - 13,336 through 13,350 (of 15,393 total)

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