Advanced age and pregnancy

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    That is brilliant Res…CONGRATULATIONS!!! xxx



    I know exactly what you mean, but it so easy to think all the signs are what we want x



    I’m 44 and 13+ weeks PG! I’m thrilled but can’t stop thinking that we might have some chromosomal problems. Had a good nuchal translucency scan (1.22 mm). But because of my age, am having an amnio in 3 weeks (August). Scared that the amnio will cause a M/C to a normal fetus and scared to get results that say we have a trisomy 13, 18, etc. If our results are positive for a trisomy, does anyone recommend that we get a second amnio to confirm? It would just be awful if the diagnosis fell into that slim percentage and was wrong and we aborted.



    soso…baggy…you know I am sure she could have thought of a better word than that your ‘EXPERIENCED’ or ‘ACCOMMODATING’ or ‘COMFORTABLE’.or ‘SPACIOUS’..….


    Well it was a BFN. Booo!



    hi im going on holiday at the end of the month ( may ) and would still have 2 months till i am due but my mother had her third baby prem so now im panicing do i pack my hospital bag and notes just in case or leave them behind its the whole do i take an umbrella if it looks like it may or may not rain senario lol any ideas?



    I am a young mother, but I just found out my 44 year old MOTHER is PREGNANT!!! Can someone say FATHER OF THE BRIDE II!! I am very stressed out and nervous for her and her boyfriend, who is in his late 50s. Has anyone been in this situation before? Is there a tactful way for me to handle this? I don’t even know what to feel, but I know my already-raging hormones are pissed off and scared. Thanks.




    ok ladies…help me out…can you please recommend a brand for OPK? I’ve decided to start using them..I’ve never used them before so this will be interesting…:)



    Is anyone around anymore? I’ve been going through my network of friends and found a lot of people who have just disappeared 3 months ago. Is everyone losing their babies or just bored of this site? It’s so quiet in here anymore. I want to hear more successful stories, we so need eachother’s encouragement.



    Well, af is here.



    Sorry I need to vent again! After we left the specialist on Wednesday I called. My regular doctor to get a perscription for Misoprostol to start the bleeding. I have taken this witth my last 2 missed miscarriages because my body just holds onto the baby and won’t give it up. (My first miscarriages I had a D & C but was warned to avoid them because it can make your cervix incompetant for future pregnancies) anyway she perscribed it but the dosage seemed off to me and she didn’t give me any vicodin for the pain which my other doctor did. She just told me to take Advil. So Wed I spotted a little, Thurs, I bled some but not much, Fri and sat I spotted and Sunday nothing!! I couldn’t figure out why. I decided to google to see if my memory was right and the perscription was off, and it was. It was supposed to be taken VAGINALLY!!!! As soon as I read it I remembered! I checked the bottle to see if I just wasn’t paying attention and right there on the bottle is says to take by mouth!! I am so pissed!!!! I went from a former professor at the UW and a wonderful woman who was voted the best doctor in Seattle to someone who can’t even get my meds right! I can’t believe this!



    Mom2four I never get a BFP till after 14dpo So you aren’t out till af shows.



    Aloha: thanks, but I forgot to test again today. CD10 (easy to remember this month, since af came on the 1st, so no counting days). Sometimes I question why God plans things the way they happen…well, remember how it seemed like each month, somethibg was creating a road block on the ttc road? Well, I kid you not…a short while ago, it dawned on me that the two little ones were sound asleep, the older ones were gone to school, and DH and I could have gotten busy alone! I was typing a text to ask him of the honeymoon was over, and he called me from the basement to say that he hurt his back and needed help. I’m not sure how bad it is, but I think this may preclude us from BD this O time. Grrrrr! Oops, I should say, so sorry his back hurts, hope he feels better soon. Only God knows the way.



    great news!! all the best for you ladies…crossing fingers. 🙂 have a great week ahead everyone!



    I called my Dr about the spotting all day every day and she did tell me that the progesterone can actually cause it. As long as no red blood then I should be okay. I just want feb 20th to come already. My last preg before my son I was devastated at 9.5 weeks to find that baby had no heartbeat. I don’t want to experience that again. I have hope in my good hcg numbers tho. With all my losses my numbers were not great.

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