Pregnancy after loss

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    THUY- like Roosa said, I’d call your doctor. you could even google it I guess, if you want. what kind of sick? like, head cold? I had a bad cold a couple weeks ago and lived in tylenol and benadryl. no decongestants. that’s all I can tell you. but since it’s Monday, I’d definitely put a call in to your doc. they might have better, more precise advice for you! feel better! ROOSA- thanks, friend. 🙂 I always get encouraged from you. what a peach. 🙂


    ALLISON~ I saw all of the comments last night on your loss, but my computer wouldn’t let me get to yours or to comment back. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope that you are doing as well as you can be in this situation. I’m sending you tons of love and strength. ((hugs))



    victoriak–it’s not selfish to think that way…i felt the same way bcuz i had an early m/c the first time and then lost my son chase at 36 weeks so i am a nervous wreck this time around! i hope everything is ok!!!



    So wait when do we do the kegals? now?? or after birth?



    Day~ I would say cheese is actually my favorite food ever. I would eat it on anything, eat it alone, any kind and I am up for it. We ran out of shredded cheddar last night and had to use shredded motzerella which is fine by me lol. I always end up making my own but on the rare occasion that i get some from taco bell I like the one with the melted cheese, sour cream, and spicy fritos on it. The only thing is you have to eat it quickly or the frito’s get soft it’s better when they are crunchy! I also love their volcano nachos with the hot sauce and halepenos. I love spicy food it’s how I first got Kendrick to start kicking me in early pregnancy!


    I am having a really bad day, really crampy and last week when I went in there was a hemorhage. I am only ten weeks, past where I was when I m/c last time… I thought when I made it past 7 wks I would feel better… I hope this is just round ligament pain, I go in for my appt at 2pm… I keep telling myself as long as there is no spotting I don’t need to panic…



    Jamie~ I am so nervous that my water is going to break I spend the day tip toeing around scared that it will! It probably won’t I don’t know why i think that it will.


    So far so good on everyone’s appointments. Looking forward to hearing more!



    Thanks Megs… I am officially 12 weeks today and today I am supposed to not take the metformin but I think I may take just one for good measure (since I usually take two) I already listened to Sea Monkey this morning and boy was ‘she’ busy! Moving all over the place kicking up a storm but a nice stong heart beat! I think when I stop taking Metformin once and for all I will go on a sort of gestational diabedes/PCOS diet to help keep my blood sugars and insulin in check… which will be sad cause Brians Aunt brought me fresh NYC bagels and they are SOOOOO good!



    Em- how many lil joeys did you get? i didnt start using cloth on my son till he was 6 months old .. would like to start ASAP this time



    megs- I will be 5 1/2 weeks on thursday, i think.



    Well I got my kitchen floor done, think Ill go stand on my head before she decides to fall out, this pain is nuts. But it is all worth it. Think I better hire a maid to finish the house work, lol. I wish. Hope everyone else is doing good.


    EM & SARABETH — that is what my Dr. said when DH was around that the doppler was fine to use like 12 -15 times, but after that there has been no studies to show that it is good or not and he doesn’t like to take chances so when DH heard that – he gets a little paronoid. I totally understand though because who knows with no studies, but one time every couple of weeks shouldn’t hurt?!? I was excited!



    Mugs and Marjgator, thanks for your input! Much appreciated! Just wondering if either of you used an ovulation test? I have never used one, but after Marjgator’s comment about ovulating on day 25, perhaps I’d better go get one! 😉



    JAMIE – The doctor told me we could try again after one normal cycle.

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