Advanced age and pregnancy

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    Well thanks for all the babydust, it must’ve worked as I finally got up the nerve (and just got up and ready with a cup, etc, to do it) – i took a pg test this morning and it was positive! Well knock me over with a feather. My odds are really low of it sticking and all that but we got over the first hurdle to this point! Here we go again… xx



    Thank-you everyone! I love you all! You have brought tears to my eyes! I’m soooooo emotional! LOL!



    ladies… best of luck to all of you!!



    TreenBeen~ Thanks for your input. Like I just told my hubby, if everything is okay, maybe just maybe I’ll be pregnant by my b-day which is June 8th!


    I had the worst night sleep ever! I first woke up and could literally feel the blood pumping through my body. This has been happening for the past 3-4 nights. I also had the most VIVID & freaky dreams ever. Did not get much sleep. I’m so tired this morning, but almost afraid to fall asleep right now.

    Anyone else experience these types of things?



    ugh, 10dpo, had a small dip this am, and now I am feeling really icky and diarrhea is kickin in. Took a test yesterday and was a BFN. Going to keep temping and not test. Either I am having a side effect from the progesterone meds, I am having implantation today and on my way to a BFP, or AF is approaching. We shall know in a few days.


    zondraus- Hello back to ya. I kinda doubt you are the oldest one on here.



    Thanks 🙂 Pics are up. Will try to write the birth story when I get home, I need some time to find the words.. Still at the hospital, they won’t let me go home untill Wednesday or so. They want to make sure that I am on the mend and don’t need strong pain killers. Been taking only Paracet today (Monday 8 am) so I guess we’re heading in the right direction 😉 Who knows, maybe I’ll get to go home tomorrow?!?



    Older- thank you for your input! I went ahead and had cvs and paid for expedited results. Everything came back ok! I’m having another baby boy too. :). I agree with you that factoring in age is ridiculous. For me it really was bad blood work. The nuchal fold was well within normal range but my hcg & Papp A were low. I’m just so relieved he is fine!



    PlsBeViable don’t let her bug you, there’s so many successes much older than you. I only married at age 37, and 4 th pregnancy, since, so far 2 live births and they are both VBAC!! One of my friends knows a lady who had lots of miscarriages in a row then a live birth at 47 so surely if she can do it you can!!



    @Sparky! Thank you for your kind words. I’m certainly feeling for you and wish you all the best! What’s your next step? I would keenly look into adoption, hope you consider that option and I have many friends who have been so happy with it. Good luck Sparky!


    Is 38 that OLD? I mean, I don’t feel old. Though I have started to age rapidly over the past even 2 years with gray, cellulite, and wrinkles. Probably could be attributed to my horrible diet and 50 lb weight gain with my last pregnancy….uuuuuugh



    7thbaby what kind of diet are you on?



    Misty: I wish you the very best of everything at your prenatal checkup. I hope to hear that the heartbeat is strong and all is well! We’re you saying that you opt on to the screening tests they can do? I only did some with my first baby, because I wasn’t sure what to do. Beyond that, I didn’t go through any of the screening tests.



    Mom2four: let’s hope she doesn’t show up. I think we were cycle buddies, the 30th is CD 28 for me.

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