Advanced age and pregnancy

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    Oh I see Misty. Good luck! Gotta take care of yoursef to take care of baby.



    eightisenough- Congrats♥ Awesome to see another large family:)…7thbaby- I am so sorry, my prayers are with you…cd8 for me,AF finally gone and on to the next cycle. Wasnt expecting much luck last month anyways.



    Mom2four: so sorry this is so confusing and troublesome for you. I hope this nightmare passes soon.



    Hi, I’ve just looked into the verify test for a good friend of mine. In Canada, we’ve been quoted about $900. I’ve heard that a lot more insurance companies do cover it in the US though. I’ve talked to highly respected doctors (director of OB) at the hospital where I work and they are extremely impressed with the test and highly endorse it. It is very good at detecting the prevalent trisomies and has a very low rate (0.4%) of false positive (NT test is about 10%, and not very helpful for mature mamas). So basically, if it says normal, no need for amnio (unless you are utterly paranoid…). And since you get results in about 10 days, you get an answer much earlier than you would waiting to do the amnio! You should still have u/s though to check for non-genetic abnormalities. Good luck!



    hi ladies…just trying to read and catch up…not much time these days. I fall asleep between 9 and 10:30pm. it’s a total grind…wake up at 5:30am eat and go on my commute…yuck..i want to be excited but scared at the same time before i get my amnio results. does this journey ever get easier? Misty-keep us updated ok? I’m so happy u are having a girl. I think my hubby would love a girl too. Megalo-congratulations momma! that’s great news!



    God luck TA77


    Growbaby, That sounds like you could have (emphases on could have) had a chemical pregnancy. I’ve heard that you are much more fertile after a m/c, so I hope you and hubby work things out quickly. TA77, anxious to hear how it all went. Alohamom, I don’t think your dh will be in the doghouse for too long. You two sound like the sweetest couple! 7thbaby, Sorry to hear about af. 🙁 2B, My betas were 1 week apart. The first was 160 at 14dpo, and the 2nd was 1399 at 21dpo, so most of that time it would have been under 1200, but still, I wish I didn’t need this damn testing!! Your hcg sounds perfect!!



    Ok: best of luck with your appt. that is a week away is all:) as for the weaning, I had a difficult time with that this time, but I got a sore and so it ‘forced’ me to quit nursing…otherwise I know I still would be.



    Okynot- Having a girl after all those boys will be a breeze, like mom2four said:) My son was definitely a shock to the system after 5 girls, because my girls were all calm and laid back and he came along like a little tornado,lol. You are probably used to the rambunctious behavior of boys, so this little girl will barely make a peep in your daily life♥…alohamom3- FX those numbers stay high, if not become triphasic and go higher!!…snooks – I used to decline the blood tests and amnio too. The one time I decided to get the quad screen, the results came back way off and weird, which we later realized, like you decribed, was an indication of what was to come too, I lost that daughter at 19 weeks. That was also the first time I had an amnio done, I had a lot of cramping from it though. Sorry for your loss♥….Mistyvt- My goodness those would have been some scary results to see through! I am done with specialists from here on out, if there is another pg after this fiasco,lol. The last specialist I saw swore for 4 months I had placenta previa and I had to deliver my son at 36 weeks to avoid fatal blood loss to myself. She even had the u/s to back her theory. My OB could not see it on u/s and refused to listen to her, lo and behold my son was delivered at 38 weeks with no placenta previa ever being present:)…7thbaby – My husband has suggested going back to Chicago to deliver, the hospiatsls there are advanced into the 21st century,lol. I thought about waiting until I go into labor and just walking into a hospital of my choice, but that is too much risk. I HAVE to have a scheduled c/section. The risk for uterine rupture if I go into labor is really high after 6 c/s. And the bafoon MFM said my uterus is extremely thin now, which I dont believe, he said he saw that on u/s. I should have told him I saw rainbows and purple unicorns on that same u/s too,lol:) WEll there is my novel for the day, sorry for the rambling,lol.



    The only part that dragged on for me was when I went past 40 weeks! I think that there was so much going on in our family life that the months flew by way to quick! I didn’t have my hospital bag completely packed until I was actually in labour!!
    I’m so excited for you weber…I’m praying that your little miracle will continue to grow strong!! 4 kiddos, that’s wonderful! Your last was a boy, right? How many girls and boys do you have? Are you feeling any symptoms of morning sickness yet? I felt dreadful from about 5 weeks onwards…it was a good reassuring sign for me that all was as it should be;)



    I had my CVS done yesterday, kinda crampy and sore.. Prelims should be back by Monday and full results by Friday…So nervous. Hope everyone is feeling good. I will be 37 next week, so hopefully good news for my birthday!



    dawnp:: I had my fish results in 48 hrs and they were perfect and my final backed it up. very rarely do you get the final panel come back with something wrong. so I am very happy for you. I am having a boy and can’t wait to meet him. I just got back from t he dr. appt and now they want to monitor me 2x per week due to my age. he said everything is fine but due to my age of 43 they need to . I have a nst on tuesdays and a sono every thursday, ughh the damn traveling.. are any of you going through the same thing? oh I am 33 weeks prego now



    ssl and kim I’m crossing fingers and toes for that awful AF to stay far far away and sending tons of baby dust your way….
    Ladies you all have made this forum something special and I’m so glad to have found all of you. We are in different stages of this pregnancy and childbirth game but have so much in common. I’m looking forward to sharing many more moments with you wonderful women!!! xxx ooo, Tina



    ssl~ I sure that stupid b**ch stays away!!!!!



    Welcome Freebird…I am also due January 14th!! I am 41 will be 42 in August. I have 1 son with a chromosone abnormality…praying this little one is doing well. Best to you.

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