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    Make sure that you know what your Rh factor is during your pregnancy!



    lim- the reason they give the shot at 28 weeks is because it stays in your body for 12 weeks. with me they were very strict that i HAD to get it in week 28.



    consiebaby- I had a miscarriage back in march, and I had to get the RH shot within 72 hours of bleeding. Make sure your doctor gives you the RH shot as soon as you can!



    If the vaccination stays in your body for 12 weeks why did I have to get one at 28 weeks, 3 weeks later when I was in a minor car accident, and again after my daughter was born?? Can anyone say overkill?????



    i just wrote a blog regruding this can someone please comment thanks



    My Blood type is O Negative. I’m Rh Negative. While trying to conceive my second child in 2008 I feel pregnant only to lose that pregnancy because I failed to remember I needed the shot. It was a VERY painful experience that I will never forget. PLEASE Rh Negatives, if you have spotting bleeding, get yourself to a hospital and get the Anti-D shot!!!!!



    Does anyone know if Rh Factor can cause excessive bruising??



    im 10 weeks 5 days and yesterday i had bleeding and today i had my doctors appt and she had me get the rhogam shot now just in case that was what was causing the bleeding cause the baby had a good heart beat and was moving around so im praying there is no more blood



    I am 7w3d and started bleeding. I have been suffering from mild cramping everyday from the start. Here’s my question..They gave me the RH shot the other day and bleeding and cramping has stopeed (Thank god!). So, with me being this far along with my body attacking the baby do you think there will be any developmental side effects?



    hoping77-i had the same issue around 7 weeks or so and got my first shot. it doesnt hurt anything, your body isnt attacking the baby, your blood would of had to mix.



    I had a very early miscarriage Jan 08′. After 3 yrs of TTC I was told I needed IVF. I am 7 wks pregnant. I am A- and DH is O+. My Dr. says that I do not need the rhogham shot until 28 weeks. I am nervous because I can’t afford another IVF cycle and I dont want to mess up my only chance at having a child.



    i am rh negative and i got the shot 2 times before i had a still born. they also didn’t want me to have the shot becuse they said later but i spotted 2 times in the 1st tri. if you make a big deal they will give it to you f you are spotting better to be safe… i had an incomplete cervix so my baby not making it was a different factor i got the shot after delivery also.

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