Symphysis pubis dysfunction spd

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    I have my baby girl nov 17th she was 8lb 12oz and 24 hours later i had the worst pain in my pevis area and couldn’t walk or move my right leg at all. A doctor came to see me and told me i had SPD. Im home now and my partner has to do everything for me. Im on crutches and wear
    a support belt. Hopefully i wont be like this for long. I cant wait to take my little girl out for a walk in her pram and take my son to school.



    im really worried im due today and i have had SPD since i was 26 works havent been able to work since because couldnt stand all day and have a support belt and im on crutches, the pain is so bad and im now worried that if i go right over i will have a big baby and it will damage my pelvis more shouldnt i have been induced by now my doctor is stupid and i asked him this on tuesday all he said was just rest itl be ok, i see a midwife on monday when i will be 40 weeks + 4 days im hoping she gives me a sweep. i just wondered did anyone else with this go over and still have a good labour and birth? x x



    I ca re3aly sympathise with anyone who has this condition.
    I started getting symptoms at 15 weeks, by 20 i couldnt dress myself and could hardley walk, 25 weeks was given crutches… they dont realy help much, it very hard to actualy walk without using your pelvis…
    30 weeks, i could not longer stand for more than a minet or two without bursting into tears, 32 weeks now and i cant do anything! I cant look after my son, I cant cook, I cant clean, I cant dress myself, i can bar;ey use the toilet (hurst soooo much toactualy sit, once sitting is fine, but god its hurts getting up and down, I cant even lie down! cant lie flat cause my baby is very big and puts too much preasure, cant lie on my left or right sides cause once i do actualy go to sleep and my muscles relax, my pelvis kinda flops and gets stuck like that, then ive got to VERY slowley and then once i get to a sitting position you hear it go pop like when you crack your knucles and my poor bub goes nuts!
    physio told me i can do nothing, and crutchers are it, midwives keep telling me to get over it, and the doctor just says year, it will go away after the birth!
    meanwhile I feel soooo useless, i cant even look after myself, let alone my son, my husband has been a god send! hes been doing everything!
    3 more weeks left till they induce me and i can not wait, baby decklan already weighs almost 6 pound and im almost 33 weeks


    I had SPD with my daughter, and I injured myself further giving birth in stirrups. I am pregnant again, and since the beginning it’s been bad. Now they tell be that I have a diastasis and face c-section. Has anyone tried to give birth naturally with a diastasis? The separation is over 1 cm now, and since I have 10 weeks left is suspected to get worse. I can’t dress myself, move in bed, walk more than 5 minutes without wanting to cry, it’s just excrutiating. You can littlerally SEE my bones popping out of place. I don’t want a c-section, but I don’t see how I’ll be able to open my legs or support myself in labor…



    for tara83 and yummy mummy shell: i had spd in my 1st preg with my son, he is now 6yrs old, i only had it in the last cple wks so it didnt really affect me that much, in my 2nd preg with my daughter i didnt have it at all, but this is my 3rd preg and i have had it since 14/15 wks and had crutches since about 21wks, im now 36wks and its un bearable, it is awful i no exactly how u feel. i have been given paracetamol, co-codamol and ibuprofen all of which do very little, the more u rest the more it will hurt thats wot i found, the excersises i got from physio were excrutiating so just left them. u will also feel it more when u have been walking, i cant go far now, my sons scholl is a 5min walk round the corner and it takes me 40 mins there and back. plus i also have a 2yr old. i see my consultant in 2 weeks about being induced because of it, xxxx



    Hi I am 22 and a bit wks pregnant with my third baby, and I was diagonsed with SPD at 19 wks pregnant. Never had it with previous pregnancys? At first the pain was right in the middle of my pubic bone absolute pain when I touched it, and to walk it felt as though my pelvis was going to snap! I went to my ER and they gave me panadiene wich didn’t even help, and diagonsed it as SPD, sent me home on crutches to help me walk and put my weight through my arms, gave me a toilet frame to help me get on and off the loo, and a bed pole which is fantastic to help me roll over in bed. Also I have been having physio at the hospoital evry 1-2 weeks where they massage the lower back and also for pain in my back I use heat packs, in the groin area heatpacks and on the pubic bone a cold pack. I wear a special support belt too which helps keep everything in place too. I have asked about labour and the physio explained that it will actually make labour quicker and easier, which (help) my last labour was under 2 hrs! She explained after the birth it could take up to 3months before everything will become normal for the hormones e.t.c to settle down. I hope this has helped, but I really think it does help to know that this condition can be managed to a comfortable degree.


