Pregnancy and hair loss problem

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    Does anyone here is suffering from vision problems and hair loss issue during your pregnancy period? I’m 5 months pregnant. This is the best time of my life because we had waited so long to have a baby. But I’m not able to handle the pregnancy-related difficulties. I have severe hair fall issue, morning sickness and have blurred vision as well. I don’t know whether I have any health problem or is related to pregnancy. Actually, my hair fall is disturbing me the most. My hair was thick and beautiful, but now I have lost almost 3/4th of my hair. Is it common in pregnancy period? Do I need to get any treatment? I’m planning to get hair loss treatment with the help of a trichologist ( ). Is it okay to get such treatments during pregnancy? I’m really confused. Which all methods are you using to get rid of vision problems and other pregnancy-related difficulties? Actually, I’m diabetic too. Will it cause any complication in my delivery or my baby? Kindly share your thoughts. Thank you in advance.



    Hello Susan, I can understand your current situation because I also faced these issues when I was pregnant. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and amazing moments of your life but it comes with many challenges. You will feel various changes in your body. Because of physical, emotional and hormonal changes, you may face various health related problems in pregnancy period. I can understand that you are facing problems like hair fall, morning sickness and Blurred vision. All these symptoms are very normal during pregnancy and many ladies face such problems. First of all, you should not worry about it because it is not any kind of health problem but it is because of hormonal changes in your body. You should not take stress and anxiety because of it. You will be able to get rid of all these problems after childbirth. If you still want to get good advice about it, I will suggest you consult any professional health expert who can give you good advice. When it comes to finding treatment solution for these issues during pregnancy, only professional health expert can help you in a good way. I will suggest you visit any professional health expert who can help you in a better way. It is very important for you to take complete care of your health and fitness during pregnancy. It will depend on your health condition and physical condition. You should live active and Healthy lifestyle during pregnancy so that you can control hormone imbalance in your body. I will suggest you make some changes in your lifestyle. You should not take the stress and you should add regular exercise and good nutrition in your lifestyle to get rid of this problem.



    A few women may encounter hair diminishing and shedding because of stress. This condition is called telogen exhaust, and it influences few ladies during pregnancy. This is a very common problem women face during pregnancy.

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