Advanced age and pregnancy

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    dawnp, I loved the u/s, I wished I could have one at home. I’m happy for you. I hope you are feeling well. I’m good, just really tired. SO TIRED! My husband and I have been taking shifts. We look like Zombies! LOL! ~Deleted~ I was 39 weeks, I was a scheduled C-section. He was due Dec.26 and they took him out on Dec.22. Only 4 days early! No I decided not to have the Amnio or the blood test. The u/s looked great and heartbeat. It did not matter to me, I would take whatever God wanted me to have, but I did worry at the end. But I have a beautiful Baby and he’s healthy! THAT’S A BLESSING!!!!



    AF just made her visit known :o( What a roller-coaster of emotions, not sure how often I can do this.



    we’ll be thinking of you Kim….another tick on the list that leads to the BFP x



    hi moms to be~ i was on iap last year…and i have a beautiful one year old daughter. i am trying for a second. i was trying to sneak in one more before 40…..and it is not going to happen. we have been trying for six months. anyway…i guess i am back on this site~ just not on the page that i wanted to be on!



    jamie-Congratulations!!!! Send some of that sticky baby dust my way.



    Freebird, I’m with sinnamongirl, have you called or been to your Dr’s regarding your mucus plug? Are you positive that’s what it was? I know the cervix is very sensitive and maybe it was a reaction from bding?? Keep us posted.


    Esposabella- Congratulations! I can’t say I don’t worry, because my m/c was due to Down Syndrome. Most babies with D/S don’t make it to birth. I do totally agree about loving the baby regardless. Riedoll- I had low amniotic fluid with my 2nd and was put on bedrest with lots and lots of fluids. He turned out fine. How long ago was you last u/s, and did they mention the aminiotic fluid was low? I would probably insist on a scan sooner than next week, but that’s just me. Asha- Oh how time flies…can’t believe it’s been a week already! Hope you’re getting settled in nicely with your little prince.


    hi my name is Debra I’m 40 years and 15 weeks along,5th child n 6th pregnancy,had a stillbirth with my first daughter at 26 weeks back in 2001,my son will be 7 in Nov,my daughter will be 5 in Nov also,had a m/c 2005 and my baby girl will be 15 months Sept 4th,this little one was a total shock cause I was b/f and we were doing the (PAP)method,pullout and pray,well anyhow we welcome this little one with open arms n we can’t wait to meet him/her,Congrats to all n good luck with ur little bundle of joy.



    @MistyVT – all my IVF cycles are blogged on my profile page. Please feel free to read them. I had one retrieval (if my memory serves me correctly is was about 24 eggs) and had 4 cycles all together. Unfortunately none of them resulted in a full term pregnancy for me. I have been TTC for 6 years 2 months and am currently on cycle #78. We are going to try until I’m 45 (which will be September of 2013) as neither of us want to be in our 50’s running around after a toddler. I got married a month before I turned 37 so we started TTC very late to begin with. Hubby was already 40. In January 2006 I cam off birth control and in July of 2006 we sought medical assistance. In October of 2006 I had my first IUI cycle which didn’t work. I then had two more IUI cycles (December 2006 and February 2007) neither of which worked. We then had three rounds of Clomid (May, July, September of 2007) and they didn’t work either. We then went to a fertility specialist in November of 2007 and this is where my blogs pick up from. Since January 2009 thru present we have been tyring on our own as insurance was only covering 4 IVF cycles and we couldn’t financially afford to pay out of pocket. Good luck to all you ladies TTC and contratulation to all you ladies who received your BFP.


    Hi Ladies, In week 37, getting closer to seeing my girl. Remember, I started all over 4 years ago. My oldest son is 27! 2nd is 20! My husband is 51 and this will be his second, we have a 4 year old. Always up and down with emotions, thinking my gosh, if I had stopped after the 20 year old, I would be traveling, looking at big work promotions, etc, but this is what we wanted and planned and I’m getting my girl! Will post her room pic soon, so, so cute. So all tests nomral, blood pressure awesome She’s head down, still way up, finger tip dilation. That’s the norm for me. Hoping for easier pushing this time, never done it in less than 1.5hrs. As for testing, my quad screen was 1 in 25 for downs, but we did not do amnio as my MaterniT21 was neg and no other signs on u/s. They said that was all my age driving those #s and since it didn’t matter to us, we were fine with this. Praying to see my healthy girl soon 🙂



    All the hype surrounding Halle Berry’s pregnancy led me to read an article today about older moms having babies. I was shocked to read that there is a 1% chance to conceive at age 45. It doesn’t sound right to me. Makes me wonder if I should wean my almost 17 month old now or wait for her to be ready. Talk about clock ticking and if I’m going to have my 7th, is better get serious. I’ve never charted or anything. I just go by my sex drive. Any ideas or suggestions?


    Participant and others – Hate this weight battle!! UGH!



    With AF gone, I think it is fine to have sex like an animal for a few days…then STOP around day 10 so your husband doesn’t have performance issues. LOL He won’t have them at all this week…I swear it is performance anxiety..they know exactly how important it is



    Well, I had the amnio yesterday. I told hubby he has to be there on time to meet me to hold my hand..and he son got to see the baby during the u/s. Amnio was took a bit longer than the last time 4yrs ago but nothing hurt. So..we found out that we are having a boy!!! I know my dad, my mother in law and maybe deep inside my hubby wanted a girl..I really don’t care. I wanted a sibling for my son and hopefully this munchkin is healthy and they can play all kinds of boy stuff together. I know my son will love him so much. He kisses my belly sometimes. 🙂



    Hi everyone. Aloha I hope that the specialists can help your FIL and hope that those little swimmers caatch that egg for you. 2 weeks to go until I am a mrs :-). I have a question though. is it possible to ovulate before your temp rises? I have never charted my temp before this month and have always gone on o pain and CM. I had O pain and EWCM about 3 days prior to my temp rising. I had a small rise the day before the O pain and EWCM but only by .1 of a deg (Celsius) then 3 days after it went back up to by .3 and the following day went up again by another .2 then today dropped down by .3 it is very confusing. I take my temp the minute I open my eyes in the morning and always about the same time. Any suggestions?

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