Advanced age and pregnancy

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    Hi everyone. I have a question and don’t want to call my doc. Has anyone had such bad ovulation cramps that you can’t walk or sit? I’ve noticed that the past few months have gotten really painfull. It only lasts for one day…the day I ovulate for sure. I’ve never had this before….should I go to my doc to see if something is wrong? The rest of the month is fine. My af has even gotten better, less cramps and bleeding. Kinda strange. I am on thyroid meds. Thanks for any imput.



    wow i thought I was not for sure , but am now thinking I mite be . My boobs are so sore and a/f is still not here. I am just really worried because I keep getting very sharp pains in my what feels like my right tube . My left one was removed from an etopic pregnancy years ago. I also had an etopic in my right tube years ago. Then had two healthy children after..If im pregnant I am praying praying praying that this is not in my tube



    Misty: congrats on babies heartbeat! Since my 1st m/c, I am too afraid of the early weeks and months…worried about not having a heartbeat. With each loss, I think a part of me dies. I almost gave up after the last one, but life is what I make of it, so I will keep living, loving, and trying.



    btw-hubby is taking me out on a date today!! haven’t had one since summer time…our preschool is doing a parents night out so we signed up for the program.



    7thbaby you are right that we aren’t out till the witch ruins your day. I haven’t loss hope. DH and I just met with our life ins. specialist so we can make sure each of us have enough to pay off mortgage and stay home with kids if the other is gone. So still have hope just really sadden that I have to tell my DH again. He really was a stud and has hope.



    momoffour- The only time I ever get that burst of energy to clean is when I have someone coming over. lol 2b- I definitely think my anxiety and panic attacks are related to hormones. It is not the ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps and think positive’ kind of situation. It can get debilitating sometimes. I am starting to take a supplement that is supposed to do wonders with mood disorders. I was told that it is safe during pregnancy so I just started on it. 7th- I just signed up at a gym 2 days ago. I have yet to go. lol I was all set to go last night and I stopped by the store first and got groceries and raw chicken juice spilled all over everything so I ended up just going back home and cleaning everything up.



    2B I am new on here and I know I don’t know you, but I just wanted to say I am so very sorry to hear (read) of your loss and pray that you may be blessed with another opportunity to conceive before the end of the year. I have not personally faced that struggle, but both of my sisters and my SIL have. Sending hugs, comfort and prayers for you.



    Done. But it’s a secret group, so you can only be added by an existing member, and right now that’s only me. Lilpigz, I sent you a friend request, to add you. Then you can add anyone else in your friends list. I did it pretty basic, so feel free to add description, change title etc. I also made it so any member can approve new applicants.



    Tess congratulations on quitting smoking!!! In Dec 2006 when we found out we were preggo, we quit smoking too and haven’t gone back!!



    hi ladies- wondered if anyone had a failed attempt at a cvs before. doc could not reach the placenta, as my cervix dipped too much. going back tomorrow for another try, and also for nucheal screening. i’m 42, and worried of course about the testing.



    Hi all, i’m 39yrs with my 1st preg. & am relieved to have found this forum. Being an AAM am a bundle of nerves. TIA for yr support. Goodluck to all hugs & blessings



    Yay….I have a midwife lol. Unfortunately I dont get to see her for another 2 weeks. I had a scan this morning due to being worried about the cyst and some spotting….everything looks fine with baby and theyve even brought me forward by 2 days xx



    janinejk- I am also 37 yrs. old & 7 weeks pregnant. I have 21 mo old boy, and I developed pre eclampsia with him. I had to have an emergency c-section at 37 weeks. At 6 week check up, my Dr. (I call him Dr. Doom & Gloom) advised me not to have any more children. I have since read up on pre eclampsia, and having it once does not necessarily mean you will have it again. However, being over 35 does make it a bigger risk factor. When I went for my year check up, I spoke with a new Dr. about this, and he told me to go for it, that they would just watch me more closely this time. And— this time I will actually listen to them when they tell me to take it easy! Plus, my due date was late summer the last time, and the 90 degree heat just did me in. Since I am due in the middle of winter this time, I’m hoping that will be very helpful with the swelling & bloating & blood pressure. Try and take in lots of extra calcium right now. Some studies showed the extra intake of calcium may help. Not proven- since they really don’t know what causes pre eclampsia, but I figured it won’t hurt.



    bout time you kept us posted Cass….big pink hugs for you..xx….welcome new ladies to our group of ‘fragile’ women lol. My latest news is that I have managed to cease smokinh now for a week…its been really tough but i think the acid reflux has def helped me stop lol. I had my 7mth grandson yesterday……and when hewas falling asleep on me, my lil one kicked him…so grandson promptly poked him back…..fighting already and still 11 weeks to go lol. We are talking bout havin a bro or sis for this one atm……would love a girl but maybe its time to slow down lol xxx



    Alsace, I’m sorry for your loss.. Huuugs

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