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    I had a small cup of red wine to relax and days later had my son. He is happy and healthy and doing just fine. I didnt drink my entire pregnancy except that one time. I heard redwine was good for your blood.



    ladies, I drank wine with each pregnancy but waited until the 2nd trimester and limited it to about 2x a week, and one glass each time. It was red wine and my doctor just said that he couldnt encourage me to drink however he didn’t believe that much would be an issue. I’m a high risk mom and always will be due to my first pregnancy (long story)….but the occasional glass is not the problem. The problem is those who drink daily and have multiple drinks.



    I am the birth mother of a child who has FAS. I am not an alcoholic, I drank socially during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy as I did not know that I was pregnant. At birth – 5 my beautiful baby daughter appeared completely normal, no obvious side affects, not until she started school. Then the problems really started. She was initially diagnosed with Dyslexia, then over the years up until she turned 14, she was diagnosed with expressive language disorder, then ADD, attachment disorder, dysthymia, scoliosis, she has had issues with her teeth, vision and hearing. It was not until she was 17 that I found out she was affected by FASD. Sometimes I worry that she will not make it to adulthood because of the poor choices she makes. Without me in her life, she just falls apart and it is a daily battle to keep her glued together and the bad influences at bay. She is now having her second child and both are in my care as she cannot care for them.
    What a tremendous cross I have to bear. I am the one responsible for all the issues my daughter will continue to face for the REST OF HER LIFE. Unfortunately I cannot turn back time I cannot change what I have done, I have to live with this for the rest of my life. Some mothers who drink, their babies are fine, no one knows why, but why would you risk having just 1 drink if there is even a slight chance that your baby may be at risk? We have the rest of our lives to have a glass of wine. I made one mistake of drinking during my pregnancy and so far it has now affected 3 generations. Before you take that sip, ask yourself if your are willing to give up the rest of your life to care for your child if they are affected by FAS?


    There are a ton of programs out there that can help you get on your feet if you are doing it alone adn lots of help for the baby and what he/she would need as well. If we all waiting until we could afford a baby none of us would have any. At least I wouldn’t have any 🙂 They are a lot of work and a lot of money but worth every penny and hard time.


    My advise would be to quit all of it until you decide what you want to do. The descion of keeping this baby ior not is up to you. You are the one who is going to have to go through the abortion or go through the pregnancy and birth and have the baby. As we all know it is not easy to decide what to do when something unexpected happens. Just make the descion for you and make sure it is what you want and not what someone else wants you to do. As long as you quit your baby should be okay, adn no doctorcan tell you for 100% that your baby is goin gto be fine, but they can’t do that to any or us. Good luck hun, and I hope you get the suport you need no matter which way you go.



    I drank heavily for the first 4 weeks until I found out I was pregnant. I had a major emotional trauma occur that sent me into a 48 hour drinking binge. Then I drank and smoked heavily until I found out. I stopped everything immediately and pulled it together for my baby. After that I think I had one beer one time and a half glass of wine another time during my pregnancy. I didn’t desire alcohol at all. Anyways, despite the first 4 weeks, I have the healthiest 6 year old you could ever meet, emotionally and physically.



    As – My main concern is what are you doing for birth control? Abortions are very dangerous for you as the potential mom. They can ruin your chance of having kids when you DO want them. If you’re not wanting to get pregnant then you should use protection of some sort. There are MANY options out there for you. Abortion shouldn’t be used as a form of birth control. That being said, if you stop smoking/drinking NOW the baby will be ok. If you’re only 6 weeks along then there’s a chance that fluids are not being transfered to the baby yet. GET PRENATAL CARE! There are women who drink and smoke throughout their pregnancy (unfortunately) and their babies turn out just fine. That’s not common though. Babies can be extremely damaged from recreational drug and alcohol use. If your bf doesn’t want you to have the baby then he should’ve used a condom. There are millions of single mothers who are AMAZING and take care of their kids. Legally he will HAVE to pay child support whether he ‘wants to’ or not. Best wishes hun. Hugs! I can’t imagine it was easy to have those abortions. Btw your baby has a heartbeat already. Just to give you some thought.



    I have had two abortions and i find myself pregnant again. My bf does not want me to keep it. I’m about 6 weeks along and I’ve drank hard alcohol and beer, smoked weed and have smoked cigarettes and although I fear him resenting me if I keep it my biggest fear is what harm I could have caused my baby the first 6 weeks. I’m pulled in so many directions that I don’t know what I want to do at this point how do I know what the right decision is, especially after drinking and smoking? And I’m only 20 years old about to be 21 I. Four months



    How dangerous is consuming alcohol while pregnant or breastfeeding?



    How do people handle the parties w/alcohol without telling everyone you’re preggers? I want to wait a wile before announcing as i’ve had a m/c before



    Tell pples you’re on antibiotics and can’t drink 😉 or say you’re simply not in the mood or you just don’t feel good and don’t want to drink 🙂



    Try to limit your exposure to toxins such as cigarette smoke, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and recreational drugs in attempt to get a successful pregnancy. Chemicals such as solvents, pesticides and many household products should also be avoided. See other useful things to get pregnant here:



    In fact, people in the world have bad habits. They have different lifestyle, nightlife, smoking, junk food, alcohol and many more. When you try to conceive, you have to leave the bad habits. Do you want to know what will happen to your baby if you still do bad habits? Check this link .



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    I am new here but reading your comments has made me more aware of the affects of alcohol. With my first 3 children I drank quite a bit. My children are fine. Not to say that this is an excuse to drink, but with this being my 4th pg I want to make sure that all is well. I found a non-alcoholic beer Sharps helps with the edge for a cold beer.

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