Pregnancy after loss

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    Claire- I kept temping for a few days after my BFP and I had a drop, my advice is to stop temping. JDUBB- where are you? I’m dying to know what you baby is! PREGGERS- hope she comes soon for you. MG- I’ve told *her* to behave so I can know for sure that she’s a girl. Lol. Watch it will be a boy but I just have such a strong feeling that it’s a girl. Glad that your sprinkle went well. That’s probably what I’ll end up having too. ***** CONGRATS TO ALL THE NEW BFP!!!!!



    The diaper-rite prefolds from Diaper junction are GREAT because they are sewn differently so you dont have to fold them down to fit into the cover… I would get the small or medium ones. I have 6 newborn sized ones and they are pretty small. I love the prefold idea because they also make great burp cloths! Butter, honestly Ali peed through the lil joeys within an hour at only a couple days old! So I only used them a handful of time. The regular diapers fit straight away but because she had the cord stump she wore the lil joeys or disposables til it fell off. I dont think they are very bulky at all. I notice the difference if I put her in a disposable but honestly its not a big difference. Pocket diapers and one sizes will be a bit bulkier but its still not that bad. Hemp is antimicrobial and it takes less fabric for more absorbancy… my diaper rite prefolds are 4-8-4 and the hemp ones I made are 2-3-2 and they are WAY more absorbant. Not that the diaper rites arent absorbant… they are, but the hemp ones seriously could hold MY pee! I love the thirsties covers. I keep thinking I would like to get some grovia shells and inserts but then I think I love my thirsties and I could probably make inserts like grovias. Prefolds are great because they dry quickly though. LOL there is WAY too much out there hahahaha OH and dont forget cloth wipes! because its easier to throw everything in one pail than to throw diapers in the pail and wipes in the trash.


    MG – I have big boys – all 3 were almost 9 pounds and I always measured ahead with them too – but never 3 weeks!! Yikes!!



    Daydreamer: Thank you so much! I’m 5w2d. I’m already having some complications with super high HCG levels. I have an appointment Monday. I don’t know if its possible to remain optimistic while expecting the worst at the same time, but that’s what I find myself doing. Congratulations on your pregnancy!



    Today is my beautiful daughter’s 3rd birthday. My little blessing. She’s so sweet. She woke up in the middle of the night last night and as she laid back down, she very sweetly said…’Happy birthday, mommy!’ When I said, ‘Its your birthday today baby, Happy birthday.’ she replied in a groggy sweet voice, ‘okay, but happy birthday to you too mommy.’ and then she gave me a hug and kiss and fell asleep. Precious baby.


    AVG- Congrats & Good Luck!! Hopefully the drs can help you get through the rough beginning so you can enjoy a full term happy pregnancy! 🙂 **AZ- so sorry to hear your news. Sending you and your family hugs & prayers.



    OKY- omg omg omg omg omg omg holy crap omg omg. I’m freaking out for you.OMG!! This is so awsome but I know your probably a nervous wreck.I will be praying for you and cant wait to hear more.RED-love it when I see you in here:) still trying to go strong.Its a day by day thing


    Allison- best christmas present ever. lily will love it ((HUGS))



    christinaeagles : yes i think she is with a different name now not able to recall..i rember reading this on one of the profiles..she had some problem with her profile.



    @avg @MrsMLCMom yay for passing milestones. i have passed so many and each one brings fear but when we get past them it feels so good.



    woohoo jamie:).



    @jamie hope your cough is soon gone. I dread the thought of being sick with a newborn. Don’t get your tubes tied, you may regret it, especially knowing that you want another one. People shouldn’t make that decision when in the last stages of pregnancy and the body aches all over and you are sick of being pregnant and the hormones are going crazy. Think on it a little longer.



    Just wanted you all to know that Karin (roosa) had Kayla Grace. 7 lb 3 oz. 20 1/2 inches at 3pm on 11.13.2012! Congrats! I’m so excited for you!



    dec baby – glad all is well with baby and that baby is starting to get ready for the big arrival. So excited with you 🙂



    Morning sickness comes and goes, right? Cuz on Tuesday, I had to literally throw up five times an hour all day long… yesterday was a little better, and today I have hardly felt queasy… Honestly, I am hoping that tomorrow I feel horrible. Because my anxiety is going way up due to lessening symptoms. Anyone else have this happen? I was clinging with hope to that pukey day…

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