Advanced age and pregnancy

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    Aww weber, you should go into emergency and ask for an ultrasound to see what is going on. If you’re bleeding it may be a hematoma. I hope and pray that everything settles down…I’m thinking of you



    Congratulations to all the BFPs! Question for those of you who have two kids. If my DS was born when I was almost 35, is 37 too late to get pregnant again? Are the potential problems much more since I was almost 35 the first time? For various reasons I don’t want to go into, DH wants to wait 6-9 months to try (so I’ll be almost 38). I hope to convince him to try sooner, but don’t think it’s likely before 6 months or so. Also, we had unprotected sex on CD5 at the end of my period, so hoping against hope that I somehow ovulate early and they catch the egg in an oops.



    Ahhh, I am proud to say I can now officially be a member of the AMA society with this baby,lol. My last baby was born the day AFTER my 35th birthday, so I missed it:-)Hey I recognize a lot of you from TTCAL! Glad to see you again, and happy to meet new faces♥



    HELLO MY FRIENDS, How are you ladies doing? I hope everyone is Happy , Safe And Healthy! I am recovering pretty well since my C-section. I had a BEAUTIFUl Baby Boy on Tuesday Dec. 22 , 2009 @ 12:10 pm. He weighed 7lbs. 12oz and 20 inches (he’s going to be tall). He has Black hair and brown eyes and he’s a great baby! Go to my Page and check him out. Tell me what you think! He’s TRULY A BLESSING FROM GOD!!!! I’m in Love!



    Titan ~ i’m doing the same here. It must be BH and they are horrible to point they are making my poor tummy squamish. This morning I feel like I need to pee constantly. Oh the joys….It must be my old bones are not used to the abuse as I don’t remember this so early on in my last pregnancies. Granted it was 17 yrs ago and my memory might be dulled somewhat 🙂 Push over on that couch Titan…i`m joining you so we can compare notes 🙂
    Hugs to all



    Hello ladies, on cd7 here and on Thursday I have my HSG dye test done. Ugh, I sure hope I’m getting myself worked up over nothing. I am planning on taking 1/2 the day off, hope I don’t need any more than that!! This test will be perfect timing, as I don’t usually O until cd16.
    Dawn~ I’m sure you are enjoying those last few movements!!



    Our amniocentesis is scheduled for July 27th. Due to my age (I mean, I’m not even in their charts!!) the chances of genetic disorders (trisomi) are said to be 1/10. Not so good.. :p But, I have a good felling about this, and the test will tell us the gender 🙂 We’re having the test done at 9.45, will have an hour rest at the hospital. Can’t really say I look forward to it, but knowledge is power, regardless of the result. I dread the waiting for results, but we’ll manage. We always do…



    I must admit that I am thinking of having another after this one arrives in 9 weeks. I have 3 from my previous and my fella has 3 from his…..def not saying we will have 3 together but maybe just one more…and to have a girl wld be kewl to keep the numbers equal lol. I’ll be 41 n half (lol) when this boy arrives so I’d def try again straight away after I have my cyst update scan 6 wks after little one is born..



    Sage – I don’t feel like a dinosaur (hippo, cow, lately-maybe…) I am 42 and will be 43 right after my baby boy is born in a month. I am more tired this time around (my youngest is almost 8, have a 15 & 13 yr old also). As excited as I am to give birth I am a little sad that it is almost over, I think that may be when my age hits me.



    On Monday’s doctor visit I was told I have to go for a u/s at the hospital next week because I no longer seem to be growing (I’m 35.5 weeks pregnant) he is possibly suggesting that there might not be enought amniotic fluid for the baby to be growing – if that’s the case they will induce me. Has anyone else had low anmiotic fluid levels? I’ve heard not to worry – but how can I not – isn’t that the number 1 past time of pregnant ladies?


    shelly, you have lots of time! I had my first at 37. I’m 17 weeks pg with number 2 and will be 39 in October. My dr. had her last at 42. But we’re done after this :0) 2 is plenty for our family.



    I hear crickets…haha



    @vip-i feel at times the same. maybe we are too senile in this forum to respond..j/k. i think many of us just dont check in here often enough to know how everyone’s doing. 🙁



    Welcome ariavic. I’m 42 and my lil one will be 10 months on the 11th, she’s my 4th. Even though we are done having babies, I still enjoy being on here and talking with all the other mommies. I miss the weeklies, and figure this is the next best thing:)



    7thbaby – I am completely there with you when it comes to pregnant bellies. I feel such an emptiness and longing and wonder why? I have birthed 7 beautiful babies…certainly without my share of blessings. However, I feel a longing that can’t be filled without this ‘one more time’ I feel just a desire to give my baby son a sibling close in age.

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