Severe tooth pain – Need advice!

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    Hi there,
    I’m super excited to announce that I’m 4 weeks pregnant. This is our second child. My OB/GYN advised taking proper rest as my health condition is not that great.
    I have been suffering from severe tooth pain, sensitivity, bleeding gums, etc for the past few days. One of my neighbor who is doing her medical course said these are the symptoms of the decayed tooth. She said I might need to undergo root canal therapy to treat the decayed tooth. Since my health condition is not good I don’t think my OB/GYN will allow me to undergo this procedure. I have scheduled an appointment with a dentist from a dental care clinic in Toronto on 12th June as I’m not able to tolerate the pain.
    I had been taking Tylenol but my OB advised stop taking it. So I started trying some home remedies like keeping ice pack, gargling with salt water and alcohol, etc. but there is no effect. While researching online I saw homeopathic treatment are effective for a root canal. Hekla lava can be used to reduce swelling, gingivitis, pressure on the jaw line due to swelling, etc. I just wonder if it’s safe to take homeopathic treatment now? Any insights are highly appreciated. Thanks!!

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