7 months pregnant

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    I never thought I will come to this point. I know many people think it is obvious to have sexual health. I didnt care about fertility checkup. I was caught unaware during my first early stage of marriage. My case was sorted when I visited a certain clinic in Ukraine. I am now 7 months pregnant. I have been attending regular pregnancy check-up. I am worried on how I will conceive. I dont know if I will conceive normally or I will undergo ceaserean section. Though I have made up my mind, I know this clinic holds my answer. I believe they will make me a happy mum.I wish you may alsom check on this video to understand more of their service. It explain about the services they offer and their hospitality. I know you will join me celebrating their unique servise. It is good you check on it yourself.



    Hi dear, how are you? I hope this message finds you in the pink of health. I also hope everything with regards to your pregnancy went smoothly! It is very sweet of you to share the details fo this clinic. There are plenty of women here in need of guidance in selecting a clinic perfect for them. It is really encouraging to see someone specifically come forward speaking of a particular clinic. Thanks again for the details. Please don’t be tensed for your delivery. Everything will go perfectly. I have you in my prayers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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