The success of IVF treatment depends upon:

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    While pregnancy using your own eggs is considered successful IVF treatment but if you are older than 35 then pregnancy may be complicated.
    If you previously get pregnant with the same partner then there are high chances of success of IVF treatment but any history of recurrent miscarriage or different partner can create difficulties.
    When both partners are infertile at that time success rate of IVF is decreased.
    When women over 40 are not able to produce good quality of eggs then donor eggs are taken from younger women then chances of pregnancy are increased.
    Women shouldn’t smoke and drink alcohol for success of treatment.
    Clinic in which IVF treatment is to be performed.

    IVF Centre in India



    Hi dear. I had IVF in October last year. It was our first go following nearly 3years of trying and a diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’ (IMO the most frustrating diagnosis!). Like you, we are lucky and have no health conditions whatsoever. We had to finance it ourselves as we did not qualify for NHS funding so it was a big decision to make. I am now sitting in my garden overdue waiting patiently for labor to start. We also have 3 frozen embryos which we hope to use in the future. My advice, take each day as it comes. Try not to look too far ahead. Everybody seems to know someone who has had IVF their neighbor, friends sister, colleagues cousin…the postman’s Zumba friends aunt! Unless they have been through it themselves they won’t understand so try not to listen.I think about those couples who’s struggle continues and I class me and DH as the lucky ones who have blessed that it worked the first time. I would give it another go in a heartbeat and class it as a positive experience…that coming from a self-confessed extreme warrior!



    Hi, all. My age was 35 Y.O When I decided to have IVF treatment. I had more fears around the success of IVF. But I searched on the internet about how to boost IVF and what factor that may reduce IVF success. And I found that the Fluid in your fallopian tubes reduces IVF success rates by about 50 percent. If a fluid is present, it’s necessary to either block the tubes or remove them prior to starting IVF. A good ovarian reserve is key for IVF success. Blood tests given on the second or third day of your cycle can analyze the level of follicle-stimulating hormone, and an ultrasound can determine an actual follicle count. Your doctor should evaluate the medications, supplements, and herbs you’re taking, along with any alcohol or recreational drug use. Get 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night may help to have successful IVF.

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