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    I’ve been told I’m “glowing”. What does this mean?


    in my pregnancy my skin got really bad. it was dry and i always had a pimple! then after i gave birth it it changed so fast first it got realy oily and then it cleared up…omg i cant believe how good my skin looks now. for all you mommys out there with skin problems..make sure after you give birth to keep taking your prenatal vitamins it will help restore all the nutrients you lost during pregnacy….good luck!!!



    my cousin had it like you would not believe… she looked like she had dipped her face in chocolate and bits had fallen off! shes quite olivey and it was really patchy and there was nothing she could do.. demalogica do a good brightening treatment for over pigmentation – its pricey tho.. other than that you just have to use a really strong strong suncream to minimise the effects of being outside in daylight.. hers faded after her bubbah was born..



    Anyone have the ‘mask’ on other parts of their bodies. I have what looks like that on my breasts. I haven’t talked to midwife about it…It looks just like what women get on their face…a blotch tan.



    IDK if im pregnant yet but i think i am. I would only be like 3 weeks and something days BUT im wondering if you guys had lil bumps/acne this soon. I’ve never had these lil tiny bumps all over my forhead. Its crazy my skin has never been like this. Has this happened to anyone else????? and is it a pregnancy symptom????? HELP LADIES???


    The skin on my upper lip is turning dark…and I look like I am growing a mustache!! It isn’t hair…but my actual skin that is dark brown!!! It is super embarrassing!!! Please let me know if this is/has happened to you. It didn’t happen with my first son!!! I don’t know what to do??!!!



    my forehead, chest,and upper back have broken out in a raised acne type rash, it feels flakey and bumpy, however not itchy, it looks awful and i dont think its actual acne as theres no heads as such on the bumps, there tiny but many, i didnt get this with my first pregnancy, anyone else got this???



    My Linea Negra is not in the center. I know this is dumb but it’s driving me crazy lol. I’m very much a symmetrical person so I just wish it were in the middle. It almost doesn’t even touch my belly button it’s so off to the side.



    BabySaunders – my line is far from straight lol it looks really really goofy but i guess everyone is different so dont let it bother you too much 🙂



    Ughhh before i even took an hpt i knew i was preggo- the ACNE said it all. I’m even getting zits on my skull, in my hair.. wtf? how is this possible?! and they all freakin hurt!



    since I have been preg, suddenly I have razor burn SO BAD! and my deoderant makes me break out! its horrible! hopefully its just hormones and goes away!



    Hi, i am new to the site. cheggers (DH calls me cheger magoo) lol! with my 2nd and May 28th 2010.
    worst side affect to date is the bad skin…. horrible spots behind my ears and arond my chin and jaw.. yuk!
    i hope they go soon… ;-(



    Since becoming pregnant I’ve had acne on my back. YUCK! I also have psoriasis and now I have a flare up and it’s really bad..i can’t take anything for it..the meds cause birth defects. I hope it goes away.



    This itching is driving me insane! My nipples and belly are persistently itching so badly that I am causing myself excoriations. The cocoa butter lotion hasn’t helped. So far, cortisone on my nipples, and using the Gerber Grins and Giggles Oatmeal baby lotion are the only things that help. Even this is only for a few hours. I think I am going to get Gold Bond Medicated lotion today. They have an anti-itch formula that used to work well on my legs. Anyone have this problem, and how did you solve it?? I have 4 months to go.



    I have developed skin tags EVERYWHERE since becoming pregnant. I have them under my breasts, in my arm pits, ‘down there’…but the worst ones are on my neck. It’s so bad I won’t wear my hair up. I am going to the dermatologist as soon as I can after my little boy arrives! Is this happening to anyone esle?

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