Urinary tract infection

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    How is a UTI treated during pregnancy?



    I have to share with you a wonderful miracle product that I found! I had UTI’s ALL THE TIME until I discovered it. I used to have to take antibiotics all the time to get rid of them, which then led to horrible yeast infections on top of everything else! I went to several doctors, including a urologist, to see how I could get these UTIs under control. All they did was prescribe more antibiotics to use as a preventative, which did help a little with the UTIs, but then caused more problems with yeast infections! Plus, several antibiotics didn’t even work anymore since I used them so often and I was afraid my body was becoming immune to them. So, if I ever needed antibiotics to fight off a bigger infection of some kind I would be in trouble! After much frustration, I searched the Internet thinking there had to be a better solution. I found it! At first, I was extremely skeptical, particularly because none of my conservative Midwest doctors had ever heard of it. But, I thought I would try it anyway and it turned out to truly be the miracle I was searching for! It’s called D-Mannose. It’s perfectly safe and it really, really works! There is a name brand called ClearTract, but I have found cheaper products on Amazon.com and in some health stores. ClearTract has a good website that describes how it works. I used to take one scoop every day or even a few times a day at the height of my UTI problems and now I only take it when I start feeling like things are starting to get a little flared up. Anyway, I just had to share this information with you because the stuff really does work and it’s a natural solution! I was worried that my UTIs might come back with pregnancy, but my faithful powder hasn’t let me down yet! I hope it works for you, too! Good luck!


    I should try that. Ive been having bladder pains like when I pee. Sometimes my pee is cloudy.



    Thanks I actually went to the ER today and luckily found out that I dont have one. They think that the back pain might be kidney stones or normal pregnancy pain. WHew on one part but it makes me wonder what i do have??..



    You really dont want to leave a UTI untreated for long… especially when your pregnant. Although Monday is right around the corner … and you’ll probably be fine.. UTIs can advance into a kidney infection quickly.. especially when your pregnant… And i have seen that happen in a couple of days. If you have severe pain in your back.. notice any blood in your urine or start to develope a fever make sure to go the ER ASAP. In the meantime drink a lot of fluids and cranberry juice.



    How long can a uti go untreated? I dont have a doc yet and its saturday. Im gonna start looking for one and hope i get an appt by monday latest. Would that be ok? I called the ER and they told me to ask my doc which i dont have yet.. Can anyone help? Ive had the back pain all week.



    I have had a really bad headache, nausea, pelvic pain (cramp like–achy), a slightly bad smell to my urine only slight back pain a few times while laying down…I was wondering if that sounded like a UTI. I have to pee a lot but not a lot comes when I do go. It doesn’t burn when I pee. Anyway, I have an appointment on Monday so maybe I will find out then. My head and nausea have really been annoying though.



    help….I am 22 weeks preggars….and have a kidney stone…hurts like hell…anyway i can get some relief…docs say nothing they can do it just has to pass….it been 2 weeks already..



    I had a kidney infection and had to be hospitalized at 6 weeks.
    (By the way, I thought I only had the flu b/c my ONLY symptoms were nausea and a fever—my discomfort urinating and back pain had been gone for 3 days.)
    Any way, my doctor has me on 100 mg. of macrobid antibiotics every day until the baby is born, to prevent another UTI, which she says could go to my kidneys too quickly. Anybody else been given an 7 1/2 month dose of antibiotics???


    hey i know this is going to sounds really dumb, but say if you have a uti and blood in your urine as in onvious bloody , but its only a spot or two then it doesnt come back but your unrine has seemed to of turned orange, i was just wondering if the blood can mix with the unrine and change its colour. Sounds stupid i know but i have been pretty poorly this week which bought on contractions. ive been going to the toilet alot more and i was vomiting and having really bad back ache. Im calling the doctor on monday to get checked out as i know its pretty common. i was just a little worried that when i wiped the toilet paper was soaked in orange, liquid and i wasnt aware that unrine could be orange. Very strong yellow yes but this is deff orange. Cheers. x



    On keflex for a UTi and having all kinds of issues-migraines,cramps,ringing in my ears,drowsiness. If i was not preggers I would stop this evil medicine right away!



    Hello! I left a message in here previously, but I really have to reiterate how well D-Mannose works! It’s an AWESOME preventative! And, it’s natural! Seriously….check it out. It is SOOOO much better than taking antibiotics!!! I still use it and have been UTI-free for several years. I used to take it daily and now I use it just as soon as I start feeling things stir up down there. It’s always great to use after you have relations with your significant other, because that was one of the main causes of my UTIs. It has changed my life and it’s not expensive. Check out the NOW brand on amazon.com, which is the cheapest I’ve found for the quantity you receive. You can also view the ClearTract website for more information on how it works. It’s truly amazing. No more antibiotics for me!!!



    Would anyone know why i would be getting UTI’s ever one to two weeks?

    It’s driving me crazy!

    Would getting UTI’s like this stop me from getting pregnant?

    i think im going to make an appt with my dr for sometime this week!



    Hi ladies! When cranberry juice isn’t working and antibiotics are a last resort, I thought this might be helpful!! I found this while researching and it’s informative and you can earn a little extra spending money 😉 I’m copying and pasting the ad below! Hope it helps!!!

    ‘If you have experienced a urinary tract infection (UTI) in your lifetime, treat yourself to a $25 Amazon gift card. link You deserve it!

    UTIs account for nearly 10 million doctor visits annually, and one in five women will have at least one UTI in her lifetime, according to the National Kidney Foundation. A UTI occurs when bacteria enter the urinary tract and multiply.

    Antibiotics can treat most UTIs successfully, but the type of antibiotics prescribed will depend on several factors, such as the cause of the infection, the type of antibiotic and other medical conditions.

    If you experience any of the following symptoms that typically indicate a UTI, you should consider seeing your doctor.
    • An urgent need to urinate, often with very little urinate passed
    • A burning feeling while urinating
    • Cloudy or blood-tinged urine
    • Urine with a strong odor
    Learn more about Almatica pharma at http://www.almatica.com



    Last month, i got a really bad kidney infection, and went to the ER I had +3 leukocytes and +3 Keytones, Was sent home on Nitrofurantoin, after 3 days i felt like absolute crap and rang the ER and told them that what i was on didnt seem to be working that surely i should have felt better, Next day I was at my appoinment, and ended up in hospital for a week and on 2 weeks of IV antibiotics (one week at home through home care ) It turns out i had an infection called Proteus Mirablis, that is really dangerous in pregnancy as it can cause premature labour, I havent been able to return to work as of yet as it completley knocked me for six, and woke up this morning showing all the same symptoms again, Peeing is complete agony, to the point it brings me to tears, For the sake of our babies, if u feel that you have UTI do not leave it for any length of time before going to see a doc, For something i thought was just a kidney infection turned out to be alot more than just a run of the mill UTI.

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