Advanced age and pregnancy

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    Well I too am thinking of having another child- considering Florence isn’t even 3 weeks old! The pain of the csection and uncomfortableness of pregnancy is diminishing, and I just love her to bits and think it would be wonderful to have a sibling around her age – and I am thinking of trying asap….. I do think I am going baby silly 🙂 Oh and I did want to mention that I will be 43 next month..


    rockyd- I’m so sorry hun. (((Big Hugs))) The exact same thing happened to me last March.



    conmae~ Hang in there. I pray that everything will be okay. I hope also that your doctor will have you come in to check things out. Is the bleeding a lot or just spotting? {{{hugs}}}



    Congratulations conmae!



    Well I had a dream last night that I took a HPT and got a BFP and woke up this morning with really bad cramps. Still no AF but I have a feeling she’s on her way.



    MistyVT: tht’s great news, congrats!



    Wow..I didn’t realize that I was signed in as my email address and not my username. Tab167 is MistyVT!!! MEEEEE!! I was already here and now we are trying to get preggo again at the age of 44. WOW!! I can’t believe it, but it is true. So….still not getting any positives with my OPKs and day 16 of current cycle. I honestly think I have to end breastfeeding if I want to make this happen. My cycle is screwy for sure.



    Playing the waiting game. CD 20. Positive O on CD 17. DTD on CD 16, 17 and 18. In my fertile years and with ALL my previous pregnancies…this would have done the trick. Why am I so pessimistic then? Because my recent cycles have all been so weird. I will O, try to conceive and then start my period early…or O…try to conceive…but not always being confident I am hitting the nail on the head with the day and then my cycle is late! ERR…UGG….FRUSTRATING! This time I spend more money for the smiley face OPK so I wasn’t playing a guessing game about the lines. This cycle I felt the swollen crampy ovulation signs…Please Lord, Bless my family with one more child conceived in love by my husband and I. I want so desperately for my little guy to grow up with a sibling close in age. I know you have so blessed me already. Please bless all of us ladies trying to accomplish the same goal. We know this journey on earth is not always easy. We put this in your hands in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.



    Misty: as far as wanting to make sure all is fine with your baby, I understand. I was there this last pregnancy. I pushed hard to be seen because I wanted to make sure all was well. The people on this group said to say I had spotting. I told that lie so I could get in. I wish I hadn’t. I was about to leave for Florida and wanted to announce the pregnancy to my in-laws, but instead I had a couple of weeks of worry and uncertainty, followed by bad news and then a D&C just before my trip. Now I look at those vacation pictures and recall the horrible ordeal. If I get pregnant again, I don’t want to be seen or anything until the regular 12 week checkup. If things are not viable then, that may be easier to handle than to have to wait to make sure the low heartbeat or small size, etc., are signs of pending loss. Those weeks were much worse. I was consumed with research online and wondering if there were any glimpses of hope. Easier said than done, I suppose. Just try to be patient! They don’t call pregnant women ‘women in waiting’ for nothing!



    Misty: so glad the news is all good so far! I sure pray for the best for you and your family. Btw: how is DH reacting to the good news? He must feel bad for saying he didn’t want another anyway.



    after reading all the stories I wish we could get together and share stories in person..laugh and cry together. with all of you in here i don’t need a sister or a
    Misty-men can be so disappointing at hubby is the same…he hurt my feelings yesterday and later he came to me with my son and they were fighting over me kissing me..sillies…but overall, I am sure they have no clue how hard is it emotionally some days to be pregnant and juggling so many things at once.
    I can’t help but keep thinking about VT when I read yr posts. I’ve been there once for my ex’s brother’s wedding and it was one of the most beautiful places. It was in Blueberry Hill Inn..just loved it there. stayed for a few days…so green so nice….im sure it’s so cold too now…lol


    2B, Please know that I appreciate your optimism and support. I know you understand the defense mechanism of just expecting the worst. 🙁 I went for a draw at 8am, so I guess I’ll hear something soonish??



    Thanks ALOHA, 7THBABY, and LILPIGZ-I guess I would not worry as much if I were not spotting constantly. Yesterday I had some red spotting instead of the usual brown spotting. That’s what made me pull out the doppler in the first place. Praying for no red spotting today.



    Mistyvt- A few weeks ago I saw someone posted an article and picture on FB of a baby born in the caul, it was so interesting to read and see! I had never heard of it before then either. What a shame your Dr. didnt tell you at the time so you could have gotten pictures! It isnt very common to happen.



    @DecBaby haha my phone’s auto correct I just noticed…..yeah BFP not bit

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