Pregnancy after loss

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    Note to self: NEVER POST ON THE WEEKLY FORUMS. Some women are just vicious. At least i know one thing for sure no one will judge one another on this site. Its such a relief that we can air our feelings and even vent on here. Thanx guys.



    Liandre~the day I lost my Arihanna is a day I will never forget. in time…maybe that day will get easier, but honestly I don’t think that day is every going to be easy, as most of us angel mommies know that when we lost our child/children a little piece of us went with them, there will forever be a Ari shaped hole in my heart. In the past 2 years I have come very far, but when days like this approach you can’t help but to fall backwards. And you can’t be upset when you do stumble a bit, we are mother’s who love and have lost something so precious.
    Another angel mom sent me this about a year ago, I have it as my desk and at home I read it everyday, I hope it helps:

    Surviving is all we can do, focusing on one breath and then the next is about as far as we can look.
    If we are doing that much, then we are doing okay.
    We don’t have to be strong for anyone and when we are not feeling strong, we have to let others help hold us up. Just one day, one minute, one breath at a time.

    **sorry my post is so long, I am having a rough day today and this seems to be helping**



    SKITTLES-Thanx so much. Im just taking it day by day. I am 22 weeks pregnant and the tension is really building up. I had Leigh at 28 weeks, so yeah, very tense. This bloody tummy injections are really getting my goat. I have some impressive Bruises because of it. Oh yeah, my niece is planning a baby shower for me at the end of april. Uhm. . That would only put me at 27 weeks, but my babies tend to ambush me and come early. So, i guess its safe to say that i will be having one at the end of april. I never had one. So, ladies, what exactly do you do at these Shindigs?


    Hey – Blessedagainwith10 – maybe we should call you again not to get us mixed up. Let me know what you think.



    ♥ So I haven’t been on P.A.L forum in a bit. So quick update. I will be 2months tomorrow and my doctor has me due Dec 6th. I will have my second u/s Thursday so monitor the heart beat of the baby. I have a feeling that my doctor is going to be on it this time around. After losing Autumn and then having a miscarriage, she doesn’t want to miss anything this time and my DH and I are convinced that this is our Bring Home Baby. I haven’t seen my DH in a long time. lol. This morning was the first time we BD’d in….I dont even know. He works the night shift and though I used to stay up and wait for him to get home, this lil baby doesn’t want me to wait for daddy anymore. I’m passed out between 9-10pm every night now. I have not announced anything on Facebook yet to my friends and only a few close co workers know. I’m still too nervous to say anything. BUT I’m slowly starting to get the itch to announce it. Maybe after my next appt. 🙂 As for baby showers, my family and I have already talked about it, and I’m probably not getting one till AFTER the baby is born. If its a girl, we have almost every thing we need because of me being pregnant with Autumn. And ( sorry to be so depressing ) it was kinda sad coming home to a house full of baby things and no baby. So….no shower until AFTERwards. Those are fun too though, because then you can show off the little one 🙂 Anyways….thats been me in a nut shell lately. I’ll try to post more often in here. Also I just posted my first u/s picture. Hopefully I get more to share come Thursday. Bye Ladies! Lots of Luck to us all! ♥



    HeLLo ladiEs! I can feel the baby move now! It’s so fun! I only notice it if i’m sitting really still. And usually only like once or twice a day, but it’s the best! The first time I felt it was about a week ago after I had icecream. I guess it was cold and sugary enough to let me know that my babe didn’t like it 🙂 I’ve never felt it before 15 weeks so this is pretty exciting!



    I take that back… there it is again! grrr!


    Jenn~ The guy I work with is cringing… LOL, only shared your explanation with him because another guy we work with fractured his penis a few weeks ago, tho his involved a home made cock ring (rubber band) and a hooker….



    3:17am. Sigh. Wish I could sleep……….


    megs83 – yeah I wish I had her 10 week b/c it was so cute watching her… but we didn’t start recording them for us until the 18 week anatomy scan.



    MILITARY- yay yay yay! Congrats, he is absolutely beautiful! EM- can’t wait to hear what you’re having! JULZ- Sending lots of prayers your way, try to rest up 🙂 AMAL- ugh, I wish that spotting would just go away for you ((hugs)) HEIDS- thinking of your friend, sending lots of labor dust 😉



    Also BECKY you should check what type of vitamin D is available at your pharmacy. I’m on the D3 (cholecalciferol) whereas it soundslike 3BOYS is on a different form – D2 (ergocalciferol). The doses are very different which is why it sounds like I’m taking a lot less than 3BOYS when in reality we’re taking similar doses. Or check which one you were previously prescribed, good luck!


    3BOYS- Woooo Hoooo for negative results!!!!! And short trips to the store!! I have to say, I would be a disaster on bed rest… Knock on wood :/



    DANI- Woohoo on being so close! MLE- Good luck! LISA- YEs, the last tri can do that to you and you begin to understand why people might go a litttle bit crazy! lol! BECKY- I’m so glad that things are going good for you. KAMAYA- I’m so sorry for your loss. From what I have experienced and I’ve heard other’s experience is that our dh’s get distant and don’t talk about their fears or sadness like we need to. I feel like my dh has been a lot more distant with this pregnancy too and through my m/c last Oct. These ladies are great on here to help ease worries and answer questions and I hope that you feel welcome. Congrats on your new pregnancy and welcome to this forum.



    DANI—You might be having early contractions….but the real ones HURT and you can’t usually talk through them. I wasn’t sure I would know the difference, but when the real ones hit about every 3 minutes or so and lasted a minute each, I knew those buggers were real. There is a website called and I used it…you just hit the space bar when one starts, and again when it stops. Then after a while it will show a pattern and you can print it!!!! Good luck—I am hoping for all good things for you!

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