Vaginal discharge

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    When should I call my doctor?



    omg when im stressed i have more discharge than i day my husband washed our clothes and i always put our underwear in a seperate bin from ur clothes becuz we wash those in a diffrent liquid my husband saw a pair and freaked out thhought something was wrong till this day i just wash myself



    I see no one comes on this page… but I have a concern. I am 20 weeks but for 2 weeks off and on have been having VERY sticky, clear, mucus-y discharge (TMI- like snot) I had this same discharge the last month or so of my last pregnancy before I lost my plug. Is this normal to be having this this early or should I see the doctor?



    I have no idea. I have the same thing but I am 31 weeks and it just started and I’m thinking is this just normal pregnancy discharge or is it something i should worry about



    i am 30 almost 31 weeks and i have it also and it can be very annoying because sometimes im running to the bathroom thinking i peed or something and sure enough its just discharge. If i lost my plug in the next 4 weeks i would be happy 🙂



    Im 32 weeks and my drs nurse told me that the discharge would be more frequent now as we get closer to our new dates.



    I get tons of discharge when I’m pregnant. Thick and watery. I am 37 weeks now and still no mucus plug lost, but lots of discharge. I wouldn’t worry about discharge unless it smells bad or if you are having vaginal itching or pain of some sorts…or if it’s blood tinged. In that case you’d want to see your doctor. But I wouldn’t worry too much about discharge otherwise. Like I mentioned before, I get so much and have never had a problem with it.



    so is an odorless milky discharge okay?



    I have this discharge also but dont feel its anything to worry about. I havent seen my plug yet but dreading it in a way as it sounds gross.



    i am 24 weeks and have some bacteria that my dr said could turn into infection and cause premature labor and i am freaking out. i was hoping someone else looked in here with a similar problem and wrote about it to ease myself and well not really working. lol but i go see my english pharmacist today and hopefully he can explain it a little better for me (i live in germany at the moment with my husband). my german dr just kind of states ‘if you have contractions call asap’ lol any help would be an amazing comfort



    hey guys ive got the normal discharge but im a litlte itchy as well. I used to get that when i was on antibiotics ages ago and im on them again but i was wanting to know whats thrush and how can u tell if u have it? My discharge is white and thick but its been like that the whole pregnancy ?? Is this normal?



    Just pokin around on the site. I had bacterial vaginosis when i was preggo. Doc said it was normal to get throughout pregnancy and to leave it be. It was soooo annoying. Went away the day i gave birth!



    now i have snot coloured, green discharge, but odorless and no other pains? Is this normal.



    right before I found out aboutthe problems with my cervix, I had a discharge that looked like snot, and it was a large amount of discharge too. I asked the doc about it when I was in the hospital, and she said that it could have been my mucous plug, because that is what it sounded like I was describing. So I would say if it was a large amount all at once, and you dont see it again, contact your doc. I didnt have any pains when this came out either, or smells.



    My man and i have been TTC and I have been having a lot of clear or mostly clear discharge the last few days but I am not due for AF until the end of the month any ideas? Leave a message on my profile/

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