    Actually labor made my SPD worse the first time and is the reason I now am having soo many problems. The orthopedic specialist did a series of scans on my pelvis and though I’ll receive pain relief therapy, I’ve been advised that my body would be in danger of a vaginal delivery. So really it can happen. Remember that SPD can turn to DSP which means you’ve gone beyond the normal .9 mm separation of the pubis symphysis. I fought so hard this pregnancy to get a water birth and now I can’t…pretty disappointed. But it’s either a c-section or reconstructive surger for my pelvis later. : (



    How exactly can you determine whether or not you have this? Lately my pelvic bone has been hurting like crazy! It feels like it’s going to break, I can barely walk. It hurts to get out of bed, put on a pair of pants,etc. I mentioned it to my doctor but she said it’s normal. (she’s not really my doc, she’s the PA at my doc’s office, I havent been able to get an appt with my doc in months!) My mom had this with two of her pregnancies. I think I might have this but everyone keeps saying ‘ohh its just your pelvic bone getting ready for the birth’ but I think its more than that bc the pain sometimes is unbareable. I’m afraid that if I do mention this to my real doc (I finally got an appt with her next thurs) that she wont let me have a vaginal birth! So what should I do? The PA doesnt seem to be too concerned with it….so should I be?



    How is SPD treated?


    DON’T LET THEM IGNORE YOU! If you treat it early, and/or it’s not severe you’ll be fine. Not all cases of SPD need a c-section. It’s actually pretty rare to need a c-section, and that’s because the separation has exceeded more than 1 cm (even then a specialist can usually determine if a vag. birth is safe or not). Really, you can know you have it, but a doc needs to officially diagnose you. It’s done by ultrasound, they simply put the ultrasound wand to the pubic bone and measure the distance between the bones. (You can see exactly where they measure in the pic up above) A belt can be worn to help, crutches, learning to adjust your every day activities etc. If it becomes severe, but not diastasis, you can have a natural birth. It’s just recommended that you not birth on your back or in stirrups, or if you have an epidural that you MAKE SURE your midwives/nurses/doc know what your ‘gap’ limit is. Some women tie a ribbon between thier legs to show how far they can open thier legs. Different positions should be used, like kneeling, on all fours, or in a birthing pool.



    PregoNes – cant believe that she said this is normal, it isnt at all, and i actually got told by my physiotherapist and my midwife, and they said it 1in4 women but still not normal at all. My man had to dress me from 4 months on, and unfortunately the effects of spd do not get better at all the further along, and for some unfortunate people the effects can remain for every period after child birth as the hormone Relaxin is present is released in every period just like it is in pregnancy.
    Heres the things that my physiotherapist told me:
    Walk upstairs/steps backwards or sideways as forwards will create pressure pushing onto the pelvis.
    To get in bed sit on the egde, shuffle back as much as possible and then ‘glue’ your legs together before putting them in.
    To get outta bed, ‘glue’ your legs together again and put both feet on the floor at the same time.
    To bathe, stand right next to the bath side on , place your hands on the bath and get your tummy as close to the side of the bath, so your practically laid on top, so you dont have to lift your legs that high to get over the top, and the same to get out.
    Get your man to dress you from waist down, but if not possible then sit down to do socks, pants,trousers – and if undies are too much trouble and no one to help – then dont wear them, the pain to put them on isnt worth it at all!Lol
    The good news is, that after i gave birth i felt soooo much better,and i can actually run now and is only 5 weeks ago, and i was a right mess, i was crawling upstairs in the last month as even walking backwards was killing me, and i was wearing tubigrips,support belts and using crutches. and ive had a period and no effects from that. I do have a blog ‘SPD’ on my page so if anyone wants to look at that and relate youre more than welcome.



    Oh and a vaginal birth is not outta the question – they wont do a c section unless there is no other way. do dont worry about that, that was one of my concerns, i delivered vaginally and no pain relief!!!! x



    hi girls i have just written a blog called ‘ helpful tips on coping with spd.’ if anyone is suffering from this then check it out, there could be some gems of help in there!!! x x



    It’s such a comfort to read all your notes. For a long time (beginning of second trimester) I had been noticing discomforts. At first I thought it was the bed and went out immediately and bought a new mattress and topper. It worked for a couple of weeks then it didnt seem to do anything. I thought it was just one of those pregnancy things and I should just grin and bear it. I am now 35 weeks, and thankful to the sympathetic midwife I saw a couple of weeks ago, she noticed I could hardly walk and refered me to a pysciotherapist. A little late I know, as I have had to use a wheelchair to shop for the last 8 weeks and what I thought was doing good was forcing myself to climb stairs and get into my car. when infact I was doing more damage than good. But knowing I am not on my own is a big relief as I find much comfort from all your notes and tips.



    hi guys. just thought I’d give my 2pennies worth… i had spd from about 19 weeks pregnant and ended up having an emergency c section. I have an amazing little girl who is now 11 months old and it was all worth the pain! I just wanted to say that if they offer you a c section dont get too upset about it. i was at first but it was so much easier than i thought it would be and the recovery was so much quicker than they said. in the end if id continued trying to push her out then i may have done more damage to myself so the section was definitely the best way to go. just wanted to share this not to scare or upset anyone who really dreads a c section but to say how much better it was than i thought. good luck to you all…. oh and the spd did go away almost immediately after the birth so some good news! x

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