Preterm labor

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    What are the signs of preterm labor?



    My first pregnancy i lost my baby to incompetent crevix at 21 weeks. My doctor told me there was no way he could of known. so when i became pregnant again i changed doctors.He found that my cervix was incompetent so I had my cerclage done at 14 weeks. I was constantly going to the hospital for bleeding, or severe pain. i was almost ready to give up. i had made it to 22 weeks and the gave me the steroids to help my baby lungs. so they hospital trips continued. once i got to 35 weeks the contractiond in the pin was unbearable so i was in labor. when my doctor tried to take my cerclage out everthing went wrong. he made a mistake and chipped a piece of my artery and the bed filled with blood. i thuoght i had lost my baby but there is a god. i was rushed to the emergency c-section room. they delivered my baby she was 4lbs 15 ounces. she couldnt breathe on her own and hold her own temperture. she stayed only 12 days in the Nicu. and now shes home doing great. and is weighing 7lbs 6 ounces thank god for the cerclage. have faith



    I’m 29 weeks and have a septate uterus and the baby is the right side of the septum. I’ve never felt the baby on the left at all. I’ve had no cramping or bleeding throughout my 29 weeks. I woke up last night with sharp pains on my left side but went back to sleep and now for the last 3 hours, I’ve had period-like cramps only on my left side and some serious nausea (which I’ve not had to date – lucky I know!). It hurts really bad and I can’t stand up straight. It has subsided in the last 30 minutes or so but the pain is still there.

    Any idea if this what it feels like when you go into preterm labour? Could this be it? Should I be going to the hospital just in case?



    My Spouse water broke at 30wk 3days so I rushed her to the hospital. She was having mild contractions and was 1cmd.The doctors gave her meds to stop her labor process. Then they transfered us to the state hospital MUSC 2 hours away from home. I spoke to the docs several times about what was going to happen is the baby safe? All is fine at this momment they gave her steriods to help the babies lung develope. I finially got an answer from the docs that i could understand. I was wondering well sense her water broke when is my baby coming. They said they will not stop the labor process again if it starts. The doc said in most cases after stopping the labor process most people go back into labor 48 hours to 2wks after recieving the meds. Well we are at 31wks now and 5day I have not left her side yet. I made a bed roll on the floor and i am writing to yall from the floor of the hospital inside her room. We spent x mas here and on x mas night she went back into labor or she started to have contractions again but then they stopped by morning which i thought that was weird. So now im sitting here wondering when will my baby come?



    Hello everyone I am looking for some advice…. I am almost 28 weeks pregnant and for the past week I have been feeling alot of intense pelvic pressure…Yesterday when I wiped I noticed there was some pinkish-brownish discharge (sorry for the t.m.i) and the pressure has gotten worse but the spotting went away..I went to the hospital and my cervix is still closed but it’s soft and I’m having just normal mild BH…But I’m spotting again..It goes away but I’m still worried..has anyone else gone through this? could this be the beginning of pre-term labor?



    I experienced something similar…have no idea if this is what you are going through though. I lost my first child at the end of July at 18 weeks. Started with a tiny bit of spotting…went to the doctor, everything looked normal. Started with some cramping late that evening and the cycle of bleeding/cramping continued, never both at the same time. I was kept overnight and monitored in the hospital, my cervix measured 2 cm, but the docs said they weren’t concerned. They told me I had a bleed on the outside of my cervix, stuck a tampon in me to put pressure on the bleed and sent me home. My water broke the next day. I pray that this does not happen to you, but keep on your doctors and trust yourself if it doesn’t feel right. You could always request to get a second opinion from some high risk doctors. I hope this helps and doesn’t make you worry.



