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    Motheroftriplets you are amazing to have all those kids omg your an inspration im 16 and pregnant with my first little girl and Havee the hardest time because of my age im 24 weeks pregnant and my daughters dad Hasz left me to handle this alone and my new boyfriend has stepped up and iiSz helping me alot ii am convinced that i Cann Bee AA great mom and pregnancy doesnt know age if it happens it happens age Doesntt matter my daughter is a blessing and so iiSz every baby in the world


    hey i am 18 yrs and 20w just graduated high school and about to take my EMT exam so even tho its difficult being young and pregnant everything is still possible i also plan on going on to nursing school in the next year so dont give up hope 🙂



    hey guys! just wanted to stop by and c if there is anyone who checks this- im going to be 19 in about 2 weeks and this is my second pregnancy- had my son when i was 17 and he is seriously my best friend. my fiance and i have been together for almost 3 years so the majority of our realtionship has been spent with me being preggers, which has actually made us work thru a lot of issues and made us stronger- if anyone wants to talk let me know!!



    Hello ladies. I just want to wish you all the most healthy pregnancies possible. With that said, and I hope I’m not a bother (if I am, just ignore me!) but I wanted to share a social site (I’ll just mention it this once) called Mother Tree. It’s a site for natural pregnancy, birth and parenting. It’s a good place to be able to express yourself without being judged, and I thought if some of you joined, you could start a Teen Pregnancy Group. There’s also chat, so you could talk there too. Feel free to check it out. More and more people are joining everyday, and it’s really the people that make the site great. http://www.mothertree.ning.com. Thanks ladies. Take care



    BBC3 Underage and Pregnant Series 2 looking for young mums and dads-to-be‏


    Mentorn television is making a second series of Underage and Pregnant for BBC Three, a documentary series following young mums-to-be through pregnancy, birth and having a baby. It’s about telling the real stories of teenagers who are pregnant and hearing about your experiences in your own words.

    We’re looking for a mix of teenage mums – and dads – from a variety of different backgrounds to feature in the series. If you’re 16 or under and pregnant, or have recently given birth we’d really like to hear from you.

    If you’d you like to find out more EMAIL [email protected]

    or CALL / TEXT 07503 079235 (we can call you back)





    i found out i was pregnant in june, then i had my 17th birthday in august. i’m having a little boy & plan on keeping him because i love him so much already! but anyways, any teenage girls on here that need someone to talk to i’m here for you, so feel free to message me! 🙂


    I am not a teen mother but let me tell you I spent a lot of time taking care of my niece when I was a teen and at age 29 I still struggle everyday with not knowing what I am doing most of the time. So at any age parenting is a journey of rough roads so keep your heads up and you can’t please everyone and you can’t take everyones advice all the time or will you will crazy trying to make everyone else happy I have learned the hard way I have just got to the point where I am able to say no this is her schedule if you want to keep my child overnight you will follow it or just see her when I come over its harsh but you would have to know my family anyway baby dust to you all!



    Im a pregnant teen mom w/ my first of course cant say it was a mistake but im very excited now its a boy =) im bout to pop next month on the 23rd yey!



    Heyy, i am 16 and about 6 weeks pregnant. i would like someone the same age to talk to about things relating and not relating just a online friend in the same situation. a penpal. please contact me on my profile thannks xx



    Hello ladies. I had my first son when I was 17. It was tough trying to finish my senior year but I did it. You can do anything you put your mind too.. it really helps when you have a support channel.. Good luck to all of young mommies out there. If you need anything just send me an email..



    I am not a teen mum but im a young mum. Im 22 with 2 kids and another on the way. I was 19 when I had my son and 20 when I had my daughter. I will be 23 when number 3 arrives. Its hard being a young mum seeing ppl stare at you just thinking negative thoughts about a young mum but its all worth it in the end. I wouldnt change any if it for the world. All my kids were planned ane we couldnt be happier.



    Hello fellow young mommies! I am 21 and my son just turned 2! I wanted you all to be aware of this amazing online community just for young moms like us. http://www.girl-mom.com It is a great place to just be yourself in a community of moms. The site is also pro-choice. If you choose to terminate the pregnancy, they will support you at this site too. Check it out!

    Having a baby is hard for anyone, do not think you have to flush any dreams down the drain. Personally, I got pregnant during my first year of college and in May 2010 I will be graduating… on time! That is after I took off a semester to have my son. You can do anything you set your mind to!



    Hey Ladies! I just want to say everyone in this group is right! I got pregnant right out of high school and it was a struggle because I came from a very religious old fashioned family. I remember being terrified to tell my family and when I did they were very disapointed in me but they will get used to the idea. Now my family loves my son so much. It was tough at times but here I am now, in college getting my nursing degree, and just got married to my sons dad. I couldn’t be happier.



    Hi ladies, i was a teen mom when i had my daughter, i am still young, i was at the end of my senior year of highschool, 18 years old and i was only with my Boyfriend at the time for 9 months when we found out we were pregnant, it was hard but amazing.. my daughter is almost 2 years old. im 20 and am pregnant again with our second, im only 8 weeks along now, but we are soo excited, we have been together for over 3 years now, got married last october, : ) Being a teen mother was hard, and a struggle, but you have help and families and friends who can support you.. and ofcourse these online forums. lol i wish all yall the best of luck and an amazing & beautiful pregnancy! : )

    Ihave a myspace if anyone is interested..



    Hey all, I was 16 when I had my daughter Jamielynn, I am 18 now and Jamielynn is 2 years old, i love being a young mummy and i wouldnt change it for the world. I am engaged and hoping to move into a new house in a few weeks (fingers crossed!!) My fiance and I are also trying for another baby, just goes to show no matter what some people say having a baby young is not the end of the world. good luck to you al young mums expecting x x x

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