Pregnancy loss

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    I have previously been though both a d&c and a naterual miscarriage, also had open surgery for an ectopic. Out of all that I have been though I would say the worst was open surgery, followed by the naterual miscarriage then the d&c. So many people get scared about it which is understandable. I would say if there is no sign of it coming out naturally then it may be best to opt for the d&c…it is a difficult decision to make. And full of emotions, I opted for a d&c as at 12wks the heartbeat stopped at 10wks and my body still thought i was pregnant. Although I opted for the prcedure I then got very upset that they were taking my baby from me. The only thing I feel you should be warey of with a d&c is that your body can go back to ‘normal’ very quickly…just cause your body is feeling this way dont mask the pain inside. I went back to work just a few days after as i was feeling fine, but emotions have a way of creeping up on you and about a week later it all hit me hard, very hard. I have been though some dark times…but things will get better. I have had a lot against me…the previous losses and had a tube removed with the ectopic, but am now pregnant again and all is going well so far and I pray everyday that it continues to do so. To this day I still grieve for my 3 angels, and even wear 3 angels on a pendant to keep them close to my heart. Ladies please allow yourself time to grieve and dont give up hope x God bless you x



    Christmas Eve 2009 my daughter Holly was born sleeping at 38 weeks. Its been a hard year, but I am now 34 weeks pregnant with my son. I’m excited, sort of. I can’t shake the feeling that he won’t make it either, I’m just not really sure how I should act. The closer I get to 38 weeks, the more depressed I become.



    Hi, please help me! My period is a week late and I have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms. But 2 negative pregnancy tests! The other thing is I have been having a few pains in the lower right side of my tummy and back ache on the lower right side, I have also got a slight shoulder pain. All this is worrying me that it is an ectopic pregnancy. I have been to the doctor and she said she doesn’t think it is ectopic because I have had 2 negative pregnancy tests and the pain would be really bad. But I have read on the internet that sometimes ectopic pregnancy’s don’t give positive pregnancy tests and that the pain can start gradually. The doctor said to wait a week and test again as I could still be pregnant, but wouldn’t a HPT show positive by now? What do I do?! I’m scared! Thanks for letting me go on! annalyn xx


    I ran across an amazing sounding website.
    They will come to the hospital and take pictures,professional,free of charge to parents of a child that is lost or will soon be lost after birth.



    I found out that I was pregnant back in July, actually we found out on my husband’s birthday. We had been trying for a year to try to concieve. Without luck for months it finally happened. Sadly the way i found out was I started bleeding between my AF and i knew something was wrong. It wasn’t painful but it was extremely heavy. I went to the hospital that night to find out what was wrong. The did ultrasounds and said I had a growth in my left tube. they let me go home. a week later i woke in severe pain, the bed was soaked with blood (of course) and we went to the e.r. they gave me shots for pain and sent me home. i did see and OBGYN but my appointment were over the phone. (kinda made me mad) She scheduled for me to get the Methotrexate shot. If you don’t know what that is, its chemotherapy and it makes your body absorb whats not supposed to be there. I didn’t want to get it because I had hope that maybe they were wrong. but they told me i could either do that or lose a tube. so i did get the shot. i was extrememely heart broken, we had tried for so long and lost it within a week. I went into a deep depression. not even five months later, i was pregnant again. we found out on christmas eve that i was expecting again. i was so afraid i was going to lose it, but i’m 19 weeks 2 days and i love this baby more than anything…………………………..what i’m trying to say, please don’t lose hope and don’t give up, if i did i wouldn’t be one of the happiest women now. i prayed and prayed and prayed and god answered my prayers, so don’t give up!



    I was 28 weeks.. We have a doctor appoitment in 3 weeks for some test on me. And to find out the other test that was done for my son . I felt less movement one day and called my doctor went in and my life was shattered. He was my first baby. I was perfectly healthy threw my pregnancy and still am. It sucks not knowing why or how but i just hope our doctor has some answers for us. its been almost 2 months and i cry everyday wishing he was here. the worst part is i work in a hair salon and my clients till this day still ask me You had your baby??? I would love to know your story? take care . aeli,


    Hi Ladies, I just wanted to share this!



    was he your first baby, my avy was my first I really dont understand and cant even begin to explain the shock this has had on me. so im would like to ask some questions if you dont mind and feel free to ask back….. how far were you? any answers? my prayers are with all of you.



    I am going through an ectopic pregnancy currently. The fetus actually looks to be outside my uterus and my tubes, close to my bladder! I was shocked to learn this. Very sad too as this is my second loss this year. We will be successful and have a healthy pregnancy soon I’m sure. I got a BFP (not a super faint line – very convincing) at 8 DPO. It’s likely I got the early result because the egg did not travel the falopian tube before implanting in the normal 7 – 10 days past conception time frame. I had spotting and cramping at 6 weeks 4 days, and the heartbeat visible on Tuesday night, was not visible by Friday morning. Right now my doctor wants to ‘wait and see’ as the sac is not growing and my hCG is going down. I may not need the methotrexate, and likely will not need surgery either.


    My husband and I lost our little girl on 12-14-09. I was 28 weeks. I woke up a strange feeling inside that something was wrong and I hadn’t felt her move which was not normal because she always woke up in the morning with me and was very active!!! I went to the hospital and they couldn’t find a heartbeat. They induced me and the next day she was born. the cord was found tight around her neck. All of the nurses and doctors couldn’t stop telling us what a beautiful and perfect baby she was… Apparently too perfect to stay on earth… Everyday I miss her more and more. I just want my little girl back!! 🙁



    My ultrasound revealed an ectopic pregnancy and I was given a shot of methotrexate. What should I expect with this?



    My son was stillborn on the 2nd January, 2010.. I was nearly 29 weeks pregnant. There were no obvious reasons as to why he passed away so we felt we ought to agree to a post moterm- we have to wait 10 to 12 weeks to receive the results although we have been told that in 50% of cases there is no explanation. We buried Louie Jae on Wednesday (13th Jan). I can not explain how I’m feeling.. I am heart broken. Louie was my first baby and I dont know what to do without him. I miss him so much.



    Hello ladies. For anyone experiencing a loss, no matter how early, I suggest that you might find comfort in giving your baby a name. I have named my little one Robin, as it fits for a girl or boy, and a family of robins has made their nest in my backyard. I even etched the name Robin in the tree where the nest is located (I added a few pics to my profile page). Now robins give me a sense of peace and hope and in doing this I feel I’ve taken a major step towards healing. Hugs to you all.



    before i leave my message i will just say this.. one website which i am a member of is amazing for help and support in these situations.. this site is you might want to take a look..

    in cases like this i want to try help all future babies who may come into the world too early like mine did.. wich is why this morning i have set up a donation website on to support the charity Bliss to help babies born too soon, too small, too sick..

    please visit my site and donate generously @

    Thank you xx always here if needed xxx



    Just wanted to let everyone know that I have 2 boys 12 and 16. I had an ectopic pregnancy in aug 2004 and I almost died. (literally) After trying for 5 years, I thought I wouldn’t be able to have any more kids. I found out I was pregnant the beginning of May and didnt have my sonogram until May27th. I was so afraid that it was another ectopic but to my surprise everything was perfect. Once I saw my baby on the sono and saw the heart beating, I cried tears of joy. So after all this time, it’s possible, it can happen. I prayed so hard for this day and my prayers have been answered. I’m hoping this is my little girl. I promise I will keep you updated!! What a blessing. 🙂 due date is 01/10/10

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