Advanced age and pregnancy

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    7TH-I am pretty detailed in pretty much all aspects when it comes to my children. I hope I can relax a little when it comes to my 3rd! Maybe it would take a 4th to get me there tho! LOL What do you mean replaced? My new baby or my son now? I am concerned that having the 3rd is going to take away from second. My daughter had 4.5 years of our undivided attention. Now my son…will only have slightly 1.5 years. I’m very sad about this. :o(



    OKYNOT-Haha…we were writing at the same time. Yeah, most likely due to the progesterone…at least that’s what the ER dr said. They really don’t know much though, and she only did a simple scan for my peace of mind to see the HB. I don’t think u/s’s cause problems either. With my last preg…..I had one every single week until 12 weeks and then every 2 weeks from 16 weeks on to measure cervical length. That’s how they were able to diagnose my incompetent cervix. It literally opened and shortened at each visit! My first u/s was done at 7w2d but I was measuring 7w5d. This one was done at 10w1d. My next is the 18th. At least I can relax a little till then! Good luck tomorrow!!!!



    Misty: wow, you are close! Will you call your baby Evangeline? It is pretty, I am just curious as to what nicknames come from that. I can see ‘Eva’ ‘Angie.’



    @Moonpi did you test again yet? You are so patient. I could never wait that long. How old are you that you are expecting menopause?


    Congrats to the new BFP’s! That’s so exciting!!! I’m almost 23 weeks, one more week to viability, and I’m very excited about that due to the risk of placental abruption. (That I’m told to not worry about, easier said than done…) I’ll be 39 in a month, and I’m going to enjoy my last year of 30’s lol. My friend is being such a downer during all of this. Telling me that we’re just starting when we should be finishing. Says WHO? I’m glad that we started at this point in our lives. We are stable, and we are done with partying lol. We both have careers, and we enjoy being at home and love spending time with our son. Life, as I know it now, is perfect :0) And I can’t wait to hold this baby in my arms in January :0)


    My posts disappeared!!!???? I wanted twins too, but now that I have a one year old… Wow. I can’t imagine having two at once. Kudo’s to those who do have twins! I still want another pg, and if we had twins, I would embrace it. But Lincoln is now a year old, and I had wanted to be pg by this time. It hasn’t happened yet, and I am giving us till Jan 1, 2012, and then DH can get his vasectomy. It it’s meant to be, it’ll happen in this time. If not, having one ain’t so bad :0) Congrats to all those who are pg, I am SUPER jealous!! I really do hope I join you soon. And if I do, I will def. get a doppler!!!



    Well I’m 42 and expecting my second son (my first is 17 months old). Baby is due in May and thankfully just got back clear amnio results last week. Next hurdle is telling my boss….. I’m starting to show, but have only been here (transferrred) three weeks. I am only going to be able to take six weeks maternity leave as they can not afford to have me out of the office too long 🙁 .



    2ksmommy~ I hear you lady. I was up every 20-30 minutes last night with heartburn, cramps, whatever. It was by far the worse night for me. No clue why but I think I am just worried and way PG. Almost over for me and for you too. Yay! Tina lady.. you are pulling up the rear on this one. I know you are excited about getting your little one here also. THanks for all the encouraging words. It means alot. My cycle ladies… this will be the month. It is shining outside, the wind is blowing gently and it is just a calm feeling altogether right now. Seems like the perfect time to get a baby made. Babydust to you ladies… Nicky~ 12 days past due???? OH MY.. poor dear. Congrats on the baby. I know you are excited to have that little miracle in your arms. Get some rest when you can…



    Welcome my Louie1~ I love this forum for all us old bags LOL!!! I also just turned 40 in January and have a daughter that will be 2 in June. I am due on Halloween. I go to the weekly forums to see what they r talking about but hardly ever post. I feel most comfortable posting here where there are women that I have more in common with. You will love everybody here. I have been on this website since Oct ’07. Welcome.



    Babies don’t die they go straight to Jesus. Your baby was too beautiful for earth. No words will ever ease your pain but if I was next to you I would give you a tight hug and not let you go…



    HI jamie, you think you’re mad trying for no4 !. I am bfp with no5 !! at 40 so welcome to my world ! my friends think I’m bonkers but then half of them have never had or wanted children which of course I find equally bizarre !.



    hello lovely ladies….feels like an absolute age since i was on here last. Bailey is now 4 weeks old and not such a tinybaby now – amazing appetite like his dad lol. Snoofy79 (Helen) has had her little girl finally and named her Ava. Kim n Dawn my fingers n toes hurt so much from crossing them so best you ladies get your BFP soon lol. love to all xx



    How sweet, luisa! amazintace, wow two babies on your family within a month. How exciting!


    SHER25: I just had my NT scan on Monday and the blood work. I am 41 years old, so by age alone my risk is around 1 in 70 i think. My NT measurement was 1.1mm which is excellent, and the blood work came back with a negative and a 1 in 2670 chance of Downs! My doctor said I had the same risk as a 15 year old. lol. I thought for sure the blood work would be positive, but if you don’t have the marker in your blood that they are looking for, then your odds will be great. Let me know how you make out.



    @Sparky I hope you get yours soon! I love hearing stories of people who have tried everything to get pregnant than bang it happens all by itself!

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