Pregnancy after loss

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    @redheadmama yep the symptoms kicked in good and strong this week. I feel awful lol but I am happy about it and consider it a good sign so far


    Hello Ladies, I had my baby in Nov. at 35 weeks but wanted to stop in and say that if anyone needs to talk or vent, I’m here. Our firstborn son passed 10 years ago. He was 22 days old when he went to be with Jesus. It’s so very hard. You never ‘get over’ their death but it gets easier to breathe. I still cry over my loss. I miss him sooooo very much. I was blessed to have 2 other children since him. They didn’t take his place, matter of fact I had another son and I look at him a lot over the years and think to myself, hmm ‘K.J.’ should be doing that or I bet he would have liked that etc. Hold on Ladies, if you pray, find comfort in God. (He kept me from losing it many times over the years.) May God bless you in your journies, steph 🙂


    BACA and HICKIE – I’m so sorry to hear about your situations. My thoughts and prayers are with you both and your families.



    Hi, thanks ladies, ill try to take it easy, hard to do with a 2 year old, and I have to work later. We dont pay for ER visits here, the great thing about living in Canada. I may go in hope to get an ultrasound, I just got my date in the mail and its not till novmber some time, way too long to wait.



    megs, wanted to answer your question about child birth. I know it can be quite overwhelming with the decisions to make. I never took any classes. I remember that for my first birth I had all kinds of thoughts and ideas of what I wanted, but once you are there things can turn out so much different. Not necessarily bad, just different. Personally I seem to be doomed to have back labor. With my first I went through it without pain relief but I decided later on I wasn’t going to do that again. They don’t have medals for women who go through labor without relief.. Either way, once you are in labor you may try different positions until you find one that’s most comfortable for you. It’s hard to know beforehand. Try not to worry so much about it. Your instincts will kick in and either way, as you go through labor remember the outcome that’s just around the corner – a beautiful baby. Keeping that focus really helps. xox



    Hey ladies, I think I have discovered what causes my m/s – drinking milk first thing when I get up. I drank water this morning when I first woke up and got no m/s, whereas yesterday and wednesday mornings I drank milk straight away and felt sick. I’m gonna test this out over the next couple of days and see if I’m right or if today was just a fluke. How are you ladies? Hope you are all well. I am going for my blood work on Monday because I need to just get it over and done with, then I am going to make an appointment with my doctor to get a referral for an ulrasound that I’m going to make an appointment for in about 2-3 weeks. Then with the pictures from the u/s (I will be around 8-9 weeks depending when I get it done) I will use them to tell my parents – easy and but not the easy way out as I will personally hand the pictures to them and they can grasp the concept right then and there. Sorry for the rant.



    I started bleeding a little while ago. Thankfully hubby was home on lunch break when it happened. Now he went back to work, and I am on strict orders to call him when I start ‘delivering.’ I don’t know what everyone else has experienced, but I always end up in mini labor. Contractions, delivering, the shakes; the whole deal. I despise it. I hate this. I hate my body. I don’t understand. I am so upset, so confused, completely shattered. We were SO hoping and praying that the doctors were wrong, that God would perform a miracle for our family, that we would still have our spring baby. I feel numb. And yet in excruciating pain. I’m in the ‘God, just make me die too’ phase.



    ugh why is nursery furniture stressing me out! lol Can boys have white furniture? or is it too girlie?



    MUGS- Yes it is very exciting to see the little one. Its been 4 weeks since the last time.. I will make sureto let everyone know how it goes.. Im hoping that she is still a she.. At our 18 week ultrasound they said girl!!!

    RED- WOW those numbers are awesome. I am so glad to hear that they are over what you wanted to see. Your progesterone also looks great!!! Grow baby Grow.. You are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

    DAnielle- You should be able to see something on the scan.. I was exactly 6 weeks and we saw our little bean.. Good luck!!!



    The searching of the toilet paper for blood is a constant through out pregnancy. In the beginning it’s the fear of bleeding and losing the baby. Later on that changes and toward the end of pregnancy you hope and pray for blood because that means labor might be starting. For all of you scared to death to bleed right now I would be more than happy to have a little bit of blood. DH leaves in two days and the only way he will come back before I deliver is if I bleed due to placenta previa. So I’ve spent the last few days praying for just a ‘little’ blood to keep him from leaving. hehe… Good night ladies and try not to have too much fun playing with your boobies. LOL I’m sure your husbands would love to help you out… 🙂



    HAHAAH!!! I thought I was the only tp checker! I just got a BFP at 8 dpo after losing twins in may of 2009 at 14 weeks. every little twinge and trip to the bathroom is freaking me out!! This is going to be the longest pregnancy ever!



    Wow signed in today and realised I am down to the single digits, only 9 more weeks, I cant believe it. Time seams to be flying. Have another apt tomorrow, maybe this time I will remember to schedual my c section. Last night baby was hitting me in the vajaja, it was very painful, she did it about 3 times, I was almost in tears, now thismorning I am so sore, just feel brused down there.



    hey ladies, hope your all well.

    ive had my scan today and found out things look great bean is where hes supposed to be sac looks good (pretty much all they could see!) lol but im measuring only 5 weeks……im just so happy ive had a good news scan! going back on the 26th of this month so by then there will be a heartbeat to pick up =)
    oh and im loving the idea of this group venture into pregnancy grooming……im fully qualified so any questions just ask 😉



    Hey Ladies, thought I would just say hi, I’ve just come from the TTC after loss forum, and recently found out im expecting again, due in nov! So scared something will go wrong but fingers crossed all will be fine. Look forward to getting to know you all soon 🙂



    AOTD- no, I had to teach my hubby everything. He’s pretty damn good now. best kisser left me in a fog for about two hours after our first kiss. He actually had to direct me where to walk as I was just in shock and awe I just stood there! Lol.

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