Advanced age and pregnancy

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    Hey ladies! Off topic, but has anyone been watching Spartacus? OMG! My dh calls it woman porn and he is not joking. I just watched my episode from last night I missed and it is getting intense now… hehe.. even though last week was pretty good… 🙂 Give it a try… let me know what you think



    roseygirl & everyone else ~~~
    My chart is on my profile me right next to About Me. All you need to do is click on the link 🙂



    wild – I have been in your shoes, it is a very stressful time for such a big decision. I too had a very low range 1/28!! Though my NT measurement was 1.5mm, and baby’s nasal bone was fine, it still wasn’t enough to reassure me that baby was ok. To have the amnio was such a hard choice I (we) were so worried about miscarriage at such a late stage of pregnancy – though the chances are so slim of it occuring (I was given the option to not go ahead at the time). I can’t offer any advice but I do know how you feel, it is one of the scariest decisions I ever made. I can say however the relief I felt after the results came through actually allowed me to relax and acknowledge my baby (I didn’t want to get too attached :(, and I could not imagine my whole pregnancy not knowing) . I did do a lot of research on the implications of trisomy, downs etc prior and I think this did help with my choice to go ahead. I truly hope you and SO make the right decision for you both. Cass xo



    anglsgme…i hope that you are well and that you are able to relax in the joy of knowing that she will be with you and your little one in spirit on this journey. My thoughts and prayers are with you xx



    Hm.. Can’t seem to post my original message, maybe I’ll have to try some shorter ones.. lol



    Hey Kathy-anymore spotting? I agree with Kim, if it is brown try not to get too worried. I had a subchorionic hemmorrage with this baby at about 12 weeks & learned how common some bleeding can be with a pregnancy. Hang in there girl!!



    Kathy~how did your baby shower go? @gabbagirl~baby dust to you and fingers are crossed. @Trish~I’m the same way with this one. I just think og all those celebrities in the news having their babies later than us:) It IS so nice to have other ladies that are around the same age to talk to. I’m loving this site!!



    Ok ladies. Lets play detective bcuz I need help from experienced women & if its a bit TMI, I apologize. I am 43, TTC first time so very inexperienced, very late as I said b4. Cycle started on 1st, had positive opk 13 & 14, had sex morning of 15 which I assumed was too late on my O day. Currently in my 2ww. Last week, I had a day I felt dizzy/nauseous. It went away in a couple hours. Today, same thing, also felt slight cramping & lots of bloat. Assumed getting AF tomorrow as scheduled. Till I threw up multiple times, I am very sensitive to dizzy/nausea, take air sickness pills when I travel type thing.. Had wet feeling for 2 weeks now. And an uncountable amount of smelly silent stinkers. I took a ETP yesterday, a couple days early & not with 1st urine. Negative. I normally have cramping b4 my AF for a day or two and I havent yet. Should start tomorrow.

    Do I have the flu/stomache virus or do u think I conceived?



    Congratulations webber! I bet you are happy to have that baby in your arms now! Enjoy!



    well..AF arrived last night. I guess the good news is that this cycle was 28 days again which has not happened for about a 1.5yrs now. Sad that no BFP this month again but hopefully the return of the normal cycle length is a step toward pregnancy!! i’ve been reading a lot about xenoestrogens and how they mess up our hormonal balance and cause the progesterone deficiency that leads to luteal phase deficiency..and how Mg and Vit. B6is so important for progesterone I only wonder why my doctor did not try to do anything about my super short cycle issue.



    Misty: keep the humor coming. It is fun when we lighten the mood on here.



    alohamom- that’s awful painful sounding. I hope the stone passes quickly…I’ve heard they are worse than childbirth…not that this offers much encouragement. My sympathies!


    mmmarin, that’s awesome they’ve come up with a test that’s so accurate, and non invasive! Does it need to be performed at a certain point in your pregnancy?



    alohamom3 – Oh wow, you can do drywall too!! My husband would love you, and I coudve used you this weekend;) My CARPENTER husband decided to just hire a drywall guy to do a few repairs on our ceilings this weekend, because he absolutely hates drywall,lol, and he still has to tackle our bathroom. So this guy he hired turned out to be completely insane and nuts!! He sat here preaching and ranting about how the world is ending in April, and all kinds of horrible propaganda crap he obviously read on the internet. He was showing us pictures on his phone of FEMA coffins and US concentration camps,lol. We actually locked our doors when we went to bed that night, because we feared HIM coming back, not the government invading,lol.Trust you me, dear hubby is going to learn to love drywall because he is doing it himself in the bathroom!!…MrsBugs- Hi and welcome!! I remember being 35 and pregnant and the DR announcing ‘ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE.’ I swear he kind of yelled it, and it echoed repeatedly in a deep creepy voice like you hear in the movies and it resonated and vibrated off the walls throughout the whole office and I felt myself shrinking ever so small into what seemed like massively huge oversized furniture. Im 39 now and have embraced my geriatric pregnancy status though, it kind of grows on ya;)..TA77-YAY!!! What an awesome wedding/honeymoon gift♥ For once AF can be thanked for something…not showing up;)….mom2fourgr8kids- I believe hpt’s have that uncanny ability to communicate with us,lol. they must also possess some kind of sonar thing to where we manage to locate them in the most hidden of hidden paces,lol. Minewould grow sad puppy dog eyes that looked up at me when I opened the drawers;) …7thbaby – That definitely sounds like O pains and good deal you got the BD in time. I must admit, we BD at a rest stop once,lol. We only had 2 kiddos at the time and they were completely OUT. I was more concerned about the goofy semitruck drivers walking by seeing us,lol. Im the type who still has sex with the lights off and keeps my eyes closed,lol….



    mom2- I am soo sorry! I wished your baby would have just been a slow grower, how very sad. :(. and I am sorry about your oldest son as well. That is a lot of stress and worry. What are the doctors wanting you to do?

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