Advanced age and pregnancy

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    alohamom3 – Yay to the surge:) 13 days isnt too short for a luteal phase though, it’s actually normal. Anything less than 10 days from O to AF is an issue. And to answer your question earlier, Mexican cuisine is my all time favorite to prepare and to go out and eat:) I dont eat Taco Bell or anything,lol. I like the authentic real deal:)…7thbaby – That is funny you live on a farm too:) We are in an 1880 farmhouse on 120 acres. It used to be 4 bedrooms, but with my husband being a carpenter, we have remodeled and redone it all up to 7 bedrooms now. Our friend all laugh and say I am building the Winchester Mansion:) Ironically I sell online too for extra money…azsmika- Your statement hit it right on the head about how our choice in guys seems to reflect our psychology and baggage. I married my ‘high school sweetheart’ so to speak, the first and only guy I have ever been with. I didnt have a father in my life so I think I clung on tight to the first guy who came along as my salvation to get me the hell out of my home situation and protect me, provide for me, and love me unconditionally. I think that is also why I put up with a lot of crap in our first 10 years together that now I wouldnt tolerate whatsoever in any way .My mom married a 20 yr old punk kid when I was 14. My life really went to shit after that, and we just found out last year that ‘grandpa’ molested one of my daughters for years when she was younger. Of course my mother chose him over me and her grandaughter. ANYway, it is interesting and heartwarming to see so many of us have shared similar experiences and troubles and the things we have overcome and the awesome people and parents we have become for it♥…TA77- FX those swimmers catch the egg:) and congrats on the wedding!…I keep getting cramps on my right side tonight and keep scaring myself into thinking it is another ectopic pregnancy. I need to get my insurance straightened out and find a DR already,lol.



    MOM2FOUR-Do I ever! I’m still waiting to hear the bad news that the baby never developed a HB….or baby stopped growing…..or my test line becomes lighter and lighter. I don’t really believe anything until it becomes tangible…like holding the baby! Let us know the news!



    7th I was diagnosed with PCOS about 4 years ago, so I know I don’t ovulate regularly. We tried Clomid and metformin for awhile but the mood swings were too much for my husband to put up with and it didn’t work so I thought I would try a natural remedy and see if that was better. Lilpigz I will look into Vitex, thank you. I am crossing my fingers we hit the baby lottery this month because I will be out of town this month during the time I should be ovulating. I doubt it because we were only able to be once during that time because dh was working long hours those days and was too tired. I should know by the end of the week.



    Yay, Yay, Yay!!! Happy day:) The Dr’s office I have been desperately trying to get into since December just called me to make an appointment!! Now that my insurance finally got straightened out they will see me. Lol, Im over being mad about the red tape and paper work, I am going to be delivering at a 21st century hospital with a NICU! Not that I hope I will need that, just totally reassuring to know I will be in awesome hands again. I delivered one of my daughters there almost 9 yrs ago. That Dr was shitty, but the hospital is one of the best around for babies and children♥:) So here’s to praying this new Dr lives up to the awesome recomendations my friends gave of him. If not, I will just grin and bear it,lol…Also did some retail therapy this morning,lol. Saved the receipts but had to buy the awesome pink safari/zebra bedding and going home outfit,lol. Im so excited to be buying PINK again♥ My luck the Harmony test will prove the u/s wong and she is really a he. Lol….happy positive vibes to everyone today:)



    Ryskay…20 week scan is the best!! How fun for your MIL, I think it makes it all the more special when they are just as excited as you;) can’t wait to hear what you’re having!!
    My baby is 8 days old and I have to say, that I forgot how demanding a new born can be, especially when you have lots of other little ones to care forŸ˜‰ I’m trying to catch up on sleep when I can!
    Weber…so glad you’re feeling some pregnancy symptoms already…I’m sure they’ll intensify as the weeks tick on! Are you going to continue bf? I know many stop once they find out they’re expecting because of the extra demand on the body! I’ve only fallen pregnant once while bf and the milk must’ve changed in taste because my baby flatly refused to drink! And I had a huge supply!


    I didn’t even know this thread existed! I’m 16 weeks as of today, and I’m 47. It’s a boy. We used IVF because my husband said no to a baby for so long. I’m probably the oldest lady on here!!! It’s my first pregnancy, and I’m very excited. I don’t have my genetic screening tests done for about another month.


    Hi everyone
    So glad I found this forum…I am anxiously awaiting my blood test results from my 12 week check up. I know the risks are higher for us older gals.

    I hate waiting, it is so stressful. Hope everyone has a good day.



    ssl – I found tracking my cycles very closely to be very empowering, I could tell exactly what was going on with my body. I would recommend it highly. is a free BBT tracking site. DH and I took almost 2 years after my M/C to conceive again and this time around he saved up his swimmers and we only BDed near O and only every other day. I think that may have made a difference with us, since the first time I got PG was unexpected and we had only done it once, b/c I was recovering from surgery at the time. Oh, and the HSG test that they can do to check your tubes has been shown to increase fertility some in the 3 months afterwards. Couldn’t hurt to ask about it.



    Ok, me and my boyfriend made love 4 days before my ovulation day and 2 days before it and he came in me twice both days. My estimated ovulation day was yesterday and we also made love then, however we used vcf film yesterday. So my question is can I still get pregnant? or because i used the vcf, it doesn’t matter that he came in me on my fertile days??



    kathy24 – keep your chin up sweetie, feel your grief- it will be over soon and then you can look forward xo



    mylouie1 ~ Your story in very inspiring…I’ve been TTC for almost 5 years. **roseygirl and Freebird ~ I eat a sandwich for lunch on thin slices everyday but that it. Do you think that’s too much? I mean at this point I’d quit eating if it would get me a BFP.


    kathy24- Sorry about the bad news with the fsh level. I definitely think a second, and maybe third or fourth opinion is in order. After all, you did get pregnant just a few months ago. Don’t give up yet. Wishing you the best.



    I just got back from another ultrasound and the baby still has a good heartbeat. I am a little foggy in disbelief but the doctor said the bleeding is from my cervix and not to worry. The odds of a miscarriage after seeing a heartbeat go down to 3%. WTH??? I am still confused but this wasn’t my regular doctor. He said I could bleed for a couple weeks even but didn’t give me any restrictions. This is going to be a very long 7 months… (God willing!)
    Thanks guys!!


    Congratulations conmae! Enjoy your bundle, so glad he arrived safely :0)



    I now have some pinkish/red spotting so I’m guessing AF isn’t too far behind. I think maybe it’s time I just face the facts that it’s not meant to be for hubby and I. It’s been over 6 years and this one is hitting me so hard. I’m almost in tears it hurts so bad. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

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