Advanced age and pregnancy

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    Jamjars – Hi and welcome…and congrats♥♥



    Aloha: knowing what you’ve told me about your DH, I think he’d be crushed and never date again if you left. All those years he waited for you before…that tells me that he only wants you. Anyway, let’s not even think that way, because you are going to have his baby and I think it is going to be this month or next that you get your bfp!



    @Lil.pigz sorry to hear about your loss.



    I’m 40 and hubby is 44. We have been trying for 37 months to have our first. Went thru IUI, IVF w/ ICSI and have used OPK. It’s just not happening for us. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks ladies…


    Kathy24- Congratulations! I hope this is a smooth pregnancy for you. I must be crazy too. I’m gonna be 43 when this little one arrives! Conmae- Glad things are going well for you. And yes, need to get Kim on board very very soon. Alsace- How can you not test?! Is it common for you to be late?



    I did quad screen tests with my first two. They are non-invasive. I am doing an amnio with this baby, as I a now 41.



    My first u/s shows that the g sac measured 6wks unfortunately, the doc can’t see the baby. She is hoping that I miscalculated and probably is a wee bit too early. She asked me to come back after a week or so but I could’t help worrying that this will be a case of blighted ovum.



    OK, now this really better be my turn….we just found out yesterday that one of my DH’s co-workers is pregnant, and then I also just got an email that our cousin’s wife is expecting in Feb. She must’ve just found out because if I’m pregnant my due date would be Feb 12th. Wouldn’t that be cool to have a baby on V-day?? Truck loads of baby dust on me, please!



    Wild- when I went for my genetic counseling, I measured at a 2.5 for the neck. They consider anything under 3 normal, but that I was in the high range for normal. They had me so worried and emotional. Just based on my age alone, my chances was 1 in 152 for DS. Then my bloodwork came back, and my risk went to 1 in 686. So I chose not to do the amnio. Is your risk 1 in 150 including the bloodwork? Your measurement is so very good. If I had your measurement, I don’t think the docs would have scared me so much. That was a fetal medicine doc. When I actually spoke to my own OB about the results- She said the only way to know for sure is to do the amnio, but she doesn’t think I am high risk. She asked me what I would do with the news if I did the amnio. She said that if I would abort, then do it. If not, then she didn’t really see the point of subjecting me to that. It really is a hard decision to make, and only you and your husband can truly decide what to do. Just keep in mind what my doc said, what would you do if the results did not come back normal?



    Okay well, to anyone who is here online…before I panic and rush off to the emergency room. I squeezed my nipples just now in the bathroom ( testing for sensitivity or anything) and there was Colostrum! Now first off I dont even believe I am preggies (hopeful but also realistic) so…this is something you produce WAY later in your pregnancy…I am fine if this is just a hormone imbalance……but HECK…I googled it and people are talking about breast cancer!! Ladies, before I rush off for a mammogram do any of you have any experience with this happening after going off the pill?


    freebird, so glad to hear that all is well!



    kimkayb- I’m feeling really great, no cramps and no more brown blood at all. I didn’t call my doctor today because I’m feeling so good. I have a doctors appt for next Tues 5/10 so I figure I will just wait or if I start spotting again then I will give them a call back. I think my hormones really kicked in today though because everybody is making me mad today.



    Week 9 is here and u/s and dr visit is tomorrow. Very anxious. June – when I was pregnant with my last child, my 17 year old was pregnant also. There were a lot of raging hormones and we fought like crazy. Just try to be supportive and if you need to talk let me know.



    I used clear blue easy digital. You get a smiley or a big fat 0. Dont have to read faint lines, etc and guess. Its expensive, but I got the 7 pack. So I didnt miss any days. It says you stop testing once you get the smiley face but I had read that if you know your ovulation calendar, you want to start testing a few days before the day you ‘think’ you should be starting higher LH levels, if the test is negative with FMU, do it again in afternoon so you dont miss half a day, cuz it may read positive later in the afternoon. And test thru each morning till you get the O again.



    I’ve been trying to add a new blog but there seems to be a problem with this site. I have put it under my profile and will post here for anyone who’s interested:

    October 23, 2012

    I haven’t been on here is a while. I know my last period was towards the end of September but don’t remember the exact day since I am not tracking anymore. I found out earlier this month my job is being eliminated effective November 30th. I’m hoping that since I will be stress free for a few months with my severance package and unemployment that maybe God will grant my husband and I with a baby. We have been trying for over 6 1/2 years now and have been thru so much.

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