Swelling edema in pregnancy

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    Im close to 18 weeks and I work at a hotel standing for 8 hours Ive been swelling in my calfs and ankles and it hurts



    I am having lots of swelling and it is driving me nuts. please give me some tips. I am at 29 weeks and just cant stand it anymore. it hurts to walk or do anything!


    I’m 1 day overdue today =( I don’t think he’s ever coming out…my legs and feet have been so bad with swelling this last week..they look almost exactly like the picture =(



    Im 19 weeks and have woken up this morning with very swollen hands. I dont have any other signs of Preeclampsia not dizziness or pains anywhere else!!! I had a scan only 2 days ago and they said the baby was fine and have a midwife’s appointment 2 morrow. Does anyone else suffer from this????? Worried. 🙁



    I am 25 weeks and have had some swelling, BUT today my feet, ankle, and calf has swelled up like a balloon!!! Only one though, the other side has seemed to stay its normal semi-swollen self… Is this really normal????



    Boy this is HORRIBLE, I am BALLOON GIRL!!!!!!!! Ugggg. Oh well It’s nearly over, I’m 37 wks:-D



    lately its been hot where i live and my legs and ankles have been swelling up a lot and hurting…so i keep my feet elevated and it feels alot better…



    swelling in pregnancy is normal! i m 23 weeks pregnant. I was told to eat salt and salty food very less to avoid swelling and other complications later. I m trying….hoping for the best!



    I’m 32 weeks pregnant and have just noticed I have swelling in my feet & ankles, I know its normal to have swelling but I can’t help worrying! As I’m at work I can’t really do much to prevent it, I have my legs up but they’re not above my bottom. When I get home I’m going to have a lavendar foot bath with cool water. Plus its a very sunny day in England today!!



    So i have swelling in my lower calves and ankles and the tops of my feet (swince like week 30). But it helps when I elevate for sure. My hands were buggin me though. Could hardly brush my teeth when I woke up b/c my grip on the toothbrush was so fat and loose. THEN one day my hands went back to normal (almost) and I figured out I had eaten bananas a few hours before. It has something to do with potassium. Anyway TRY it and let me know if I am crazy!? It totally works for most of the day. HAd to try and hlep b/c that is sooo simple!!!


    for the past couple of days i started having swelling in my right foot (on top) its really starting to bother me ive told my doctor and he said its normal at the end of pregnancy to start to swell and to make sure im drinking enough fluids a day and to watch my salt intake



    mamabarbara25 I would go and get a second opinion if I was you just to be on the safe side.


    Would they give you fluid pills if you went to the ER? I have no more butt as my legs & feet are swollen all the way up. I’ve had a horrible pain in my feet for weeks without the swelling going away night after night, my doctors say its normal, but I have sores on my ankle due to them blowing up so badly. My mom say it looks like the skin is starting to break open on my feet/ankle area.



    Has anyone had POST pregnancy swelling? I wasnt swelling untill after I had my son, well a little in like the l;ast week…but im 8 days pp now and my feet hands anf face are still swollen! I am drinking ALOT of water as I am breastfeeding, is that maybe why? should I like take a water pill?



    When does normal swelling become alarming?

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