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    I thought I would share my story. Aug 2002 I turned 21 and went out drinking A LOT, a few of my friends also turned 21 around the same time. So it was pretty much a drunk-fest. By September I started to notice some crazy changes in myself, boobs being my first sign. Also I would get so tired when I would drink. I started to suspect something was up, took a HPT and it was +. I was already 9 weeks and freaking out. My son is now almost 6 with no issues. In fact he is pretty smart and a fast learner. So to the ladies that find themselves in the same boat I hope this brings you some comfort. Enjoy your pregnancies.



    With my first I was only 19 when I found out I was pregnant..I was doing alot of experiementing with drugs and alcohol…I found out I was preggo when I was already 8 weeks…I stopped everything I was doing..he is a happy healthy 9 year old now…has some emotional issues but that is due to his fathers passing..I had the doc test him for everything because I was so afraid. Now I don’t do anything I very rarely even have a drink..but I went to my high school reunion and got a little tipsy for 3 days….bam I get home and find out I preggo…freaked out again, but doc said not to worry as long as you stop, then everything should be okay. I sear alcohol makes me ovulate…lol


    well here’s my story…If any one had a similar situation please write me and tell me how it turned out. My father, which I was very close to..committed suicide June 08, I found out I was pregnant the next month in August..really bad timing. I was drinking a lot but found out I was pregnant by 5 weeks and stopped but..because of so much depression and uncontrollable panic attacks..I have been on Pain meds, xanax and prozac..I’m due in June. I pray my baby’s OK. But the doctors told me taking the drugs in this situation was better than not taking them. I also have chronic pain from a back injury and they have now put me on methadone at 27 weeks preggo. I would like to take nothing, but can’t even get out of bed to take care of my 18 month old if I don’t have my meds.because of physical and emotional pain. My baby girl is very active..I am now in counseling and trying to get this all worked out…I just pray baby is OK…say a lil prayer for me?
    I wouldn’t wish losing a parent to suicide on my worst enemy and especially have to deal with it while pregnant.



    Pretty- I’m very sorry to hear about your loss, and all the other stuff that you are having to go through. I really dont think that the doctors would say its ok to take something if in the end it would harm you or your unborn child. My best friend was going through a lot of stuff and they put her on prozac( if I spelt that right) and some other meds. Her baby is fine. I know about the constant worry though. You will be in my prayers, and Good Luck



    I just wanted to share a very sad story. My niece is currently 10 years old and about to go into an institution for the rest of her life. Until about 2 years ago she was a normal (somewhat hyper) child. She was/is very sweet, loving, kind. She struggles a in school but has lots of help. Well the last few years she has gone down hill. She has been struggling more and more in school despite countless tutors, help from her parents and grandparents. She has also been starting to hurt herself. After consulting with many doctors she has been diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome. the doctors have said that at best she will have the mental capabilities of a 14 yr old, but most likely she will never get past age 12. She will not only continue to hurt herself, but could progress to hurting others. She will never be able to deal with stressful situations or even her own emotions. Her parents have looked into several options and the instution they are sending her to is the best in the country and happily it is close to me, so we will be able to visit her regularly. She was adopted from Russia so there is no good history about her birth mother and no way to know how much she drank during her pregnancy. But i wanted to share this with you to make sure everyone knows that just b/c you don’t see the effects of your drinking while pregnant when your LO is first born, or even 5 yrs old, doesn’t mean that at age 10 they won’t show the signs or worse be as bad off as my niece. My whole family is crying and heart broken over this. Please ladies, get help if you need it, seek support here or anywhere, but don’t drink while pregnant. it is only 10 months. It isn’t fair to your baby. Please think about it!


    I am really worried because I drank beer three days in a row over the past weekend (15 in 3 days) and found out I was 5 weeks pregnant the following week. Everyone keeps telling me it will be okay, but I like to hear stories of people who went through a similar situation. The main reason I worry is because people say during the 3rd and 4th week is when the babies brain, arms and legs form and that would be about the time I drank alcohol. On a positive note, I didn’t get drunk just got a bit of a buzz but still worried.



    my babies 6 months old now & I drank & smoked heavily before I found out. I was only 5 weeks preggers wen I found out & stopped immediately, however I still missed having a nice glass of wine!!! There are so many different studies that have been carried out giving conflicting advice on whether you should or shouldnt consume alcohol while pregnant, its difficult to know what to do. My advice would be if ur gonna have 1 drink while preggers & then worry about it for the rest of the time until the baby arrives then ur probably best off not drinking. Also some people may find that they still want to have the odd glass of wine, I personally found the 9 months to be quiet a long time, & others may agree. So I dont think anybody should judge, its up to individual afterall.



