Tests during pregnancy

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    What tests are recommended during my pregnancy?



    is anybody there???


    I cant wait to go thru this test again :{ hahahaha but I will do it for my baby’s sake and mine..



    There are a lot of prenatal testing options during the pregnancy. Many women may not even be aware of whats available or know what’s best for them (they are certainly optional).

    I’m a genetic counselor and I’ve been working on a resource for women who are looking to learn more about prenatal testing options (what they test for, when they are available, how reliable are they, ect.). I also want to provide a place where women can ask questions and discuss common concerns.

    Here’s the website:

    Any feedback on what would be helpful would be much appreciated.
    Best wishes,


    i got my AFP like a week or 2 ago now. i dont even remember omg im soo bad with dates haha. but anywayy my dr didnt call me back and tell me anything. i guess i should call them and make sure. i hope theyd call me if anything was abnormal and i dont have another appt till nov 18th.hmm…



    Well i failed the test the first time so I thought I would fail it again. My chance was 1/500, but this time it is 1/23. My god that seems very high to me. I just had my son in may and he is perfect. I am due to have a little girl in april. I hope she comes out healthy like her brother. I am 32 years of age. I have had the ultrasounds and the doc says she looks fine so I hope she is.



    I can honestly say that more often than not there are false positives. My AFP gave my son a 1 in 8 for downs. These tests can help pick up other issues. My Papp-a levels were very low, showing I had a placental issue, which was diagnosed after he was born. We also discoved that he did not have downs.

    So dont take your results for what they are worth until your lo is here!



    just had a psitive result – got t u scan on tuesday 11thjan 2011 so will let u know x but read this has hellped



    My AFP test came 1 in 82 for baby with down syndrome and I went for an amniocentisis.

    I got the preliminary result back that the result is normal. Can I expect the final result to be negative if the preliminary is negative?



    I had my amnio on tuesday,it was uncomfortable but over quickly,i was given 1 in 55 chance and im only 22 with first baby, im am absolutley distraught waiting for the results, i keep seeing that ppl have the test and results come back fine so i hope mine is.. how am i gona get throught the next day or so waiting!!! And i dont no what i am going to do if all is not well… i a bit of a mess….



    Just wanted to add my story to the others. My husband and I were going crazy for the past week with worry. It was one of the toughest things I’ve had to deal with in terms of prolonged uncertainty and worry. After my Level II ultrasound last week, the reviewing doctor of the results came in and told me that 2 soft markers for DS were found – shortened femur and shortened humerus – and that my NT test wasn’t the greatest with odds of 1 of 987 for DS in the NT test alone. She was used to seeing odds of 1 in 10,000 or 1 in 4,000. She said if it was her, she’d definitely get an amnio to be certain the baby is ok. After that, I called my doctor and she said not to worry but that I could get an amnio due to my high risk age of 39. I had the amnio the next day and waited several days for the results. The results came back FINE today – thank God! We are blessed. I did a lot of internet research on the markers and it really scared me, especially since I didn’t see much in terms of seeing these 2 markers with a negative DS result. Bottom line, don’t put too much faith in the markers but get the amnio if it will put you at ease. It didn’t hurt at all and is a short procedure. God bless all.



    I just wanted to thank everyone on this site for easing my worrying. I opted out of the blood screening test for downs due to the fact i’m 24 and no history etc, plus the huge factor that i’m terrified of needles and it was going to be one less that i endured during my pregnancy. In my ultrasound they found a couple of markers, extra fluid around the heart and she said my NT test wasn’t the greatest either. We opted to take the amnio to find out now, as much as i have a fear of needles (i didn’t look at it) it didn’t hurt as much as the waiting for the results have been. I am supposed to find out today my test results and am impatiently waiting beside the phone as i write this, but its comforting to know that these tests have come back with negative for DS results and that i’m not the only one who is going through this torture 🙂 thank you all very much 🙂 and congrats as well 🙂



    Has anyone had an amnio to check for lung maturity?? if so what were your results and how far along were you, if would be awesome if you could message me on my page! thanks


    Im nervous..Because my last pregnancy I did all my screens and they came back normal. No real risk for anything. I had level 2 ultrasounds frequently because of contractions..and my Daughter was born with a rare Chrom Disorder. SO now that im pregnant again I dont know if I want an amnio. My daughter just turned 1 Nov 25th and she has some Developmental delays but is coming along great…Her Syndrome is sparadic and not herditary at all. Her Gentics Doc told me I shouldnt even worry about getting a Amnio..but I kinda of want just so i can know..Im a worrier..what a pickle!



    I had my amnio last wed.Starting to get worried about the results.i wish i could stop thinking about it!!!How soon do you get the results?the doc who performed the test daid 12-14 days but my reg doc said they will call in one week?

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