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    I had pupps last year when pregnant with my son. The itch was horrendous. I eventually tried menthol aqueous cream which didn’t cure the rash but really eased the itching.



    just registered to give extra advice to fellow PUPPP sufferers: I developped PUPPP when 32 weeks far and no matter what I tried (oils, oathmealbaths, metholgel), it got worse every day. One of the main recommandations they give you with PUPPP is to only wear lose clothing made from cotton. This might work for some, but for me it was the other way around. After two weeks of misery I coincidentally discovered that i was much better off with lose clothing made from polyester or viscose. In a matter of hours the rash had calmed down, and it hasn’t bothered me since. If your belly is as touchy as mine was, you’ll notice wether something works for you or not in the fitting cubicle straight away. (last piece of advice: when putting oil on your belly, don’t rub it in, just gently put it on). Good luck!



    Oh my gosh, I feel for every single mother that has had to suffer this horrible rash. Personally, I got it post partum for two months and it was horrible. Little research has been done but after doing some hunting around most of what I read said it was related to a hormone problem in the liver so the liver can’t filter properly. Knowing that Pure Black Cherry Juice is great for cleaning the liver I drank a glass everyday. In a couple of days the discomfort eased up and in less than a week it was gone completely. I have another friend who got PUPPP during her pregnancy and she had the same results after drinking the cherry juice. The best part is…it’s not a medication and pregnant or not it will not hurt you or your baby. Hang in there ladies. All the best!



    What treatmnet is available for PUPP?



    i had it also, until now, i still have traces of puppp. baby was out six weeks ago…it still itchy…



    I had it with my first pregnancy, omg isnt it awful? I would wake up in the middle of the night and just itch everywhere hubby had to put cream on me and nag at me not to itch but gosh it felt so good. I got it when I was about 33-34 weeks along and right after I had my son I didnt itch, then in about two weeks it was completely gone. So very strange though. The doc just gave me a cream to rub all over my body and told me to take some benadryl. I’m 35 weeks and so very thankful I havent gotten it with this baby that has been my biggest fear.



    does anyone know if PUPP can start as early as the beginning of the second trimester? I have an itchy spot and am waiting for my doctor to call me back. in the meantime hydrocortisone cream is NOT touching it. I have tried ice (works as long as it is applied), and baking soda paste with some success….



    Oh Lord have Mercy!.. I believe I may have developed this 2 days ago.. I am 14 weeks preg. For now I’m keeping cocoa butter all over my abdomen, belly, boobs & trying not to scratch. The sample picture totally freakes me out…eeeh. ~I hope we all suffering this find soon relief.~



    I’m 36 weeks 6 days and it hit me 2 days ago I thought it was a reaction to something feels like I’ve rubbed my hands and belly in insulation or something seems to be worse at night , my doctor didn’t give me anything for it today when I went for a visit but I think I’m going to call them back since it’s friday and see if they can give me some advice or a RX for this itching this is my 3rd pregnancy , 3rd boy… odd


    When I was pregnant, I got PUPP at 26 weeks and then again at 35 weeks…..so you can get it earlier then stated. It also says its most common in women who are having boys, well I was having a girl. Mine got really bad, the ONLY thing that helped me was Aveeno products. I used the body wash, the cream and daily moisturiser everyday. My daughter is now 6 months old and she has VERY sensitive skin. She breaks out in rashes on her back and under her chin (which I was told was from the drooling) but it almost looks like a diaper rash on her face. Its gone now with the help of cortisone cream and another prescription. But her dr. says she will most likely have skin problems always. I wonder if PUPP had anything to do with it??


    I have it. It is the worst. My Dr prescribed me a steroid cream and told me to take some Benedryl .


    Hello everyone. I had the horrible pupps rash with my first pregnancy. A little girl. Well they tell you that 70 percent of women get it when they are having there first little boy. Something to do with the levels of the boy testostrone. I dont know. But 30 percent of women get it with little girls. I was one of the lucky ones. I had it when i turned 35 wks pregnant. SUCKED! They only thing that worked for me after trying steroid creams with doc perscriptions(which are harmful to the baby), oatmeal bathes, hydrocortizone, and cortizone 10 creams. I decided to go out side the box and try something new. Well i did. You know that medicine that treats poision Ivy and Chicken Pox. Yes Caladryl or also known as calamine lotion. It worked GREAT! I put it on all the time. It took the itch away. I was able to sleep at night for longet periods then when i was on straight cortizone creams. I applied it everytime I itched and they tell you that when you have the pupps rash you are not able to get rid of it until the baby is born. Well I am proof that it worked. It went away because I wasnt itching it, caladryl helped me alot, oh and it dried it up. It was wonderful. Not the pupps, the lotion. I cant believe that I was the one out of 30 percent to get it. I just hope its not in any of my other pregnancies. Because it really scarred my skin. I will never ever ever. Where bathing suits, or reveling nice clothes anymore. It was everywhere on my skin. I think it was worse then the picture above. But then again. I only took pictures of it when It was going away on my page. You can check them out if you want. Caladryl or Calamine lotion WORKS GREAT!



    Yes, I read up about it on the internet and it too said that it is dealing with women who are pregnant with boys. And that its usually the first pregnancy. Women pregnant with girls can get it but its more common with boys, and that its a reaction to the male hormone mixing in with the mothers. It sure does make the last couple of weeks a long one. Nothing worked for me at all. I used calamine cream before I went to the doctor about it and it felt good at first then I would be itching all over again. I too had it everywhere but my breast and face. It was awful, I’m lucky that it didnt scar, since I have heard many women say that it scarred their skin. But right after I had my son it went away and I havent gotten it with this pregnancy.



    Hey ladies, I’ve also got PUPPP, developed it mainly during week 34, but noticed it started out as single red bumps on my belly in week 33. But week 34 with this has been horrible. Oh and guess what, I’m having a girl. I actually went into the ER today because I couldn’t stand the itching. Right now it’s all over my belly, sides and back–theres soo many tiny itchy bumps everywhere and just touching my skin and feeling all this irritation is horrible. OMG this definitely is the worst thing ever!!!! And every piece of clothing that touches it even irritates my skin. I’ve tooken benadryl 2 25mg tablets every 6 hours and it still doesn’t take away the itch, it makes me more drowsy. I’ve also applied Calamine lotion and that helps only for a short period and after a while of having the calamine all dried up on my skin it itches again. I feel like Im losing my mind and I feel so helpless!!!! And there’s times where it feels like it’s burning too. I see my OB on Monday–thank goodness…maybe he can prescribe something or recommend some form of ointment. I’m hesitant about steroid use only because its pregnancy category C which has unknown risks to fetus. So…we’ll see. I feel so helpless and itchy and I’ve got temptation to rub or scratch. But I’ll suffer and hold back my temptation—its soooo hard to!!!



    hi every1 im pregnant wit my second baby im about 8-9 weeks and i seem to have developed pupps again!! i had pupps with my first baby boy and got it around 30 weeks and it looks and feels the same – in my first pregnancy i used aveeno moisturizer and it cleared the rash up and stopped the itch im goin to use it again ill let ye all know how i get on wit it

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