Advanced age and pregnancy

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    I still need to read aloha’s story….and not sure if mom2four has one…..I am rushing, but have to sign off for now. LOL I don’t want to ignore anyone who has contributed.



    7TH-I just read through the comments….sorry AF showed and I hope you feel better soon!



    2B: sorry you are worrying. Once that worry settles in, it is difficult to stop. Try hard to start a project or focus on housework or something. Keep busy so your mind won’t have a chance to worry. Maybe watch movies or something. Start spring cleaning early so when the darn snow finally let’s up, the house will be cheerful.



    My OB agreed yesterday that he had no idea on Earth why the MFM Dr would ever suggest an amnio with those odds, the negative markers and the quad screen results being fine. Luckily I dont have to see the guy again. He did agree with I need insulin, but Im still not doing it. My numbers are lower this pregnancy than they ever were with the others and I just dont want to take unneccessary crap,lol.My pancreas is just fine:)…So I put in a call to a highly recommended DR yesterday, have to wait 3-5 days for a call back to see if he will accept me. Pretty much know where that is headed but I will continue to look for another Dr in the meantime…lovinlivin- I found out my placenta is anterior too. I called it before she started the u/s,lol. I rarely feel movement. Mine is WAYat the top in front though, which is good becuase it is nowhere near my previous c/s scar. Just contadicts what I was told, that with each new pregnancy the baby implants farther down the uterus increasing risks for placenta previa. So not the case with me. Although the u/s tech was an idiot too and she was probably looking at my liver and assumed it was a placenta,lol:)…



    it only goes fast when looking back lol. really pregnancy drags especially the first trimester.



    I am 38 (soon to be 39) and pregnant 7 weeks after a Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) miscarriage in December last year. I am very scared. Anyone around my age who had a trisomy miscarriage then went to have a healthy baby?



    Yes, I know its my age, because I never hurt like this before, or complained all the time.~ Titangoddess, you crack me up. That’s some funny stuff. I could have never stood bent over a pool table for 5 hours~ you are a titan! LOL!



    Fingers crossed for you Kim, I hope she stays away for you. It’s official. I am a day late, but its too early to hope yet. I’m sure she will come knocking soon enough.



    I will be Kim, if AF doesnt appear ;o) Thanks Dawn, xxxx



    Congratulations, Freebird ! I want to try to have one more after this, so that gives me hope ! TinaLouise- You are right about those genetic counselors, mine was quite condescending in a polite sort of way. Fortunately, my doctors have been great so far. I am craving blackberries, I must go find some now !



    We too have never had a problem getting pregnant and had two healthy problem free pregnancies resulting in two wonderful children, and then a miscarriage and 2 chemicals in a span of 6 mos. I have a strong feeling that mine might be a progesterone issue as well. We will know more when we see my fertility specialist and go over test results on Friday.



    Hey ladies! I’m back for round 2 with IAP. I will be 37 next month and expect to deliver in June!


    I so hear ya on baby picking his/her own birthday. That just feels so much more right. Hope to hear those birth announcements any day now, tho! Good luck and I hope you have smooth deliveries, no matter what day it happens on. :0)



    What a crazy emotional rollercoaster ride being pregnant is. I’ve miscarried in the past so I’m extra paranoid this time. I go from squeezing my nipples(TMI).lol and boobs to see if they are sore, not feeling pregnant worrying about a M/C to gagging down the hall in the office feeling like I have to throw up. Baby dust to all you ladies out there!! I’m sure looking forward to my first ultrasound hoping this little one sticks around.



    i am a type of person who views age is just a number, love to embrace getting older but after marriage, my dh like to remind me of my ticking clock, constantly…need to continuously find more effective ways to stay positive n optimistic..on my own..:)

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