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    How can I cope with the pain of sciatica?


    WOw, i was randomly combing through the pages and found this.. I *just had this happen earlier tonight ! Well i’m 21 weeks preggo now, and i’ve been feeling it off and on practically the whole pregnancy, exactly how it’s described…
    It starts in my tailbone area and shoots down my leg! WOW exactly ! At least i know what it is, now !



    Hey everyone~ I had severe sciatic nerve pain that kicked in full force about month 6th of my 3rd pregnancy. Nothing…absolutely nothing relieved the pain. I had to wake up every 1-2 hours to try and walk off the pain that started in my buttocks and ran down my thighs. I was told that the pain would go away after I delivered. The Doc was right! I just delivered on November 20th and I had instant relief. My son weighed 9lbs 1oz…no wonder my sciatic was acting up LOL
    Seriously though, the pain is gone…he is almost 3 wks old and the only thing keeping me up at night now is him…not sciatic pain 🙂



    Im 20weeks and if Im sitting down, it hurts so much to get up. Every joint in my hips pop and it takes a while to get moving. When I sleep I get really bad pains in the hip side that Im lying on. Does this sound like sciatica? Im also heavier and I know it isnt helping.



    I’ve been having sciatic pain since week 9 and I’m in week 15 and still having it….boo! lol



    I just went to physical therapy yesterday, and it was the best! I got a brace for support and slept in it last night and it helped so much. I LOVE P.T.!!!!
    They taught me streches that feel sooooo good.



    I was trying my hardest to figure out if this pain was normal and I found it! lol Iactully had this pain time to time and the first time i had it was when i was 18 weeks, when I first found out i was pregnant. And I went to the doctor for a check up and poof i was pregnant. lol I had it real bad last night. I can’t wait to go to my doctor on wednesday to make sure thats what it is for sure.


    as getting bigger my back is killing me
    can hardly get upmnightmare!!!


    im glad there are others with this !!!
    its soooo pain full when lying down and then trying to move nightmare



    Ok I’m only 10 weeks and I’m starting to get this pain! I can’t believe it comes on so early! I thought I would get it like 3rd trimester. I have a back condition so I knew there would be issues, but I thought my baby would have to be bigger than a peanut before they happened 🙁



    I need to tell you about Mitch Yass. I had horrible sciatica during my first pregnancy. It was horrible. My sister told me about Mitch during my second pregnancy and was in so much pain. She had seen him on News 12 in Long Island. Go to and look at his info. I used the downloadable video and it worked! Simply amazing and I want to tell everyone!


    Sciatica is so bad at the mo. I blame the fact that we sleep on a futon matress on the floor but my partner won’t let me buy a bed because he thinks hard surfaces help. Anyone no any truth in this helppppp!!! And anyone no if you can get chiropractors help on the nhs??



    Hi ya i’m 8weeks 4days pregnant and have been suffering with sciatica for about a week and a half now some days is better then others but because of my job i’m on my feet alot moving people! Has anyone got any remedies that eases this pain as sometimes it takes my breath away! Any help on this matter would be greatly received

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