Advanced age and pregnancy

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    Asha2- Yes. I was really nervous and scared but mostly for the baby and slightly for the needle. I didn’t have anything to worry about. The needle did not hurt at all. It felt like a little pin prick. The needle was only in for about 30 seconds and the whole thing was over in less than 5 minutes. Thankfully, it helped that I had an amazing doctor. The great news is I got to see my baby. The little munchkin was laying on his tummy so we didn’t see much movement(he must have known a needle was coming LOL) but had a look at heart, brain and size and all looked great! Also found out it’s a boy. Didn’t have much cramping afterwards.
    I can’t wait to be able to feel the baby move and kick around. It will make my heart feel more at ease. Sometimes i fell little flutters and when I try to move the baby around and i don’t, I get nervous but hubby is always telling me to relax. it will be great when we can all feel the kicks and punches. Do you feel them yet? did you feel the flutters constantly?


    josie and Flora- Congrats on the BFPs. Hope you both have healthy pregnancies. Abigails- Congratulations to you and your family.


    Conmae- Great news about your U/S! I’m glad your BF’s family is happy about the news, and that your mom is coming around. Jumping ahead 1 week is a nice bonus. 🙂 Asha- You must be excited (and probably a bit uncomfy). I hope you have a smooth delivery. Ditto to you Freebird. My dd was born via scheduled c-section. I have to admit that’s the way to go…no labor pains whatsoever.



    Hmmm, I guess cuz my ob/gyn is a fertility specialist? We’d scheduled a consultation at a fertility clinic, due to my age (figured time was limited and wanted to increase any chance). They drew blood for testing that first appt. and two days later I had a BFP on a home test, so I was already preggers. 🙂 Since then, they monitor me pretty closely–cuz that’s their specialty. They checked my hCg levels every 3 days for three consecutive tests. I went from 229, 554, to 856. Since my third test (last Friday) DIDN’T double, they wanted another check today, which came back at 1812. I passed!! No more tests until the u/s on Aug. 5th. I’ve never been big on going to the doc, but in this case, I don’t mind at all.



    CD 27/28 took a test today and BFN, still hoping though because my temps are still high and triphasic, didn’t mean to test so early, got my days mixed up



    Yes..something to report. Doc is inducing me a week from today, so my lil guys birthday will be July 3rd. All the tests went very well. During the ultrasound, he had his little hand up to his mouth most of the time. The tech also attempted to get some 3D shots but told me it is difficult at this stage in a pregnancy. Did get a glimpse of his sweet little face! Next week I will get to see the real thing.



    @mango I haven’t had anyone say anything to me but I’m sure if I looked my age I would have plus i wouldn’t have tried because I never wanted to embarrass the child If I truely looked my age.. The only person that said anything to me was my exhusband and I told him he lost the privilege to care or comment. LOL



    7thbaby I alway dip. It is easier and less messy and I aways mess up with trying to get enough pee and not @mom2four pain was bad and i think all came out not as bloody as last (but I still had baby in me and i was further along too) but I still hurts today and not much blood. So we shall see how I’m feeling later today. Yeah DH will not cum in me (sorry I know tmtmi) 2reason doesn’t want ant infection in me and now does want no health sperm in me. This is hard on him and this one was easier then last one on me. But still so painful.



    hi weber—good to see you back. Gosh how will you work or stay awake daytime and nurse so much at night? I’m not looking forward to scared. without help or family around it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done.



    While I haven’t been posting, I check on you ladies every day. Our TTC has been on hold after the job loss. Not trying or preventing-but not much happening in that department either. DH isn’t up to it. Mistyvt -This is absolutely fantastic news! I teared up reading this. I am so happy for you and your family. I can sympathize with your anxiety and understand from personal experience. Take a deep breath and smile!



    DH and I were watching Cheaper By the Dozen the other day. It is much like the chaos of our home, although we are now down to 4 kids at home. We have 11 kids between us and my 7th would be our 12th combined. I lost my 7th in March, baby stopped growing at 6 weeks and had a D&C. That was my 2nd such pregnancy. I am afraid at my age, but if I do get pregnant again, I will be thrilled. I just fully weaned #6 and hope that helps with ttc. My little ones just said something today about ‘the next baby,’ which makes me think how awesome it would be.



    Hi ladies just popping in for a quick catch up. We are on the last day of our honeymoon and heading back home this arvo. I will hop on the computer tonight to fully catch up on what’s going on and post a pic or 2 on my profile page. I have my first Dr app tomorrow so exciting. Baby dust to you all 🙂



    Wantone: welcome! I’ve never used anything. Have you used opk to see if you are ovulating?



    Had my scan yesterday, she is a SHE♥ As I kind of suspected all along,lol. That is about the ONLY thing good that came out of that visit. I met with the so called MFM specialist. The guy was a total A-HOLE!! Before even looking over the u/s results the tech sent him (he doesnt even do his own u/s) He asks me if I would terminate?! And that I would need to decide now! Then he tells me if I chose to, my insurance wont cover elective termination here in Missouri so I would have to go to New York or Kansas. Im fuming at this point!.. So he tells me I have 1 in 760 chance for down’s or other abnormalities. I tell him the quad test was normal and those are pretty awesome odds. He didnt even know I had the quad test! So he goes through the u/s shots and says baby is negative for all 12 markers. Im thinking, awesome again…. NOPE!! He insists I get an amnio done!!! Yeah, not happening, so I request the Harmony instead to shut his ass up and prove what an idiot he is! (I did that test today.) So he goes on to tell me I need to be on insulin, despite my after meal numbers are normal, and only a few of my fasting ones are a bit elevated. I told him Im not doing that either, I will manage it with diet, it’s an easy fix, been there done that 3 times before. He goes on to tell me I will basically kill my baby if I dont take insulin!! Then he lectured me about being on my 7th c/section, basically called my last Dr and idiot for allowing this many, he just went on and on and I was about in tears at how pissed I was. Im thinking this guy hs a lot of nerve and wondered if he has ever even delivered a baby or just going by what he read in a medical book??!! I left there totally regretting this pregnancy, my husband is pissed and says this is it, we are done, so that made it worse. I spent all morning TRYING to switch Dr’s and hospitals, not much luck at 21 weeks. I have to stay within the network apparently. I have an appointment with my OB this afternoon, I am telling him I refuse to deliver at this Hospital and I want to be sent to the city to the other, bigger, civilized hospital with educated people. Ugghhh…



    Congratulations girls…very exciting news! Nice that you can both share your pregnancies together!
    I have 4 weeks to go:)

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