Took marijuana while pregnant..Will there be any complications?

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    Hi, I am 2-months pregnant. We confirmed it 1 week before. Actually, I am a sober for 4 months. I was an alcohol addict right from my teenage days. I felt that it was high time to stop and so I took a decision not to drink alcohol again. Yeah, I had support from my family. Otherwise, I would not have been able to overcome this. I showed so much withdrawal symptoms during the first two months. Without being able to control the pain, anxiety and other symptoms, I took marijuana from medical marijuana cannabis clinic in Toronto. I took it in order to overcome my symptoms, but now I am in a fear, whether it would have affected my baby. I am so worried now. I had one miscarriage earlier. I fear, whether the same thing will happen again. I didn’t know that I was pregnant as missing periods is a regular thing for me. Will the intake of marijuana affect my baby? Please give me some genuine replies.



    Hello my dear friend, congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope you will face this beautiful period of your life in a better way. It is a good thing that you are a sober now and you found help with your problem addiction problem. When it comes to facing the period of pregnancy, it is very important to keep your body prepared for this place. It is very normal to have various kinds of body pain and stress on your mind during this period of your life. In this period, your body will go through various physical and hormonal changes and you can handle it with healthy life routine. It is never a good option to take marijuana or any other kind of drug to get rid of body pain and anxiety problem during pregnancy. You can easily find help with these problems by adding some healthy habits to your daily routine. Marijuana can be harmful to your baby and it is important to avoid it in future during your pregnancy. If you had it only for one time then you should hope for good and it will not affect your health so much. You should not take it in future because regular consumption of these things can be harmful to your baby. Instead of these things, you will find good help with good nutrition and regular exercise and yoga. To get rid of stress and anxiety problem, you can get help with meditation. You should consult your health expert because he can help you to know about your physical and mental condition during pregnancy. I hope it will work for you and you will become a good mother of a beautiful baby.



    Hi dear. I think it’s a matter of degree. Smoking a little can have huge benefits for all of the awful side effects of pregnancy like nausea and soreness, and I doubt minimal amounts of THC would have a hugely deleterious effect on a baby’s health. My concern would be that too much smoking would start to affect the baby’s cardiopulmonary system, just like cigarettes. The danger with cigarettes, as always is not the nicotine, which isn’t really bad for you, but the toxic smoke. So honestly I would think to eat very mild edibles would be the way to go. My mom smoked marijuana when she was pregnant with me. Physically I am and always have been very healthy. I don’t get sick easily, even when I lived a very unhealthy lifestyle I’ve always had good energy levels…other than allergies I had as a child which have gone away, no real health problems. Mentally I have an excellent memory, score pretty high on IQ tests (between 140 and 160 on various tests throughout my life. I took one drunk and scored 140), always got A’s and B’s in school. I do have some mental health/emotional issues…I’m prone to mild depression and sometimes mild social anxiety, but I function like a normal person. I do not qualify as clinically depressed and when I talk to people with social anxiety issues I realize mine is very minor. As long as I can take kratom a few times a week, sink a few drinks every now and then and get stoned from time to time, and get plenty of vigorous exercises, I do just fine. One of my friend used to chain smoke and drink throughout pregnancy and have healthy kids. Not that we should go back to that knowing what we know, but an occasional drink or edible when you’re pregnant is probably not going to do any damage.

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