Pregnancy fear…need help

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    I’m in the beginning of the 3rd trimester. Last day a burglary occurred at my neighbor’s house. Their house was robbed and thankfully, they spared the people. But after that incident, I become totally week. After hearing the news, my heart started to beat faster than before. I thought that I will become alright after sometimes but it continues still now. I have to stay at home all alone after my husband goes to work. My husband is not understanding me. I told him about my situation but he takes no care about my fear. He said I will be alright after a couple of days. But I don’t think so. I’m afraid whether my worries and tension will affect my fetus. My husband says me to stay strong. But I have no clue how to be strong, how to control my worries and tension. He has called a home security service provider for security alarm installation and told me to not to worry since everything will be monitored by them. I didn’t say anything back. He thinks that I will be fine after the home security installation but my mind disturbed and don’t know what to do now. I don’t think there is any use in talking with him regarding this.



    Hello my friend, sorry to hear about your problem and I hope you will find a good solution to this problem at this forum. I can understand your current physical and mental condition due to this incident. During pregnancy, your feelings also change because of hormonal changes in your body. Most of the ladies feel more emotional and more feeling-full during this period of time. First of all, you should not take stress and anxiety in your mind during pregnancy because it can be harmful to health of your baby. If you want to get help with this condition, it is a good option to find anyone who can stay with you at your home during the day. It can be any family member or any friend who can be with you during this stage. I understand that most of the husbands do not give it important to understand the anxiety and stress problem of wife due to work pressure and busy life. It is a good option to install security system at your home and it will be better if you can consult with your husband about any Security Guard. Security Guard can be a really good solution and you will not feel alone at your home with help of security guard. These incidents are normal in today’s life and you should not take extra stress on your mind due to this incident. If you want to get help with your stress and anxiety problem, it is a good option to join any mum club and you can also get help with meditation to get rid of this problem. You should think positive and good things because it will help you to stay Fearless and Happy during this period of pregnancy.

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