Advanced age and pregnancy

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    Welcome RoseyCheeks…..hang in there!!! Jenny……I can understand your fears but Weber offers some good words. We always tend to focus on our heartbreaking experiences and not on the positive ones. I had a pregnancy that wasn’t healthy before having my newborn son and I made a difficult choice at that time. You are still young IMO. I wish I had time on my side.



    You ladies are so encouraging. Makes it look like there may be hope for me again in the future!!


    Congrats Jovesta! You’re almost through the 1st trimester, so hopefully you’ll get to relax and just enjoy being pregnant.



    7thbaby- on a light note…you and your husband didn’t have a good ‘doink’ this past month if I remember correctly. You had people all over your house, alarm clocks failing to go off early, kids refusing to go to bed, and defective male anatomy. Don’t give up! This was just a BAD month. All these things can be prepared for in the next two weeks. DO NOT..I repeat…DO NOT invite guest over this month! LOL


    7thbaby, Since you are BFing, it’s probably a good thing that you only take prenatals, but you really do need to take them especially since you are also ttc. My Dr. didn’t really recommend much in the way of supplements, but he knows what I’m taking (aside from dhea), and is ok with it. I am a research nerd when it comes to this stuff. TA77, Welcome! Unless you have another fertility issue, you shouldn’t need anything other than a prenatal vitamin. You’re the same age I was when I had my daughter 8 years ago, and got pregnant very easily after having my tubal reversal. Azsmika, I hope that since you’re getting into your 2nd trimester you get some energy back. It seems everything makes me cry now. DH had the movie Letters to God on the other night, and I kept telling him I didn’t want to watch it because it would make me cry. Then sat there and cursed him for leaving it on while tears were pouring. We are also having a low-key, quiet type of Thanksgiving. Alohamom, Fortunately, I have enough hair for 4 people, but it’s still annoying to find hairs all over the place. The dhea also makes my scalp itchy. That’s why I cut my dose. I hope you tell the in-laws it’s a bit hard to cook without a kitchen, and that you don’t stress over feeding them. You are such a sweet wifey! That would be an awesome birthday present! Hope you can also give him a bfp to go along with it. 🙂



    Misty: glad your DH reached out to you and offered you a chance to discuss things he could do to be supportive. He sounds like a good man. I was really quite worried about things when you said he ‘didn’t really want another anyway’ when you were in the midst of uncertainty of the baby’s health. I’m so incredibly pleased and happy for you that he is softening a bit and that your baby girl is healthy. I’m not so sure I would be able to handle the anxiety of the testing. If I end up with another pregnancy, I think I will skip the tests again. I know there are good points in knowing ahead of time of there are problems, but I am not so sure I’d want to know.



    lil.pigz and 2bBlessedw2- Glad to read your good news!



    Hi ladies! I was here a couple of years ago and now back hoping to try this weekend for baby #3. I’m 37 and thought I’d be having my babies much earlier in life, but here I am the age my mom was when she had a 17, 19 & 20 year old…hoping to conceive. Lol! Hope you’re all well!



    alohamom3- FX that science does not trump faith this cycle:) Keeping hope in a bfp for you, and if all else fails, then hoping you and hubby have an awesome time in Vegas♥…



    Need help! I am 41 (will be 42 in June)… with the way my life has been this last year its a wonder I am still sane LOL…

    Unfortunately, I am not able to recall my March monthly cycle and April is closing out and not cycle to be seen. Been nauseated in the afternoons and tired…

    My husband and I have ‘relations’ or as he calls it ‘peek a boo 🙂 ‘ and has happened several times of the last month. COULD I BE PREGNANT????

    I totally at a lost of words now… cannot even imagine telling him that I ‘MAY BE PG!’



    Good morning and happy Sunday:)
    I just wanted to share that I’m feeling the fluttering of my little bun and I am just over the moon:)
    I hope everyone is having a nice and relaxing weekend-HUGS



    Hi Guys! Oh The Joys of pregnancy! LOL! Sorry you all are feeling bad. I can tell you all one thing, MAKE SURE YOU GET SLEEP!!!! NOW!!!! I got 3 hours last night! I’m awake now! My little bundle of Joy, does’nt want to sleep. I get no sleep, but I get a lot of Love, late at night 🙂 He’s my sweet little guy! I hope you all feel better and remember this is mostly our last time for this. These beautiful angels are gifts from God! Bless all my mommies! xoxo



    Good morning or maybe not so good for me. My temps went down today, and I had another BFN. Please check out my FF chart. I think I might still go in for a blood test, what do you girls think? I did have bleeding on the 7th and that was it.



    Hey ladies! I am almost 37 and trying for my third. Having a hard time of it though with two miscarriages. Weird cycles lately too. I had cramps all week with no period. Testing neg so far though. Don’t know what is going on. But how is everyone else doing?


    WAHOOO!! My blood tests came in and my hcg tripled. My progesterone is still low so they put me on a supplement. I’ve had cramping today, but no blood (that’s good) I need to keep an eye on it. Next blood test on Monday and then ultrasound later in the week. We’re still trying to determine how far along I am. Keepin my fingers crossed!!

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