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    I partied hard and smoked cigarettes the first few of weeks of my pregnancy. Hell, I got drunk with my husband that night that we conceived our daughter.Of course I stopped smoking and drinking as soon as I found I was pregnant. I was worried too, but my baby is 100% healthy! She just turned 1 on August 11th!



    my midwife told me that ur body seems to know that u’ll not be aware of a pregnancy until a few weeks in & so because the foetus is only a group of cells at this point alcohol does not affect it…….its worse to continue drinking “heavily” throughout the rest of the pregnancy…..but again i dont see the harm in having the odd glass of wine if u like. As i said previously I stopped altogether when I was preggers & this was more than likely because i suffered with sickness at first & then heartburn at the end, so it wouldnt have agreed with me anyway!! I would defo not worry about any ‘ heavy’ drinking or smoking u did up until u found out u were preggers, my babies 10 months now & I drank & smoked heavily for the 1st 5 wks (which was when I found out I was expecting) & shes perfect 🙂



    Its so unfair when i have seen people who smoke drank (very heavily) and done drugs the whole pregnancy and every day after and have the healthiest babies. They shouldnt have kids. Makes me very angry! From what ive read on the internet you can have two beers a day, i wouldnt though. I havent drank since january.



    Nurse, if you drank before conceiving you don’t have anything to worry about, as there is no developing fetus yet..I think salter is referring to drinking after conception but before pregnancy is confirmed. I agree with her, not worth the unknown risks.



    Salter – thanx for completely worrying all those women including myself, who enjoyed a drink before conceiving. People like yourself should not be able to comment if it means worrying others. I have never known anyone who’s baby was affected because they drank before!!



    I drank moderately (2-3 drinks on weekends) before I knew I was pregnant and my son is significantly affected with classic disorders and deformities associated with prenatal exposure. The profound grief and guilt are unbearable. I can’t go back in time for my son, but it’s not too late for yours. No contraception – no alcohol. Ever!



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    Apparently there is a study showing investigating lo-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages have been found with more alcohol than is claimed on the label.



    Don’t attack this comment because I am just merely curious. I have heard that it was safe to have a beer or a glass of wine a day at 38 weeks+ pregnant. Has anyone else heard of this?



    shrimp – I don’t know if I am brave enough to drink a glass everyday after that point lol but then again I’ve never been a heavy drinker. I have in fact though all ready taken a few sips of my husbands wine since being pregnant. Your body produces a natural amount of alcohol and a sip here in there isn’t going to do anything. After 38 weeks I am not sure how much is technically safe. But I would rather be safe then sorry I personally would probably stick to just a glass a week.


    Shrimp~ I have often heard that a half a glass of wine WITH dinner is safe. But only a half glass and only with a meal. I have not had a drink this pregnancy and don’t plan to, 38+ weeks or not.



    I’m sorry to say that I have had maybe 3 3 oz glasses of red wine this pregnancy. It was to calm my nerves/anxiety when taking a warm bath wouldn’t help. I usually didn’t finish it nor did I even get buzzed. However, it did help. I’m not worried about those drinks, just the large amount I drank before my pregnancy would show up on a test! =/
    Ultra sounds and heart beat have been perfect though.



    Thanks for sharing your experiences on alcohol and pregnancy. Really eased some concerns that I have.



    hi im 28 wks i gave up smoking but i have the odd one bottle of beer now and then as it carms me.dnt think that will do any damage will it?


    Dont worry to much. Before I found out I was pregnant with my first child I went to Cancun Mexico and lord knows I partied while I was down there..Ist night there I was sick as dog into the next morning (Convinced I wasnt preggo and saying it was the water I continued to party for the whole week). The day I got home my Birhtday I took a test and it was posative. So dont beat yourself up and dont worry to much. My son is now soon to be10 and was a healthy baby..

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