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    What can a doctor tell from a urine sample?



    I think my problem is opposite.
    I count the water I drink: 2-2.3 litres a day… but to pee…I pee only max 0.5-0.7 litres a day. Next day I weight 1-1.5 kg more . This happens everyday. I gain everyday between 0.5-1.2 kg, I weight myself after toilet, every morning. I am 26 weeks, I gain 30 pounds already, wedding ring doesn’t fit anymore.
    I go to sleep at 10 pm, i wake up by 9 am…no nights pee, morning…just a bit, no velocity, just some pee, bit coloured.
    I see that if I eat oranges I pee more, but not always.
    My neutrofiles are going up and up, from 8.5 to 9.6 in 10 weeks. Proteins in urine up from 0 to 0.15, platelets down from 176 to 153. red cells down from 11.9 to 11.2 ( anaemia – GP gave me ferrous to take)…..
    I have normal blood pressure…
    Do I just retain water..or something is wrong with my kidneys….or pre-eclampsia signs…
    I am most disappointed that my midwife keeps telling me I am ok, everything is normal for a pregnant woman…but I think she doesn’t have a clue about pregnancy.



    almost 19 weeks pregnant and i had a trip to the ER last night due to my MD thinking that i may have a UTI( increased frequency and lower ABD pressure but no pain, or burning) so i went and my urine was clear no bacteria sugar or WBC. but when the did a bladder scan they saw that i was having a ‘ retention’ problem. so they inserted a foley catheter and sent me HOME WITH A LEG BAG!. i cried for 4 hours and was in more pain after my trip to the ER than before i went. so i know this probably was not the best of ideas… but i removed the foley at 4AM this morning with a 10cc syringe that was sterile and at my home. i know my MD is going to be pretty displeased with that decision, but i was unable to relax, sleep, stop crying, and the pain from the foley was worse than the pressure before it. it felt like my urethra was spamming and burning all night long.

    anyone know of a way to relieve retention without having to go through this. i was not in complete retention because i was still able to void my urine. please HELP.

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