Advanced age and pregnancy

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    My goodness ladies, looks like I have been missing out!! I am at work now but will take some time in the next day or two to snuggle up comfy and do some reading!! After skimming, looks like you all are pouring your hearts so I will be sure to bring some tissue as I am sure you will all have me in tears! Hopefully when I come back I will see some BFP’s as I am wishing and hoping for them for you all!! I will be 20 weeks on Saturday with an ultrasound on Friday, exciting!! Good luck to you all and warm hugs!!



    WooHOO! Trust me, I’d rather have high or right on HCG’s as I’m so use to the low ones. :o(



    2b all of us that have losses feel your fear and so understand it. I send you hugs.



    Lilpigz: I would move or stay out of town toward the end of your pregnancy to avoid your doctor and hospital at all costs! Be conveniently ‘out of town’ come delivery time! That doctor is a huge jerk! No way I’d go back to him at all. The network thing shouldn’t matter if you are ‘planning’ to deliver in network but ‘oops’ go into labor with imminent delivery when you happen to be in the city for whatever reason!



    hi ladies just popping in to say hi. so good to see some familiar names. I got a bit this morning aND I have never been so freaked out. what does this mean at the age of 45? I am planning to wait as long as possible to tell my husband.



    Hello ladies, well I had my baby last Fri July 17 and he is the most beautiful thing in the world. You can tell the difference he has made in the family. His brothers call just to ask what he is doing…. smile They are 20 & 24. I have to thank God during this pregnancy over and over mostly for not letting my complains change the drs from doing their jobs. The whole pregnancy I was told baby was large. At week 38 I was told over 8 lbs. Due to them tellin me large I want him delivered early. Well ladies my baby at 39 weeks exactly was only 6 lbs 10 ozs. Very little compared to his brothers who were 8lbs 4 0z and 8 lbs 15 ozs. I was gestational during all pregnancies and this one I had a easier time. The drs thought I would have been in and out hospital due to high risk and age. However I never went nor had any complications besides the usual breathing and swelling. Ladies we older mamas can do anything. As my dr said I did better than most of his younger patients. I followed his orders to the letter as you required and got my healthy happy baby that he said I would in the end. As the song says ‘AINT NO STOPING US NOW!!!



    Yey – well done dawn, that is great news… good luck for 22nd pinecone – I really hope that all goes well and Christmas brings you some extra good news!!

    OMG – am I tired, sleepless nights and I ache sooo bad! I am getting so excited to meet my bubs though. Much love and positive vibes to all fellow Advanced Age Mummy’s To Be!



    2ksmommy – congrats on your test results and i hope you feel better soon!



    Dawnp your welcome, keep me posted and I’m praying that it works for you!



    PS….its the genetic counselors that really try to make you stress over the risks….but I promise it doesnt matter what she says to me when she calls…..Im not gonna stress over it. =)



    Thanks Blessed. I appreciate your kind words. I hope and pray every month for my ‘little miracle’.



    Welcome to the world, Peyton, and congratulations, thankspapi!! :))


    Asha and Freebird- Not long now. I keep checking in here for birth announcements 🙂 Yayyy for 2011 babies!



    conmae-that is great news, I’m so happy for you. I can’t belive last summer at this time we was both grieving for our losses and trying to console each other and now look at us your fixing to have your baby boy and I’m half way there with my girl. God does know whats best for us!!!! Keep us updated!!



    @misty, thanks. can’t wait to try again. wont bbt, wont do opk, i just want to take it easy. i wont even buy a hpt, lol! i guess for a newcomer like me, i simply do not know how my body cope with conception, so i dont blame my dh who is seriously over cautious (remind me to walk slowly now and then etc..hehe..).

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