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    hi did any of u ladies had o Combined First trimester Ultrasound and Serum Screening for Birth Defects ?Just wonder should I have one or not ?



    I am CERTAIN of my dates. I should be due 24th December. I must be 7 weeks pregnant – my LMP was 19th March. My cycle was a regular 28 days. On the odd occasion it wasn’t, it was never shorter than 27 days and never longer than 30. I got a strong positive pregnancy tests over 3 weeks ago on the 17th April.

    Yet I went for a scan at 5 weeks 6 days and they saw nothing but the yolk sac. I went back the other day at 7 weeks exactly and they saw a fetal pole and heartbeat and gave me a hospital letter for my doctor saying they clearly saw these things – but it was so tiny I couldn’t see it – barely a grain of rice. They said I am 5 and a half weeks. Impossible. What’s going on? I think its stopped growing. What if it’s died inside me. Help!?



    I went for my 18 – 20 week ultrasound last week and it took just under an hour, and I could feel the vibrations from the machine really strongly, to the point that it felt warm sometimes, and the tech also pushed REALLY hard on parts of my stomach – I was sore the next day still. Now I’ve read some things about ultrasounds saying they should be lmited to 30 minutes, and that the vibrations and warmth created can be bad and are even possibly tied to things like autism and dyslexia. And I’m panicking. Because I felt the vibrations so strongly it was bordering on uncomfortable, and it was a super-long session. I called my husband to talk and he hung up on me, and now I’m just scared. Anyone else have an ultrasound like this? What happened? I know there is no way to know about any consequences like this until after the child is born and starts to get older…



    Silver lilly – I’m really sorry to hear that you’re feeling panicked and frustrated that your husband was not able to handle your fears respectfully. I don’t think men realize how easily our fears can be triggered. Just call a medical someone that you trust and talk to them. I am sure you will get the reassurance you need. I would also bet that you have to have about 100 of those long ultra sounds for negative effects to occur. I think you’ll be fine.



    I’ll be 10 weeks tomorrow. Can anyone feel anything yet?? That movie of the little baby moving around like crazy looks like you must be able to feel something! look at em go!!



    LBM – im 10 weeks and one day and have got my u/s today im very nervous and hoping everything is ok. I though a few times I casn feel the baby like a flutter but maybe this was wind I cant be sure although looking at this picture it seems strand that you wouldnt feel it x



    silverlily- I had to go for the in depth ultra sound last pregnancy and it took over an hour. My doctor had concerns about down syndrome. Since I was self pay we decided not to do the amniocentisis. I didn’t feel the vibrations but it was warm and terribly uncomfortable. Olivia is fine and healthy, so I don’t think the u/s was detrimental to her in any way.



    Megan20 – I had a 4D done with my son. The lady that did it said the best time to get the best pictures are 28-30weeks. This is because everything is fully formed and baby has already been putting on weight, but, baby hasn’t put on so much weight that s/he can’t move and the face is pressed up against the uterus wall. I have several pictures on my page from when Kekoa was 29weeks. I got so many really good photos. I actually have some that look just like him. I got a side by side picture frame and put one of him inside and one outside making the same face. It’s wonderful. HAHA! Have fun!



    i had an ultrasound today i thought i was weeks but she told me she couldnt see a yolk sac so thinks im earlier than i think..has that ever happened to anyone?i found out i was pregnant on the 10th of june so i dont understand how i could be 3-4 weeks when i found out 13 days ago



    Linz88………..Hi I am the same. I thought I was eleven weeks on they said i was two weeks earlier. The time they gave me does not equate. I read on this website that scans between 5 and seven weeks are not as accurate and can have a difference of ten days either way. I am waiting for my next scan to find out for sure. Congrats!


    Linz88 I was 4 wks pregnant when i found out w my first son and 8 wks when i found out with my second….I am now carrying twins and i didnt find out i was pregnant until i was 6 wks alomng so its very possible…



    this video is so amazing i cant wait till i get mine on the 20th of july 😀



    I just went in for my big ultrasound today and I’m almost 23 weeks. We saw everything on the baby except for the gender ! 🙁 We really wanna know, and we really want to be prepared. We don’t want being prepared to have to be okay, I’ll guess we’ll just get neutral everything. For example, if it’s a girl, I really want a pink car seat, etc.! However, my insurance is not good, and the tech said I’ll ‘probably just have to wait until the birth’! Any advice? We looked up 3d/4d and found one very close to us, but its a little expensive. If its the only choice though, we’ll do it.



    Had my u/s on Friday and it was amazing. We got to hear the heartbeat but VERY lightly. The u/s tech had to turn the machine up full blast so that we could hear it. The baby is doing great and I’m going for my next u/s at 12 weeks. Sooo excited. :o)



    Hey all.. Had my 21 week ultrasound today adn the tech printed me some pics.. when I look at them the babies head seems so big.. is this normal?

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