Teen pregnancy

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    sahm- do not let anyone judge you but you. i am not a teen either..i am 24 with a 4 year old and a 6 week old..sometimes i feel like a teen mother lol..when i was pregnant with my son (6 weeks old) i was contemplating an abortion very hard..but everytime i looked at my daughter i couldnt fathom the idea..i personally do not think i could go thro with an abortion however other peoples situations are their own and thats every womens own right and choice to decide.now, did i accomplish my hopes and dreams? certainly not..i just aquired different ones along the way..i think thats how life works..as john lennon said ‘life is what happens when your busy making other plans’ my dream years ago was to be a csi..i had two children..my new dreams is to be the best mother to them i can be..later i hope that includes going to college..i feel that people who let children smash their dreams allowed that to happen. it may be tougher to get where you want but i beleiev you still could..both my children have different dads..neither father involved..clearly i wish i made better choices but i thank God everyday for my children..no matter how they got here..hope everything works out for you..take care



    I was a tenn mommy and now am in my thirties and have 5 beautful children with another babe on the way ……..if there was a struggle i dealt with it i feel like I have been there and done it all…i can answer some questions if you need someone to talk to. Just please rememeber to take care of yourselves and eat and sleep right remember what you do now with your pregnant body could change your babies life in the future……….hugs to you all I knwo this is so very hard on you and your bodies….PM if anyone needs a shoulder I’m here for ya!! 🙂



    I got pregnant with my 5 year old right before i turned 20. I am now 25 with a 5 year old daughter and a 16 month daughter. They have the same father and we were married in Aug 2007. I couldnt be happier with my life!



    Preggo Mommy- I am a product of a teen mom… She had me when she was 17 and still in high school. As soon as she graduated high school she was put out by my grandmother and ended up getting pregnant with my sister when I was a few months old. My sister and I are 1 year and 2 months apart. My mom was able to go to beauty school which she always wanted to and owns a hair salon for the past 20 years. She struggled but she made it through it all. If you wan to have the baby that is no one elses business. It is your body and your life. Everything happens for a reason and you will be fine. And who cares if it is different dads those come and go also…lol… enjoy your pegnancy.



    I am 18, 5 weeks pregnant, and terrified. Some how, I will manange though. I graduated from high school last week, and found out I was pregnant 4 days ago. It was quite a shock, because I was on the pill, adn we used a condom, which broke. 🙁
    I still plan on going to college next fall, somehow.


    i’m 18, and i’m in week 15. the father was abusive, & i’d been living with him since i was17. i’m no longer as scared as i was, and i’m embracing my pregnancy, as i have since the minute i found out.


    Hey I am eighteen and I am 37 weeks pregnant. I was scared, very scared at first but now I am nervous about having my baby. Especially since I went to the hospital last night thinking I was going into labor. The father is stil with me and we are planning on getting married. So I guess I am one of the small percentage that keeps going.


    I was a teen mother at 15. It was hard because the father showed no support and I was so lost and confussed. I am now a single mother and 9 weeks pregnant with my 2nd. I am pro life and believe ANYONE can do it. I am now 20 a full time dental assistant, in school to become a dental hygenist, nd did it all by myself. No matter how many ppl try and talk you girls down just always think about the joy and beauty of holding your precious newborn. Be strong, and know there is ALWAYS help out there =)



    i really need help 🙁
    i’m 16 and 8 weeks pregnant. i’m so excited for baby to come but im so nervous.



    Hi ladies- I was also a teen mom. I had my daughter who is now 4 at 16 and then turned 17 a month later. I was very luck to have a VERY supportive family and boyfriend. We are now married and I also have a 5 month old son now. I work at a credit union as an executive assistant. We bought nice newer cars, and also bought a home when I was 18 and he was 20. So to me even though I had my daughter young I think that I am very successful. She was my saving grace when I went through some hard times in my life. I will say it is certainly going to be hard but YOU can do it. There is so much help out there for you, you just have to look for it! (((HUGS)))



    6teenanpregnant: Girly, being pregnant is the most beautiful thing in the world, but at a young age some girls struggle and some have it good. but being pregnant at a young age benifits you from enjoying the ‘teenage’ life after, you know, well thats unless you know you are ready to give that up, its really hard. i can relate to you becuase when i was 17 i got pregnant for my first time, it was so hard to tell my parents, they were so disappointed in me..they wanted me to live my teenage years than to spend it raising a baby, unfortunately i was having such a rough time with my bf and was living with him, i ended up havng a miscarriage due to complications. it was painful becuase i accepted having a child and was willing to do the best for my child. With that space for my baby gone me and my bf tried sometimes to see if i would get pregnant again and really there was no luck..for a whole year straight i attempted to get pregnant and nothing..finally this year i gave up and went to see my doctor to get a permanent birth control put it and usually tey ask you questions if you think your pregnant..and i said no because i believed i wasnt..and so on, they made me take a urine sample..and the doc came back in and told me news..that i was pregnant..i was shocked and started crying..tears of joy =] i was about 7 weeks along..it was a crazy feeling. i had told my boyfriend when i came out and now were excited to become parents to my first born son. im am 22 weeks along and its been a crazy ride of pregnancy, in good and bad ways but each day im thankful for everything, and soooo nervous to meet my son as now i think im already half way through my pregnancy. Girl, congrats on your baby! your going to be a great mommy, enjoy the baby ride =]



    Lauraphillips- how far along are you exactly? im also 16 and i am 8 weeks pregnant. scary right?



    hello ladies, being a teen n pregnant is the scariest thing but you girls are strong and will care for your beautiful babies.



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    I was pregnant with my oldest son when I was 14, I take full responsibility for my choice but would have appreciated just one adult to let me know what was happening and how to get through it. I was hated by everyone I knew. Especially my parents, my friends were no longer allowed to speak to or hang out with the ‘pregnant teen’ Honest to God, I did not know the outcome of my actions at the time. Wish more people were understanding and not so judgemental 🙂

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