Advanced age and pregnancy

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    It’s never too late to start your family!



    Opps forgot to do an update since going in and having the induction gel applied. Well on February 4th the doctor broke my water at 5pm and at 10:56 pm Samantha VJ was born she weighed 6.0 lbs and is 20.5 inch long. Pics are posted on baby photos and on my profile. Today she is 1 week old almost back to her birth weight and I am so in love with her. I feel so blessed for this miracle baby!



    Hi Tina~ I had a reversal several years ago. It did not work and I did IVF with my son, now 5, five years after the reversal. Five years after the IVF I got PG naturally. My tubes were 100% blocked six months after the reversal. I was in the hospital for ten days after the operation. The procedure is very painful also or at least it was with me. But I guess it worked because I am 26 weeks pg with the bonus baby. Be very sure you want to do this because even with blockage you can get PG forever… LOL… as I have found out. Michelle~ Can’t wait to hear about you little one. Let us know and Merry Christmas to you and yours!



    2kmommy – I have worried about this pregnancy all I can, it seems I have run out of worry, and have naturally started bonding with her, I wont know for sure if she is 100% o.k until she comes out, but my intuition has kicked in and I feel she is going to be just fine….I feel like I have missed most of this pregnancy by worrying, and now I am going to enjoy getting big and puffy….and nesty!



    Happy Mother’s Day all my Mature Mommies 🙂



    Good morning ladies! I have posted a few pics of our 3D u/s if anyone is interested. Have a great weekend all!!! 🙂



    Good luck kimkayb!!!! Hope it works the first time.


    Kimkayb- Just stalking your chart…nice rise there



    Thanks all for the reassurance. I’ll be checking in every now and again until we really are TTC. =)



    sinnamongirl -You sound like me. I’m not even pg again yet, and already thinking 2 babies ahead:-)..45andpreggers and Babydusted- I am so sorry to hear about your losses♥ We are getting the same somber news in TTCAL forum lately, too.



    Thanks everyone! I have now taken three pregnancy tests and all were positive, so I guess it’s real! I called my doctor and she scheduled me for Monday, April 2nd! That’s so long to wait. I’ll be 8 weeks by then if all goes well!! Oh, I’m 38. =D



    Well ladies, over 1 year ago I visited this site talking about how my husband and I were trying to conceive. At the age of 38 years old (and my husband being 53 years old) we welcomed a beautiful baby girl on November 2, 2011. So thankful that she is healthy and my oldest daughter (now 12 1/2 yrs old) is the absolute biggest help to me. I see now that I am wanting 1 more before I turn 40 but being that my husband will be 55 when this one would be born, he does not want anymore. (Additionally, he has 2 older daughters from a previous marriage). I understand his feelings but I guess my selfishness is in high gear as I cannot imagine having my tubes tied and loosing the rest of my child bearing years. WHAT DO I DO?


    Welcome Ariavic! I can’t believe how many ladies my age are ttc! I don’t feel like such a weirdo. lol



    7thbaby you aren’t alone in your feelings about seeing others pregnant. My due date for first miscarry just pasted and I cried and I was sad all day. I use to love seeing pregnant moms and new babies put now it just makes me so very sad and grumpy. So I will not go near anyone who is pregnant or with babies in the grocery store, restaurant ect it is just still to hard. It will pass with time and faster when I’m pregnant with a sticky bean.


    mmmarin, Congrats and welcome. I think getting a heart beat at all at just 6 weeks is a good thing. I know at around 7 weeks they told me anything over 120 is good. 7thbaby, I agree with Mistyvt about making hubby hold off. And totally agree that those swimmers could live for a month if you didn’t want to be pregnant!

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