    Hello everyone… I just signed up for this site. It has been the best I could find to post info and see if anyone has been through or heard of this before. My pregnancy ended almost 2 weeks ago on Easter Sunday. I was 15weeks and 2days. Went to hospital because I was having some spasms & lower back pain & little bleeding. They did bloodwork/sono/swabbed me for a couple things & urine test. The sono came back I had a short cervix so they stated I was high risk & had to lay flat on back. Come to find out ended up having contractions that later in night started very hard. Ended up I had a womb infection & also came back postive for Strep B (which I was with my daughter and everything was ok there) our son was born on Easter and only was with us for a couple hours. But I have not been able to find much info about this situation online. Any help ? I am just so wanting to know was it the strep b that started the infection . Per the doctor she stated this rarely happens and we should not be concerned for future the only reason my cervix showed short is because my body was starting active labor. So so much info. Thanks


    Greeting to All! ~ In my previous pregnancy, I went into pre-term labour at 19w 6d. It started with very light spotting (pink) and some cramps (very light also). I went to the Labour and Delivery dept. at my local hospital. I honestly didn’t think anything was severely wrong until my water broke two hours after I got to the hospital. I am still upset at how the whole situation went down because when I first got to the hospital, no one checked me; I was just left sitting in a room. It wasn’t until my water broke that I was checked and they found that my cervix had opened and the umbilical cord was down in the birth canal. They told me at that point that there was nothing they could do and left me there until the baby died. I delivered her still born that next day. I believe that if I was checked right away, they would have found that my cervix was dilated and soft. Maybe they could have got a cerclage in. I don’t know for sure, but maybe my little angel could have been saved. I am pregnant again now and I am 22 weeks. I have since switched doctors and hospitals. I now have a cerclage. I am on complete bedrest, and I am being closely monitored. I pray to God that everything will work out this time. I have not been able to relax and enjoy this pregnancy because I am so scared.



    annikasmom – I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I am not familiar with group B strep and if it causes preterm labor so early. I hope you find some peace during this difficult time and some answers to help ease your mind. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.



    lilmiracle – enjoying your pregnancy while on bedrest with complications is really tough, I know. I would be lying if I told you had the answer but what I can tell you is that it does get easier and less stressfult he further along you get. As I have probaly shared with you on the bedrest board, I have been here since 21 weeks and have now made it to 29 weeks. Every week that passes I know there is a better chance for my baby’s future and that keeps me going. I would not wish this upon anyone but am thankful there are others to share with and get through this together.


    Ruthgrounded ~ Thank you again for the encouragement. I am so scared that what happened last time will repeat itself. The pain of the loss is still great even though it’s been 2 years and I am pregnant again. Me and my family cannot go through that again. Although the bedrest is very tough, I will continue to do it if it will get my little ‘bean’ here safely.


    Annikasmom ~ I too am very sorry to read about your loss. I know exactly how you feel. As I posted earlier, I lost a baby two years ago at the GA of 20 weeks. Hang in there, you will get through it. It will take a while, but you will make it through. In the beginning, I couldn’t see the end to my pain. Even now, I still feel the emotional pain from the lost, but it has gotten a lot better. Focus on the future. If you are going to try again soon, try to focus on that. I wish you the best for the future.


    I started contraction last Thursday at 23wks 4 days. I am scared. I have a history of preterm labor and loss. I have been blessed with two children but caring both of them to term was very difficult. I am especially scared because this time around we found out what we are having and HE is a little person to me already. With a very spunky personality. I hate this feeling. Most important I hate the lack of control and feeling like my joy has been stripped away.



    wow im so sorry for what you have been through,
    i have also had two premature babies, my first at 34 weeks, and my second at 31 weeks, they both did well though. im scared i will go earlier this time round as it seems that is the pattern my body is making! ive heard omega 2 caps help prevent preterm delivery. also i found my last pregnancy i was constantly paranoid that i was going into labour. this time round im going to relax and just imagine in my mind having a full term healthy baby to cuddle straight after delivery. my thoughts are with you. i cant even begin to understand what you must have gone through. best of luck to you



    Hi I had 2 preterm deliverys, one at 34 weeks and one at 35 weeks. I will be 33 weeks tomorrow. I had a cercloge in at 12 weeks, at 30 weeks dr put me on procarida baby dropped and is head down as of week 30. I am terrifed of having this one early. Update: 34 weeks and 3 days i went into labor this morning the drs stopped my labor i am only 1 cm dialited and now on stroct bed rest i hope i make at lest one 1/2 more weeks they will remove my cerclage. so pray that i make that much long.

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