    Prettyblueeyes – Just wanted to share a bit I’ve heard about Methadone. My friend’s father was put on methadone a few years ago for back pain, he is now severly addicted to it. When he was told to come off the drug, he went through withdrawl in the worst way. He lashed out at his wife and kids and did very random things such as lay on the ground during a rainstorm saying that he was from another place, etc. VERY STRANGE and unlike him. His familyl is trying to be as supportive as possible, but he had to be put back on methadone until they found another way to help him off of it. Just want to warn you, be careful, its a dangerous drug. I wish you the best of luck. Stay positve.
    *** Need to clear something up…..I didn’t mean Methadone, I meant OXYCONTIN !! So sorry for the confusion!!!!!



    I feel I am in the same boat as many of you. I found out I was pregnant at five weeks and was drinking somewhat heavily during those weeks as I didn’t know. I was so mad and scared when I found out I was pregnant. I am worried if I end up with a m/c that it’s all my fault. Since I found out I haven’t had a drink or a smoke and I do miss it, but it wouldn’t be worth possibly harming my child for it… I don’t know.



    are people really so stupid as to think that drinking the way people have described here in the first few weeks (5) of pregnancy is going to have a MAJOR affect on the fetus, pull yourselves together! the only way your going to do any major damage is to be a drunk/alcoholic during the pregnancy!! RELAX and stop being manipulated by the ridiculous hype and hysteria surrounding the controversial question ‘can i drink while pregnant’ of course you can if your not stupid about it!



    I am a small girl and was a heavy drinker before finding out I was pregnant. At 5 weeks I drank a 40 ouncer of straight whiskey in a weekend…..
    I quit when I found out, but, I mean, thats alot, I am surprised I survived let alone anything trying to live inside me. I am 17 weeks now almost and the doc says everything seems fine but I am still a tad concerned.



    youngmamma, your still not going to harm your child….its got so much growing to do it would be to tiny to affect it…you would have to drink repeatedly with high concentrations of alcohol in your system to do harm.



    youngmama – That happens to so many women you wouldn’t believe. Even to me this last time. We started trying but it was the first month and honestly didn’t think anything of it. Well come to find out I did get pregnant that month. Everything is fine. My sister did the same thing with her son. It happens. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Although they say that there isn’t a safe about of alchol to drink while pregnant it’s hit and miss. Many women will have a glass or two and be fine while others have problems. I’m glad that you’ve stopped since finding out. That’s the best thing for you. But again, what happened before you knew is probably not going to hurt. Trying not to take religion into this but ‘someone’ pretty much gives us a break for what we didn’t know before we took the pregnancy test. No worries! HAHA! Honestly, I don’t know anyone that drank before the test and had issues with baby later on unless they kept drinking.



    I also drank before finding out I was pregnant, including drinking the night I conceived. I went to a genetic counselor just to be sure of any risks and you know what she said? ‘Most women are drinking at the time of conception!’ ha!
    Also, she said if I’d done any real damamge in the early months, I would’ve just flushed the baby right out…and little one is still holding strong!! Each site I read that it has to be 5-6 drinks at a time over an extended period to give a child FAS. An occasional glass of wine or beer won’t do it. One British study even said, women who drank 1-2 gls of wine a week had children with better cognitive skills and behavior than those who abstained from alcohol entirely.



    I am from Argentina and there it is very normal to have one glass of wine with dinner or a beer once in a while (even being pregnant) my mother drank regularly so she tells me throughout her whole pregnancies with me and my sister. (actually her craving was sparkling wine) and we are very normal. I know that here in north america they are extra Cautious about everything. I think you should make your own desisions about drinking or not. I don’t think 1 beer will effect a baby.. that is just me..

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