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    What should I do if I am spotting?



    is there anybody who experience light bleeding for 3 days pinkish and it turns to brown?instead of my monthly period due date



    ok so i need answers…i started my period june 21 i have been have unprotected sex since then. i have been feeling really sick always tired and now i’m spotting its not brown and its been pink and red and its there everytime i wipe…idk whats wrong can someone please help me????


    LilyMar1985- Have you done a HPT yet? Me and my partner have been trying for a baby since May and we recently found out i was pregnant yesterday and i was having all the same symptoms as you..feeling sick,tired etc. If you think there is a chance you may be pregnant, do a pregnancy test and find out for sure! If you are pregnant i would make a doctors appointment first thing tomorrow and explain everything to them! But some people fall pregnant and get spotting and some even have light periods so there might not be anything to worry about! But go to the doctors to make sure!!

    Hope everything goes okay for you!! x



    For many women, light spotting is simply indication of an impending menstrual cycle ready to make its appearance or due to hormonal changes during a woman’s cycle. If you experience frequent spotting with no known cause, it’s wise to see your doctor or midwife to see if you may have a hormonal imbalance. However, if spotting is indication of an early pregnancy, it is typically called implantation bleeding. This happens when a fertilized egg burrows into the uterine lining, causes the lining to slough off a bit of blood. The blood takes a while to make its way from the uterus to the vagina, so it’s ‘older’ by the time it reaches your panties or toilet paper. This occurrence explains why the blood is often discharge brown, pink, or rust in color. Anyway, if you are TTC you should consider reading ‘The Getting Pregnant Plan’ by Michelle Adams from They consistently helped me throughout my pregnancy.



    I have been spotting for a few days now and i am 8 weeks pregnant. dr. said it is fine as long as no pain, but it seems to turn from brown to a brick red color. Is this ok? and how much should be spotting?



    My spotting (very, veryy little) is due to
    Subchorionic Hemorrhage. Google it. I have never heard of it before. I had spotting with my first baby but never had an early ultrasound that decteded anything. I will have to go in weekly to have my HCG levels checked. It is interesting. Check it out. My doc said that my hemorrage/tear is very small – 1 cm. She is going to keep a watch on it. Still freaks me the heck out. God bless. Keep us in your prayers please. Hugs.



    Kerianne, Both myself and a good friend of mine had small sub chor hemmorages, and both cleared up just fine. I did have a little leftover bleeding from mine at 16 weeks that freaked me out, but all was well. I am 39 weeks now with a healthy boy, and my friend had her healthy girl two weeks ago.
    I know it is hard not to worry, but all will be fine!



    babytimbit – Because you arent having any cramping, and it stopped, it should be fine. Im almost 21 weeks now and had off and on spotting all first trimester. Keep us updated on what the doc says!



    Has anyone had any experience with this? I am on the pill, and I am pretty sure I am almost 9 weeks pg. Well, I stopped the pill (almost thru the pack anyway) and I have had heavy spotting for a couple of days. No real cramps, just mostly the ligament pain I was feeling before I started spotting. Still very nauseaus, very tender, tingly bbs, discharge, and my pooch is pooching out a little more…it keeps popping my zipper, lots of headaches and insomnia. Anyone else have this happen?



    I’m a month preggo and having some blood pressure issues. But I have be lightly spotting and I am real worried cause I have a bad history of preterm labor, miscarriages, and a few still births at 22wks. I called my doctor and the nurse said as long as it’s not a lot and there are no cramps to not worry. How can you not worry. My bf and my 1 daughter are so worried cause we all want just one more. The progestrone shots are in my future. Man, I’m scared and worried. Any advice?



    hi all im 5 weeks 2 days pg n started spotting yesterday really really scare cause my last mis also started wit light spotting n to bleeding n it lasted for a mth plus b4 the mis was over really scare it gonna to the same thing again havent c a doc planning to only go when im 8 weeks nt really sure what to do now



    I had a positive pregnancy test about 3 weeks after my LMP (period) which I only took because I was having nausea and sore boobs,fatigue and all the symptoms I’ve had in my last two pregnancies….I guess what I’m confused about is HOW did I start having symptoms at the time I SHOULD’VE been ovulating??
    I know about my cycles and have tracked them before,but the timing on this isn’t right at all…Even my doctor said that my uterus seems more ‘enlarged’ than 5 weeks (my last period was 5 weeks ago) but she wouldn’t do an ultrasound to confirm.
    I wonder if the ‘period’ wasn’t a period?? if I was already pregnant??



    Hello Ladies……I have a question… Any reply will help…I had gotten my period on december 31 and it lasted about 5 days….Now me and my boyfriend had sex since it ended at least once a week. I noticed yesterday i was having brown discharge come out…not alot but it was just like my period was ending except a little bit less. I looked up brown discharge on google and it told me it could be early pregnacy…now with the brown discharge i have had very light cramping with it….and now my breast are a tiny bit sore. I havnt taken a test cause everytimne i get excited it turns out negative. I , can you let me know Did you have brown discharge in early pregnancy?…About how much was it? (i know its gross but im worried) and How long did it last?



    i am spotting as well after i wipe like a watery red dont no what it is lyk am very sceared

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