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    I had my first dr. appt. on 3/30 and the dr. didn’t see anything in my first u/s. From LMP, I was 6w 2d, so she thought it might be ectopic and sent me to the ER, even though I didn’t have any pain or bleeding. They did another u/s and saw nothing. They took blood and told me to come back in the morning. The next day 3/31, they did another u/s and saw TWO gestational sacs! The ER dr. said I was probably closer to 5w rather than 6w, meaning I ovulated a little later than expected. Just wanted to give you some encouragement. I wish I hadn’t scheduled my dr.’s appointment so early! I got quite a scare when she was telling me it was *probably* ectopic and I might have to have surgery that day! I have my next appointment with her on April 16th. We’ll see how it goes. I might switch doctors. Still haven’t been told what my hCG levels are or were, but all my HPTs are still coming out darker than the ones before, so that is encouraging!



    We didn’t opt for the nuchal scan or any screening. God gives us what we can handle…and I certainly wouldn’t consider other options so it was the right choice for us.



    do u ladys belive in internet gener predictor? it saying im haveing a boy but not sure i have 2 boys already and not even close to what i flet like wen i pregant with them? wat u do think



    i had a scare over the weekend, i was bleeding and we didn;t know if it was spotting or a miscarriage. we went to the ER and they did an ultrasound and my husband got to see the baby, and the doc told us he or she has a heartbeat.. im scheduled to have my ‘first’ ultrasound with my OB/GYN on the 5th and I can’t wait to be able to look for myself…



    I am 17 weeks 4 days pregnant and I cannot wait for my ultrasound! I am excited to find out if this is a little boy or a girl but i have two boys and i feel like this baby will be a boy aswell!
    I called the hospital to find out when my ultrasound will be and they said not until closer to the end of january 🙁 so I will be around 24 weeks then so atleast i will know the sex!… just very anixous…
    also does anyone get tummy cramps not related to pregnancy like not uterus cramps?

Viewing 5 posts - 151 through 155 (of 155 total)

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