Advanced age and pregnancy

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    I started spotting this morning. I am going in for an ultrasound this afternoon. I am so scared!!! This pregnancy wasn’t planned but I want this baby more than anything. I will be 12 weeks on Friday but feeling very bad about this, a little crampy 7 moslty brownish discharge, but that is how my periods start. The nurse didn’t seem real worried and said this can be common after having sex within 24 hours. I wish I could be that optimistic…all I am doing in crying. Connie



    woohoo got to do a test this am and got a bfp!! . 5 weeks and 2 days and due provisionally the 28th April!. baby dust to you all who are trying and for those of us in early days to safely get through first trimester!.I have four children but have also had 3 miscarriages so certainly don’t want to take this for granted ! lol x



    Wish me luck girls. My doctor said she going to give me an c-section on the 9th because of my age. Yes I’m scare to death.



    I just got my results back from my baseline test. My levels were good and consistent with what the ultrasound showed. My bleeding and cramping stopped last night. I haven’t had any problems today. I am trying not to get my hopes up too high yet want to stay positive. I am just ready to get my labs done tomorrow and see.



    VICHICK-YAY, I’ll have to check out your u/s picture!!!! TINA-I’m okay, just waiting for AF again!! I’m calling my dr as soon as AF shows. I want more testing done. I got pregnant last Oct and then had our loss 8wks later. I sure as heck thought I’d be pregnant by now! I am very frustrated and almost feel like it is too late for me 🙁



    Hi ladies i am 40y/o and just found out we are pregnant. exciting , but trying to find out from ladies how their pregnancy went @ 40 or over. I have been having slight back pain since i found out is that normal



    hi every1! im going to be joining you!



    Anyone tried Clomid before and felt sick on it? I took one pill and within 24 hrs felt so nauseated and had a bad headache that I could not take another one.
    Matter of fact I have had nausea for 2 weeks now..not sure what the heck is going on…maybe stress…but DEF NOT doctor ordered an HCG test last week…and of course it was negative…



    Hi everybody. I am 37 and I’m thinking about having another baby. I have three biological children. My oldest is 20, my send is 18, and my youngest will be 2 in December. I know…there is a huge age difference between my 2nd and 3rd children. I got married 3 years ago, and I always new I wanted more children once I got married. I had my youngest child at the age of 35. Although I was considered at an advanced maternal age even at 35, my pregnancy was relatively uneventfu.. I gained the normal amount of weight. My sugar levels stayed under control. My blood pressure was great. I was perfectly healthy during my pregnancy besides morning sickness and acid reflux which is typical in pregnancy no matter the mother’s age. I was surprised to start experiencing so many health problems after I had the baby. My blood pressure after delivery was out of control. I had to get on blood pressure pills. I had bad headaches. I was dizzy for quite a while. The worst part is I had horrible post partum ocd. I was on blood pressure pills for about 3 or 4 months after delivery and I was on anxiety medication for about 6 months. I am completely medication free and healthy now and really enjoy my baby girl. Now I have baby fever again. I would love to have a baby boy to grow up with my daughter. I am hesitant about it though because of the health problems I had after the last delivery. I will be 38 next April, so I’m thinking that I probably should make up my mind sooner than later.


    7thbaby, We are cycling together. I’m cd13, and had a – opk yesterday. Sneaking off in a truck like a couple of hormonal teenagers sounds pretty exciting!!


    Good luck 7thbaby! Looking really good for you!


    TA77, Ovulation happens before your temp goes up. Usually, it goes up the day after O. So the O pain and ewcm a few days before your temp rise is right.



    2b there are two ways you can first one is cold turkey (just stop) 2nd pump less milk out each time till you are down to half the amount then stop.



    I know it’s hard, but maybe try to relax and keep from testing so much. In my experiences there have been a lot of people who do lots of self testing and they seem to end up with a lot of problems……maybe all the stress, or maybe there is a higher risk to pregnancies with excess use of some of these things like u/s. Just my uneducated but observant opinion so you can ignore me lol.



    okynot – I love names that are symbolic and Daisy would be just that for you!! Regardless…..I have found that not everyone will like our choice in names and quite frankly it’s not their business. Some people do not like my choice of Evangeline for our baby girl…’s not their baby so too bad!

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