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    Bianca the ultra sound technician got it right with my twin boys. She even put little arrows on the pictures all pointing at their tiny willies! Just in case we didn’t know what we were looking for on the pictures. It was very funny! You could definitely tell that they were boys from the position they were in, and unless they each had 3 legs, they were absolutely 100% boys! You can see my pics on my page if you like! lol.



    I absolutly love this video. I can sit here and watch it for hours. LOL I hope mine is this active and bouncy. LOL



    Thrilled1981~ Nope, your baby is going to have a BIG head. LOL Kidding, yes, this is normal, as the baby grows, the body will catch up with the head and look more balanced 🙂



    hello i have a question I have taken pregnancy tests and still pregnant have been missed a period in 2 weeks. i feel pregnant nauseas and boobs hurt and tired i am like 5 or 6 weeks preggo and i had an ultra sound yesterday and nothing showed up… Is that normal does anybody know?


    Well Im new to this site.. Im 29 and 8weeks along with my 5th preganancy but my 4th baby had an ectopic last year due to an IUD which was suppose to be pretty effective well my boyfriends lil swimmer got in somehow so not very effective and becoz of the IUD it prevented the baby from getting into the uterus.. Sense I did alot of research and to find oput alot of women have gotten pregnant on the IUD and had ectopic pregnancies.. So anyone even considering the IUD I strongly discourage you not to get it..



    My baby looks like she has a huge upper lip in her 2D ultrasound and now I am freaking out! Has anyone else experienced this?



    off to my dr appointment, hopefully get to hear the heart beat today!



    So has anyone found out what they are having at 12 weeks? I heard it’s possible.



    It is posibe but a lot of imaging center won’t tell you even if they suspect. The parts are just so small they could get it wrong and unfortunately people have been sued over stupid things like that. My center told me right up, I didn’t even ask. She just said, ‘you know it’s too small to find out the sex yet.’ But, there are girls in my week that found out that early. I think one did find out a few weeks ago that the lady at 12 weeks was wrong. Now she isn’t quite so sure since she’s been told both sexes now… Even if you do find out, don’t go shopping or at least keep receipts.



    Thanks for the info Bri. I hope if I do find out then, it’s acurrate. Every calender I look at says I’m having a boy. I hope it’s right. :o)



    I go in next Monday for my level 2 u/s. I’ll be just over 20 weeks so I’m excited. The baby is definately big enough to tell. Just as long as baby doesn’t have his or her legs crossed I’ll be fine.



    A gifted sonographer can tell you from 11 weeks and it’s not the size of the genitals that is the cause of inaccuracy its that they actually look quite similar early on. If it’s a boy, they are more likely to see something of course. If at a twenty week scan they tell you ‘we aren’t sure’ put your money on girl because usually that means a clear penis hasn’t been spotted. Just as an fyi. I could ‘tell’ my son might be a boy from something I saw in an early scan but it was just a guess. At eighteen weeks oh my it was very clear he was a boy.



    I went for an ultra sound today. By my Calender I am 9 weeks today. On the ultra sound, the technician saw a nine week fetus, but no heart beat. I have had no cramping, no bleeding. IS there hope? someone please help me if you have been through this……


    LOL… Lorna J….
    My daughter looked like she had a squish face… sometimes it is just how they are positioned in the womb.. 🙂 As long as the Ultrasound tech didnt seem concerned I’m sure every thing is fine with baby.
    As for Ultrasounds being wrong?
    They say that it all depends on the ultrasound tech’s experience, and position, and many other factors can give false guesses… And that is all it really is, an educated guess. I was told that my 8 year old daughter was ‘probably’ a boy. They didnt give me another ultrasound to confirm this. Well, we bought all boy stuff, and she was a girl. 🙂
    To this day she is a trickster. I guess the only way we know for sure is on Delivery Day….


    Just wondering if anyone has had ultrasounds before which predicited a certain gender and it turned out to be different at birth? i’ve been hearing alot of stories of ultrasounds predicting a girl and it turns out to be a boy!! lol

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