Advanced age and pregnancy

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    NT scan: For those that have chose to have it done, how many weeks/days were you when it was done? What were the results & outcome for you? And, if you were given the option of CVS and/or amnio, did you do it, and how was it??

    I’m 40, had my scan at 14w/1day and got results of 2.2 which my doc said was ‘boarder-line’. Everything I’ve read said the scan shouldn’t be performed past 13w/6day, and that anything under 3 was considered normal … so what’s up with me?? Trying to find other women who’ve been through this with similarities, so that I can know how things turned out for them & their little ones … Thank you!!



    It is that time of month AGAIN…. (sigh) AF is due to call today. Although there is no sign yet, and I don’t feel like she should be, but hey, we all know she likes to show up when not wanted. I took a test a couple of days ago which was a BFN. I swear the amount of money we spend on tests we could have a holiday lol



    shellyn ~ I’m 39 and will be 40 in June. TTC my 2nd, my DHs first!!! I’ll find out hopefully by the 10th if I am or not. Sure hoping that I get my BFP soon. Best of luck to you 🙂



    My temp dropped at 10DPO to the coverline and I was sure I was out of it, but then my temps started going up again and I got my BFP at 13 DPO, so we love to see high temps, but dont give up if you see one drop, it could be implantation! Good luck ladies. I hope the sperm met the egg!



    Hi everyone 🙂 I had my 32 week check up today! Florence is growing sooooo well, she is right on track, I am starting to get really excited about the birth and finally seeing her!!!!! ssl and kimkayb – loads of sticky baby dust to you both, and bring on the barry white I say 🙂 conmae – At least you have made your decision and are at peace with it, it is a hard one to make… as for constipation, may I suggest prunes, sticky, over sweet things, but geeze they helped with constipation :p lilpigz – hi, do come and join us, there are a lot of us oldies here, and all so very lovely and caring 🙂 tinalouise, good luck with the blood test tomorow – heres hoping it is just cold related… take care all Cass xo



    Asha2-Welcome. I am also 42 and I am 19 weeks pregnant. Very close to you. On Friday I had an amnio done. Baby looked great but no results yet. Did you get an amnio?



    My acupuncturist asked me last week whether there is a chance I could be pregnant. ‘Not a chance’ I say! ‘After 9 months of trying with ovulation sticks, just found out that my husbands sperm has two tails and a hunch back. 5% morphology in another words.’ So the one month we hadn’t tried, with just a quickie the day after my period finished I am two weeks pregnant. How did that happen? Now the constant worrying begins!


    Vi-chick- Sorry about the BFN and AF. The Grinch must have given you that stinky gift. Asha- Shouldn’t you be having a baby really soon! Please keep us posted. Conmae- Did you tell your BF’s family? Please let us know how your U/S goes.


    Haven’t been here in awhile, how is everyone doing? Congrats to the new BFP’s!! So exciting :0) We are doing well. 13 weeks now. Just had the NT scan last Monday and was told we are well below the cut-off, so that was encouraging. I have one more blood test to do between August 10-17th, and 10 days after that they will put it all together to tell us our risk factor. But based on the NT scan, we are really hoping that all will be well with our Peanut. I can feel him/her now, I felt DS at 15 weeks and my bestie told me I was crazy. She also didn’t believe that it was baby when I started showing with him at 12 weeks. She poked me hard in the tummy and told me I shouldn’t be showing till I was 7 months like her. Um… talk about negative. Ugh. So I don’t talk much about Peanut to her. She’s 49 and long done having her babies, so she’s not into the whole pg thing much. So glad that I have this website to talk baby talk, otherwise I’m sure DH would be going insane lol. older1sttime, I agree with telling your close family and friends so that you have their support if, God forbid, anything should happen. I did with all three of my pg’s and I lost my first one at 13.5 weeks when I too thought all was going to be just fine. It sure takes away from following pg’s. I won’t stop stressing till this LO is safe in my arms, just like with my DS.



    @fizzy I took prenatals ever since the birth of my son and had a m/c. I am taking prenatals plus an extra folic acid now but wondering if I am wasting my money. Thinking B6 might be helpful too. Was wondering if low dose aspirin would be helpful too? I do suffer from varicose veins.
    Wonder sometimes if my m/c was from my flu shot, guessing I got it 2 weeks before my baby died. Looks like it died at 5 weeks, m/c was at 10 weeks.



    I am rejoicing today as I found out that I had a great ultrasound at 20 weeks, everything checked out except my due date, they have me 9 days ahead if you go by lmp. Still a week ahead if you go by my ovulation date. I was hoping for a 7 pounder this time but I’m in the 95th perccentile so unless something changes not much chance of that. I don’t like being dated ahead because I’m dreadfully afraid and weary of induction. Oh well, I just want a healthy baby in the end.



    40baby2~oh good, glad things are going well for him. And I would’ve cried, too. @lori8282~yes, I had three total. This pg was the first time I had one so early, so I freaked out at first. I was 41 when I had my dd, and my dr didn’t say I was high risk, just ‘advanced maternal age’, so she watched me a little bit closer. I think if you’re overhealth is good, you’re not high risk. I’m excited for your u/s. I loved going to those. Let us know how it goes : )


    Aloha, Just a personal opinion, but I don’t think you should make that decision for you hubby. You should talk to him about your feelings, and let him tell you what is most important to him. He may think that having the love of his life is more important than having biological children. Also, if IVF is something you may be able to budget for, you could consider donor eggs. It’s such a personal decision. I really hope that you don’t need to go down that road though.


    Azsmika, How are you feeling? Are you having blood work or a scan done anytime soon? Lovinlivin, So sorry about your husband’s job. Hope that his skills are in an area that’s in demand. Keep the faith that all will be ok. Happy Belated Birthday! Mine is just one day behind yours. Haylinsmomma, I think you should do what feels right for you. One Dr. told me to wait 1 cycle, and the other said to wait 2 after my early m/c. And after my ectopic, the first Dr. said to wait 1 cycle, and the other said 3. I’ve sure heard enough stories of women having healthy pregnancies without waiting at all. Alohamom, Ok, so I just have lots of questions…When did you get the smiley on the opk, and how many dpo? Also, did you decide waiting until November was just too much?



    Thank you Aloha and 7thbaby! Soon you will both be POAS again!

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